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File Sharing

File sharing is the term given to any method people use by people to share programs and other files between one another. Questions about file sharing programs and protocols belong here.


Limewire was shut down for illegally copying music.
Limewire was shutdown after a 4 year court battle for copyrighttheft.
Stay safe by using legal sites.
A federal judge Kimba Wood ruled that "record companies "havesuffered - and will continue to suffer - irreparable harm fromLimeWire's inducement of widespread infringement of their works",adding that the potential damages were "staggering".
Limewire was shut down because it violated copyright law.
If the song is copyrighted and you don't own it, then downloadingit (for free) via torrent is illegal.
It doesn't, unless you download a virus or a file with a virus init. But sharing a copyrighted song or movie is illegal.
The only disadvantage there would be is the write and read speed.Most of FTP is based on networking so your network connection wouldbe the most focused part on FTP servers. Otherwise it's the driveand you want an SSD for a file server because it will read fasterbut not get used as much as writing to...
No it is not good. It is illegal.
In Frostwire your files will turn red when they are not being shared.
Don't use it! It is loaded with Trojan horses
nope not right now but later who knows.
My best answer is to turn it into a mp3 file from iTunes LimeWire,then save it onto your computer. Then plug in your iPod shuffle onthe computer, and import the saved music from your computer to theiPod.
BearShare is a filesharing website that specifically deals with music files that donot infringe copyright. All files are scanned against a musicindustry database before they can be shared and downloaded. You cantransfer some but not all files which you download from BearShareto your iPhone. ....
It stands for Red Hat Package Manager, which is a package management system that will run on Linux.
As with any peer to peer (p2p) file sharing software the software itself is not illegal and can be used for legal purposes. However the sharing of copyright files (such as music, movies and games) is illegal. If you would normally pay for something in a store but you are downloading it without...
There are usually 4 trillion to 10 trillion illegal songsdownloaded each year, while 4 billion songs are legally downloaded.wow.
Normally, your computer will ask you if you want iTunes to be your default player before actually downloading the program. If iTunes is already downloaded, then I can't answer.
The best place is librivox.org. They have over 3000 free audio books recorded by volunteers. All the audio books are in the public domain so they're all completely free to you me an everyone. You can also use an aggregation website like librophile.com to search and download free audio books. You...
There are many places to get a free iPod game. Some games areavailable for free on the iPod search app.
Put into iTunes or windows or any media player
um... no, no, no, that question is so stupid i demand it not be answered, if you want an answer, call tech support and say "make it go"
Be careful not to confuse the history of the PC with the history ofcomputing. The first computers used paper tape. In America punchedcards became popular and spread, because they were born of precomputer office systems for which there were a wide range ofsorting machines and it was possible to...
Yessssssssssssssss. Nooooooooooooooooooooo Of coarse not.
In short: Yes, but. However, "Making unauthorised copies ofcopyrighted music recordings is against the law and may subject youto civil and criminal liability. A civil law suit could hold youresponsible for thousands of dollars in damages. Criminal chargesmay leave you with a felony record,...
You make friends by going to someone's page. . Due to the new beta designs, scroll down a ways until you see the person's username, the subscribe button, and all that. . Click on the link that says 'Add Friend'. . And then, the user will have to accept it first, and then if they accept, voila, you...
I don't see why it wouldn't.
It can be but you have to be careful.. I would go to SiteAdvisor from McAffee (i don't know how to spell that sorry) and make sure it has no viruses or spam.. because then it's probably illegal. Lime Wire is safe I checked it, plus I have it.
If you are sharing with a non-family account holder then yes it is,but family-sharing is legal.
www.beemp3.com or www.airmp3.net :D
open the containing folder click on the folder locky
Not unless you have the admins password.
You buy music and put it on the MP3 and then listen to it when you are on the move. Sometimes you can record voices and even keep other files on there. :)
To download a song from itunes, it either costs .99 or 1.29. From limewire, songs are free so it depends where you get your music from. Getting onto your mp3 player is free
Limewire is a free P2P file sharing program..... so yes it would be free, but technically it is not legal to download files that way. Because file sharing is not legal in some places because of copyright and licensing reasons.
To return to default settings in Vuze, go to the Azureus Application Data folder and delete the Azureus.config and Azureus.config.bak files. To access the AppData folder, click Start>Run and enter %appdata%\Azureus (Since you posted this in a Windows category, I assume you have Windows) You...
This is more likely to be a contract law issue than a copyright issue; agreements between schools and vendors can be incredibly complicated.
That's not a question so I don't know what you are asking.
Harmonics are frequencies higher than the fundamental. There are two types of harmonics: even harmonics and odd harmonic. For example: 2 x 60 hertz = 120 hertz is even harmonic, and 3 x 60 = 180 hertz is third harmonic. Even harmonic is like a D.C. current mixed with the A.C. current and could have...
You CAN NOT get songs from zune to i tunes!
Well, It Depends How You Use It FrostWire in itself is legal. FrostWire can be used as a peer-to-peer file-transferring system it is ileagle for people to post it copyrighted files on the the program but not ileagle to get it from them. In other words, FrostWare is legal as long as...
No! It is 100% Illegal! And because that web site is and has been in Court Trials the website has been shut down. They owe over a Few Billion. And So do a few of those users. If you do it you will be arrested.
File sharing is the practice of sharing or offering access todigital information or resources, including documents, multimedia(audio/video), graphics, computer programs, images and e-books. Itis the private or public distribution of data or resources in anetwork with different levels of sharing...
because its harder tracking the person cause they don't want to be tracked or they know how to hack with out a trace which is a waste of time for you your never going find them
Generally if it is likely to be copyrighted by a major broadcaster such as the BBC/ITV/etc then it is likely illegal as your are breaching copy-right regulations
People dont need to be using limewire because the share the music!
get itunes you ave to pay for it though it is about 0.59p or 0.99p to buy a song
If uTorrent is completely closed and the computer is shut down, no it cannot. uTorrent can however, save your progress downloading a file once you close it.
In uTorrent select File>Create new torrent (Ctrl+N). You will then see the Create new torrent screen. At the top is the "source", that is the file(s) you wish to upload. If it is one file, choose the "file" option. If it is more than one file, it must be in a folder and choose "directory"....
I am assuming you mean how do you add trackers to a torrent in Vuze. Stop the torrent in Vuze, then right-click on the torrent in Vuze and select: Advanced>Tracker/Torrent>Add tracker URL
no only use it for music.. if you do you'll get hacked for sure, use torrents but make sure theres comments saying that you can actually use it without viruses. stay far away from limewire unless you're a mac user.
Screw you Mike. Un-necessary.
Absolutely. Be careful in what you download and always scan downloaded files with an anti-virus to lessen your risk of infection. Most anti-virus programs support scanning ZIP archives.
It is completely legal to download songs videos, etc. from the free limewire or any other version of limewire.
For most people download speed issues in torrents are due to improper setup of their bittorrent client. This guide should help your uTorrent speed: Optimizing µTorrent For Speed http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/optimizing-torrent-speed.htm Also, torrents with a high seed to peer...
The default location is C:\downloads. You can set the download directory at Tools>Options>Directories. You can also right-click the torrent in BitComet and select "Open Directory" to see where the content is.
well technically its already in your library on frostwire the time it reaches 100%
NO! some people say they don't get viruses but eventually they do.a bunch of my friends tried using it, and a few got viruses rightaway, but others didn't get them until a few months. The virus goesthrough your whole system and completely crashes your computer. Allmy friends had to get new computers...
Ur computer should have big memory and latest versions of up loader and browser and adobe flash player
Most of the time nothing. Depends on where you go. Sometimes techs will remove it for your safety. Other times who cares, it's your computer you're infecting. Mostly the worst stuff that can get you into trouble is child pornography and things of that nature. Most techs don't care too much about...
It's not always illegal. It depends on whether or not the music is in the 'public domain', or has been freely given by the composer. Think of it this way. You have a brainstorm of an idea for an invention that EVERYONE will want. All you need to do is figure out how to mass-produce it, get some...
These are the basic principles of optimizing a bittorrent client for speed: . Choose a proper port to avoid ISP blocks and conflicts with other programs . Forward that port through any software firewall and router to allow incoming connections . Adjust internal settings based upon upload...
No. The PS3 does NOT play any cracked game. Even if there was a way, you won't find it on answers.com since you cant get any information about illegal actions from here.
Make sure you are logged into your FaceBook account, then go to: http://www.facebook.com/groups.php? (copy and paste the address for accuracy) At the top of the page that loads but below the FaceBook header, click the button that says: "+ Create a New Group" Then follow all the...
The application that depend on RTP is VoIP layer 4
Downloading free and paid for music is legal in the UK. Downloadingpirated music is illegal.
Top 4 reasons why people want to hide their IP address: . Hide their geographical location . Prevent Web tracking . Avoid leaving a digital footprint . Bypass any bans or blacklisting of their IP address Hide Yor ip address now
Get songs legitimately.
\nthere is a standart edition which is free, and there is limewire pro which has more features and you pay for it.
Some video distribution sites use automated matching systems (such as YouTube's ContentID) to discover and block infringing material; other sites rely on humans to discover and block infringements, and are therefore much, much slower to notice.
It is not illegal to download stuff that can be legally downloaded. It is illegal to download stuff that is not legally downloadable. If it is something you would normally pay for in a store and you are downloading it for free then it is almost certainly illegal. LimeWire's advice is: "Your...
The courts shut LimeWire down for copyright theft.
when the download is done open the limewire window, right-click on the file you finished downloading and click "open containing folder".
limewire is a dirty program that contains dozens of viruses but yes you should be able to download a free trial
No it is illegal to download copyright material without the authors permission. Then you would have to ask the author if you can share it also.
Limewire does not have any songs. Limewire is software (See links below) that connects your computer to other peoples computers (and they are connected to yours) so that files can be shared between computers. The only music available using Limewire is that which has come from other people. If they...
Whenever you download all the songs you want to put on a c.d. you pull up Windows Media Player . Whenever you do that , Go to music , on your computer and click the limewire folder . Then click saved . It should have all the songs . Just click burn on the windows media player , and when it detects...
limewire downloads viruses
Yes, it is... No problems on computer or iPod.. :)
Answer . There are multiple possibilities, however the chief two reasons would be: 1) You are using a CD player that does not recognize CD-R or CD-RW media; try the disc in another player. 2) You are burning an "mp3 CD" and not an "Audio CD". Discs burned in mp3 (or data mode) are different...
u go to create a new folder in ur documents
As always, you can find them on thepiratebay or another torrent tracker if someone has put up links for them yet. However, in the case of music, bittorrent is really not necessary. In a case like this, you should do a Google search rather than asking about it on Wiki Answers.