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Ask questions here pertaining to the role of a father during his child's development in the womb. Also pertains to paternity tests and possibly determining the father of the child as a result of intercourse with different men on specific dates.
No, it does not have to be court ordered to be applicable in court.
A DNA test performed on materials from you and your aunt (sister of your father) can be done to determine whether the two of you are related. If you are not related, it may mena that your father and his "sister" are not actually related, or it may mean that youyr fatehr is not your biological father...
In India with www.dnatestindia.com it cost Rs. 11500
Yes. The first choice would be taking samples from something that would have the purported father's DNA on it such as a brush, clothing, etc. If that is not available then the next choice would be his parents. DNA testing could prove 'grandparentage' and a court may allow that as evidence of...
Whether or not you can sue over a forced paternity test is usually a question of local law. The answer in this location is that you can not usually sue over a court ordered paternity test. Since court orders in this area are public record, it is stupid to let it get that far.
Yes. The court can order you to take a paternity test.
I hate to give such an obvious answer, but paternity is tested by a paternity test. That is the term that is used.
  You probably need to have your lawyer get involved.
DNA profiles are shorter and determine whether the suspect was  involved immediately, they can also use a very small amount of  evidence, such as a small drop of blood or a single hair to match a  DNA fingerprint. A tissue sample requires more evidence from the  scene as well as the suspect in...
  There is currently no such law in New Jersey.   A law giving cash benefits to new mothers and fathers was proposed by New Jersey State Assemblywomen Shiela Oliver and Linda Greenstein in 2006.   However, the bill was not passed.
It depends, like our lab gives results on people request like Mail, Post and rarely by FAX. We try to avoid giving results on phone because it is possibility that different people may ask the results. Some lab may have rigid verification system but still its not confidential and secure. Its always...
== Answer ==   you have to wait until the child is born and then about 250
  There is currently no such law in New Jersey.   A law giving cash benefits to new mothers and fathers was proposed by New Jersey State Assemblywomen Shiela Oliver and Linda Greenstein in 2006.   However, the bill was not passed.
i want to get a na test and im 3 months pregnant
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Answer Depending on where you live a DNA test can range from $150.00 to $500.00 but you should check your phone book or on-line for local agencies and the fees. The most typical DNA test are a blood sample drawn from two or more of the parties involved or a saliva sample from your mouth, it is drawn...
an you have a paternity test done without a minors concent
With DNA tests of the possible fathers and of the baby. Today it can be done with a simple swab test on the inside of the mouth. If he refuses you can get a court order.
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It depends on the brand, hoe many are in a box, and what kind of tests they are - digital, early, dip test, wands...... In general they can range from £2-£20 in the UK.
Father's appearance has to similar with his child. Appearances are notoriously unreliable. The best way to establish paternity is by genetic [DNA] testing. Edit: Compare a small number of short sequences of DNA derived from the father and the child's genomes.
To established that you are the father or mother.
Paternity testing is very affordable today. You can expect to pay around $150 for a private test (one that is not legally binding). If you want one that is legally binding, the cost is only $400.You'll see advertised diy paternity test that only cost $10.99 but read the fine print. You will have to...
Every human has a unique sequence of DNA, but a lot of it is the same, as that is essential to our survival. The portion that is unique, however, can be mapped out. Half of it will be from your father and the other half from your mother. If the portion that is unique can be shown to be 50% like...
Yes as long as you are on birth certificate and can care - providefor the child.
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NO YOU DON'T! don't mess up a good relationship for a test that would make you seem less loyal, to the relationship.
A DNA paternity test can be performed accurately before a child isborn through amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling. Thesemethods are explained below. With either method, you will also needDNA samples from the person(s) you think are the father (involvinga swab from the mouth). Chorionic...
70% who are pregnant at a young age usually get home school and bearly able to finish high school. depends on your determination of education and parenthood
babies can look like other people and not look like both parents if your not sure get tested , my brother had a daughter that look just like me by the time she was 14 yrs old her mother tell us all the truth he was not my brothers child so they was tested to be sure and my brother was hurt and so...
  == Answer ==   OK, so isn't this extra good news? you miscarried at first buy now you are pregnant, ........If this is good news do the following...   Say "Honey guess what?" [he starts wondering how much you want or if you are going to invite some crazy relative or neighbour, etc] so...
A paternity test can tell you who the father is, but chlamydia status can't tell you. Get your chlamydia treated and keep away from the guys for awhile. If you are honest, tell all the guys you were with that you have this STD and that they need to get tested.
  It would be possible but I doubt that any doctor or hospital would consider doing it because it would place the baby at unnecessary risk. The test should wait until after the baby is born - the primary concern should be for the baby's welfare rather than determining parentage at this stage.
Yes, a DNA grandparentage test can determine whether a child is biologically related to a set of grandparents. This test is based on the fact that a child inherits half of his or her genetic profile from each biological parent. When one of a child's parents is missing or deceased, we can look to the...
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  == Answer ==   No, unless you have medical or eyesight problems, I believe that after the age of 80 a yearly application is needed from DVLA
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Anytime. It can be down at birth with the chord blood. It can even be done before birth with an amniocentesis, however there are risks with that procedure.
A paternity test while pregnant involves taking cells from the amniotic fluid or chorionic villi. Amniocentesis is performed in the second trimester, anywhere from the 14th-20th weeks of pregnancy (or later). Chorionic Villus Sampling is done between the 10th and 13th week. These tests are often...
Most paternity tests are based on comparisons of DNA. DNA evidence can only exclude suspects. DNA sequencing is used because there are so many different sequences you could have at any one place, the odds of any 2 people, except identical twins, having the same DNA is nearly impossible. However, if...
jabatan kimia malaysia...it's RM1500 with 2 samples and add-on RM200...u can read thru that website
  Where can i find a free pregnancy test from a doctor?
Uh... you don't. The only way paternity can be established or denied is by comparing the offspring to the parent. If there's a DNA match, you win the prize. If you don't have a parent, there's nothing to compare to.   In other words, you can't just sample the offspring's blood and then say, ...
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around EGP 2600 in Al Borg Labs
There are ways to assess paternity wihtout using DNA. These are the methods that werre used before the DNA methods were developed and are not a accurate as DNA assessment is. Blood types and rH factors can at the least eliminate some men as fathers of some children as children with some types...
You can do a test any time after the 10th week of pregnancy. There are two methods; amniocentisis or CVS sampling is done after the 12th week of pregnancy, both are invasive procedures so it is recommended to wait until the child is born. you can go to chromosomal-labs.com for more info.
A paternity test (DNA test) in Georgia will cost somewhere between $400 to $2,000. Depending on where you get the test taken.
  == Answer ==   Hi, not sure what state your in, but in most states in the county court house there is a dept there that is called Family Court. Thay can help you.   Good luck!
If one parent has been diagnosed with an autosomal dominant form of VWD or both parents are carriers for an autosomal recessive form of VWD, then prenatal testing can be considered
As of this writing there are no hospitals in Cagayan de Oro who offers DNA testing. You may call DNA Solutions Philippines to send you a DNA testing kit to your address in Cagayan de Oro at Hotline: (02) 7032155 or 09209703777
The TORCH panel requires a sample of the infant's blood. Samples from infants are usually obtained by the heelstick procedure when only a small quantity of blood is needed.
  Any where between ten and twenty five it depends how many are in the box.
Paterinity tests that are admissible in court are around $435.00.  There are more expensive tests and the cost may vary depending on  where the test is done.
If you are not the legal guardian she has the right to deny it. their has to be some type of proof other then word of mouth. only the guardian can allow it to proceed. same goes for the father, he can deny the test as well. its just the way things are.
Most of the vitamin tests are conducted by acquiring a sample of blood, and then preparing plasma or serum from the blood sample.
Progesterone assay test is ordered to evaluate women who are having difficulty becoming pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy, and to monitor high-risk pregnancies.
The EPO test requires a blood sample.
To collect amniotic fluid, a physician performs a procedure called amniocentesis. An ultrasound is done to find the baby's position and an area filled with amniotic fluid. The physician inserts a needle through the woman's skin.
Responsibilities of Unwilling Father You're in a tough spot, no doubt about it. You probably don't need to hear this, but I'll say it for the sake of other readers. In my opinion, you shouldn't be having sex if you're not ready or willing to be a parent. No birth control is 100% reliable....
The price varies depending on the type of test you need. I got mine done by Easy-DNA for around $170; they were really helpful and professional. There are other companies offering such tests so a quick browse online or the links below. Contact several companies and compare prices.
im 21 weeks pregnant and was worried about my key hole surgery performed years ago, is it something to worry about. its not hurting at all, but how far can it stretch
The worst complication is a bruise at the site of the puncture or punctures
You can have nightmares while pregnant.
Buccal (cheek) swabs are used to collect cheek cells for testing. Cheek swabs are much less invasive then collecting blood, and offer the same results.
Well it is not really a problem- the DNA testing company can send  out to separate kits to 2 different addresses- the people  particpanting in the tests are sometimes in different countries.  The alleged father gets a kit and does his own sampling and sends  them off to the lab for testing. The...
There are prenatal paternity tests now, usually they can be done around 12-21 weeks (starting at 3-4 months.) It's still a good idea to a paternity test upon the child's birth as well. In reference to the question, the way to tell who the father of your child is is to perform a paternity test after...
Blood type comparison tests and before that characteristics comparison
Paternity by Date . Full term gestation of a fetus ranges from 38 to 42 weeks. Doctors primarily suggest 40 weeks in the EDD (estimated date of delivery), but a woman, especially first time mothers, can go into labor two weeks early or two weeks late of her EDD. However, if a woman appears that...
SEE LINKsee link below"Can you have a paternity test while you are pregnant?"see link below"Can you have a paternity test while you are pregnant?"
How much do you want it to cost? you can get them from 99p shop so they could be 99p but if you want a all singing all dancing one then you can pay as much as £50. you can get a range of them from boots super-drug and such like stores or in between 2 an14 pounds depends on the brand size colour all...
Paternity Tests at the The Denver DNA Center generally range from  $200-650 with a $200 deposit, and pay the remaining balance over  time payment plan.
  It's genetic testing to determine what percentage likelihood a man is the biological father of a given child.
It is very, very unlikely for a paternity test to be wrong but unless it says that it's 100% positive, there's usually a 2-3% allowance for error.
You can tell who your baby's father is by getting a DNA test done.     This is really a sad question, I am sure this is tearing you apart. You will need to do a DNA on the child immediately after its delivery. You don't want to wait too long, imagine trying to explain to your child that you...
  == Answer ==     It is totally dependent upon the case load of the presiding judge.
Once paternity has been established, the father may then choose to pursue custody of the child and/or visitation. In this instance, he will also be required to pay child support and can also request that he be granted joint legal custody so that he can have a say in how the child is raised. If...
  In order to legally challenge paternity, a civil suit must be filed in Family Court. If the judge orders a DNA test, the parties will need to pay a few hundred dollars to have the test performed and interpreted by a court-approved facility.   In the event that paternity is confirmed, the...
Paternity tests are not free. While it can be done shortly after birth someone will have to pay for it.
  == Answer ==     Yes you can...but it cost money...i would just wait till after you have the baby it is much easier that way