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Groundhog Day

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According to the legend, on groundhog day, February 2nd, if the groundhog comes out of hibernation and sees its shadow, then winter will last another 6 weeks.
Hi,   Phil, although he hates it, receives a rabies and a heartworm  vaccination. He also gets an occasional blood test.
They have a groundhogs day because way back when they thought that if it was sunny groundhogs day then winter was sure to come (or he sees his shadow) They also thought that if it was cold then spring was on it's way (or he doesn't see his shadow)
If the groundhog comes out and doesn't retreat, spring begins. If  it goes back into its burrow, spring starts two weeks later.
If a groundhog sees its shadow, it is said to get scared and goback in its den, and six more weeks of winter will take place.
Its just a cultural custom someone had made it up on February 2 and  it stayed a tradition.
It was when the ground hog didn't see his shadow if concerns  comment below
Well, according to legend that when groundhogs come out of their  burrows, in February 2nd and if they see their shadow, they get  scared and goes back into their hole meaning that their would be 6  more weeks of winter. But when its cloudy and it does not see its  shadow it does not get...
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the news if u have new york news that also.
Unknown, we don't even know IF he EVER saw his shadow.
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The groundhog comes out on Groundhog's Day, and if it sees it's  shadow, it goes back in and we have 3 more weeks of winter. If it  doesn't see it's shadow, winter is over.
Because it's Ground Hog Day
nobody recorded that day, ask someone else
A couple of years ago. He has not seen his shadow in quite a bit. It is rare for him to see it.
The University of Dallas in Irving, Texas recognizes Groundhog Day  as an official holiday.
12 times but groundhog day isn't true.
for they saw a groundhog pop out of his hole and supposedly see his  shadow, and winter seemed to continue for two weeks. It actually  did not continue so people on "Groundhog day" went to see the  supposed winter forecaster maybe see his shadow. It is just nature
that you believe in groundhog day. there may be a unscientific name  but no one will know what it means
A select group, called the Inner Circle, takes care of Phil  year-round and also plans the annual ceremony. Members of the  Punxsutawney Groundhog Club's Inner Circle are recognizable by  their top hats and tuxedos. Each year  someone different holds Phil.
Yes, he did. According to at least three groundhogs in North America (Punxsutawney Phil, Shubenacadie Sam and Wiarton Willie) who all saw their shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter in 2010.  
Groundhog day is based on a superstition about the prediction of  Spring. Groundhogs might emerge from their burrows, and if they  stayed out for a while, then Spring would come early. If they went  right back inside (or "saw their shadows"), then it would be  another long winter.
The prediction was that spring will come early.
People say 7:11 pm. but, there is no way to tell 100 percent.
More winter weather for six more weeks.
Valentine's day is February14 .
Winter is just as long to a groundhog as to us, but supposedly,  groundhogs can predict the season changes.    According to the legend, if the groundhog on leaving its burrow  does not see his shadow, it will leave the burrow , which it means  that winter will soon end. If, however, it "sees...
Punxsutawney Phil did indeed see his shadow in 2010, although  groundhogs in most other cities throughout the country did not.
Punxsutawney is the site of the "Groundhog Day" festivities.
Yes Punxsutawney Phil has a wife. His wife's name is Phyllis.
If the groundhog sees its shadow then winter will persist for 6  more weeks.
Punxsutawney Phil
No, the groundhog didn't see his shadow in 2016.
Groundhogs are scared of their shadow.
No, they did not. Neither did the North Carolina's official  groundhog, Sir Walter Wally, see his shadow on Groundhog Day 2016.
The History Channel website has a "This Day is History" feature  that allows you to see several important events that occurred on  any given day. According to History, February 2, 1887 was the first  Groundhog day. It builds on a Christian tradition long before that  of clergy members...
According to legend, if Phil sees his shadow on Feb. 2, the scared  groundhog returns to his burrow and the USA is in store for six  more weeks of winter. But, if he doesn't see his shadow, the  country can expect warmer temperatures and an early spring.
The Christian holiday of Candlemas falls on February Second. Many traditions relting to Candlemas purport to predict the remaining time until spring. some of these relat to groundhogs, bot others to bears and marmots. So it seems likely that Groundhog day being of February 2nd derives from German...
I think it comes from a native American word, but I'm not entirely  sure.
Groundhog Day is an observance but it is not a public holiday in the United States. However, areas around parks andsome streets may be busy or congested in towns, such asPunxsutawney, where Groundhog Day events are popular.
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It's supposed to mean that spring is coming early, and that therewon't be six more weeks of winter.
The first Groundhog's Day took place on February 2, 1887 atGobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.
It was nominated for British Academy of Film and Television
The US Independence Day in 2010 is on 4th July falls on Sunday.
The first groundhog name was Phil
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Third Thursday in August. 19th, this year.
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Groundhog Day is celebrated on February 2 in the United States and Canada.
Why, yes. yes there was. back in the day, though :)
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Groundhogs usually stop nursing and are on their own at five or six weeks of age.
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YearGroundhog Day2009Monday, February 22010Tuesday, February 22011Wednesday, February 22012Thursday, February 22013Saturday, February 22014Sunday, February 22015Monday, February 2
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Only in legend, not in reality.
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