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File Sharing

File sharing is the term given to any method people use by people to share programs and other files between one another. Questions about file sharing programs and protocols belong here.


I'm sorry but Limewire doesnt work any more. It was shut down. If you want something like Limewire you should download Frostwire. It is pretty much the exact same thing. To get Frostwire just google it and go to the site and download it its that simple :)
If you want to send things safely over the internet, I would use a  proxy. If mobile use chatsecure. Or if you have a computer, you can  use onionshare. Those are both highly encrypted softwares that are  free.
  I assume you are trying to load music onto your walkman, not the limewire program. The steps for loading the music would be to plug your walkman into your computer then open windows media player. Find your mp3 player and click the sinc button. You drag music files into the area corresponding...
 LimeWire was a free peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) client  program that ran on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other operating  systems supported by the Java software platform.LimeWire  used the gnutella network as well as the BitTorrent protocol. A  freeware version and a purchasable ...
Many programs are available to aid in the transfer of music and  data from one device to another however with BearShare the files  work best if converted first.   Others have reported that even with file conversion that on some  machines the conversion is blocked.   USE BearShare 2.5 (the...
Can you restate your question a little better? The onlydisadvantage there would be is the write and read speed. Most ofFTP is based on networking so your network connection would be themost focused part on FTP servers. Otherwise it's the drive and youwant an SSD for a file server because it will...
nope not right now but later who knows.
My best answer is to turn it into a mp3 file from iTunes LimeWire,  then save it onto your computer. Then plug in your iPod shuffle on  the computer, and import the saved music from your computer to the  iPod.
BearShare is a filesharing website that specifically deals with music files that donot infringe copyright. All files are scanned against a musicindustry database before they can be shared and downloaded. You cantransfer some but not all files which you download from BearShareto your iPhone. ....
As with any peer to peer (p2p) file sharing software the software itself is not illegal and can be used for legal purposes. However the sharing of copyright files (such as music, movies and games) is illegal. If you would normally pay for something in a store but you are downloading it without...
There are usually 4 trillion to 10 trillion illegal songsdownloaded each year, while 4 billion songs are legally downloaded.wow.
Normally, your computer will ask you if you want iTunes to be your default player before actually downloading the program. If iTunes is already downloaded, then I can't answer.
  Yessssssssssssssss   Nooooooooooooooooooooo Of coarse not.
In short: Yes, but. However, "Making unauthorised copies of  copyrighted music recordings is against the law and may subject you  to civil and criminal liability. A civil law suit could hold you  responsible for thousands of dollars in damages. Criminal charges  may leave you with a felony...
I don't see why it wouldn't.
If you are sharing with a non-family account holder then yes it is,but family-sharing is legal.
open the containing folder click on the folder locky
Not unless you have the admins password.
Limewire is a free P2P file sharing program..... so yes it would be free, but technically it is not legal to download files that way. Because file sharing is not legal in some places because of copyright and licensing reasons.
To return to default settings in Vuze, go to the Azureus Application Data folder and delete the Azureus.config and Azureus.config.bak files. To access the AppData folder, click Start>Run and enter %appdata%\\Azureus (Since you posted this in a Windows category, I assume you have Windows) You...
This is more likely to be a contract law issue than a copyright issue; agreements between schools and vendors can be incredibly complicated.
That's not a question so I don't know what you are asking.
No! It is 100% Illegal! And because that web site is and has been in Court Trials the website has been shut down. They owe over a Few Billion. And So do a few of those users. If you do it you will be arrested.
File sharing is the practice of sharing or offering access todigital information or resources, including documents, multimedia(audio/video), graphics, computer programs, images and e-books. Itis the private or public distribution of data or resources in anetwork with different levels of sharing...
because its harder tracking the person cause they don't want to be tracked or they know how to hack with out a trace which is a waste of time for you your never going find them
I am assuming you mean how do you add trackers to a torrent in Vuze. Stop the torrent in Vuze, then right-click on the torrent in Vuze and select: Advanced>Tracker/Torrent>Add tracker URL
  == Answer ==   theres bear share 
It is completely legal to download songs videos, etc. from the free limewire or any other version of limewire.
For most people download speed issues in torrents are due to improper setup of their bittorrent client. This guide should help your uTorrent speed: Optimizing µTorrent For Speed http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/optimizing-torrent-speed.htm Also, torrents with a high seed to peer ratio...
NO! some people say they dont get viruses but eventually they do. a bunch of my friends tried using it, and a few got viruses right away, but others didn't get them until a few months. the virus goes through your whole system and completely crashes your computer. all my friends had to get new...
Most of the time nothing. Depends on where you go. Sometimes techs will remove it for your safety. Other times who cares, it's your computer you're infecting. Mostly the worst stuff that can get you into trouble is child pornography and things of that nature. Most techs don't care too much about...
Downloading free and paid for music is legal in the UK. Downloading  pirated music is illegal.
Some video distribution sites use automated matching systems (such as YouTube's ContentID) to discover and block infringing material; other sites rely on humans to discover and block infringements, and are therefore much, much slower to notice.
No, file sharing is against Apple policy. You can although get Limewire songs from your computer to your iTouch with iTunes.
limewire downloads viruses
  == Answer ==   There are multiple possibilities, however the chief two reasons would be:    1) You are using a CD player that does not recognize CD-R or CD-RW media; try the disc in another player.    2) You are burning an "mp3 CD" and not an "Audio CD". Discs burned in mp3 (or...
u go to create a new folder in ur documents
Go to Frostwire's library and click the saved folder on the left, go through and select your songs with the left-click and hold method. They will be highlighted kinda dark. open itunes or Windows Media Player and then transfer them.
1.Go to lime wire and type in the song that you want and click download and it will download onto windows media player2.Then you insert the blank Cd into the Cd slot3.After you do that find the song on windows media and and click the burn icon4.Then drag the song to the list area and click start...
  Yes. Limewire downloaders are still getting busted for theft of intellectual property.    
  == Answer ==   Unless you are paying, you do it illegally.         ==================     A real answer is search for a song and double click on the one you want  
  == Answer ==   no, sorry, just import the music into your itunes.
You can install the Mac version of LimeWire on Mac OS X. (See links below)
You can't, you have to download the files by opening the .torrent file in a bittorrent client like uTorrent or Vuze, when the download is complete you will have your files.
After the complete track is downloaded and stored in the Limewire directory, you can right click on the file and select "copy to CD". Also you can insert a blank CD and a dialog will open up on your desktop asking if you want to make either a music CD or a data CD.
i need help i need to talk to some one about limewire
To download a file you need to double click it then at the bottom of the screen it comes up with a box showing how long it has until it finishes the download and goes into your iTunes or other mediaplayer.
  Only some do. Only old songs though.
Only certain iMesh songs are free, if you want the actual goodquality song from iMesh, you have to pay for it.
Answer . They don't. Limewire is a "Peer-To-Peer" (aka Person to Person / P2P) file sharing program. It is the responibilty of the users of the program to get the copyright holders permission to have the songs on there (In a lot of cases it is the label, not the artist that has the copyright)....
drag the songs from Limewire directly into your iTunes "playlists" (drag & drop).
Frostwire is peer to peer (P2P) software that allows you to connect to other peoples computers and they can connect to your computer. Once connected you can share files. This is not illegal. Most files which contain music, movies, games, software etc. will be copyrighted and it is illegal to share ...
  From Assumption, most songs on limewire are mp3, and therefore would and SHOULD work 100% on itunes.
Limewire is illegal and so are songs that are downloaded off the Internet so I suggest if you have dowloaded a song from the Internet, you should delete it but that's my opinion.
Honest recommendation: if you have dialup, unless it's on a separate phone line - don't try to download anything...it will take forever!! If you want to do any downloading, upgrade your connection to a DSL or Cable; that is the only way to speed it up.
Yes they do and usually they pay a fine of $1200. So don't get caught.
  Pretty much everyone downloads songs illegally without ever getting caught.
Frostwire or Bearshare Limewire alternative.
You search for a song, then you double click it. Then, when it is finished downloading, open up iTunes and plug in your iPhone and drag the song from the download section (bottom) of limewire and drag it to music section of your iPhone. Hope this helped!
Limewire is peer to peer networking software that requires a computer running the Linux, Mac OS X or Windows operating system. It will not work on a Sony Walkman media player.
about 3.56% of the population uses limewire
  Many people use LimeWire. I would expect it to be over 1 billion people using LimeWire. (This is just an estimate...no real facts were put into this)
Limewire shut down. discussion over.
Because there is nothing inherently wrong with sharing files over the internet. it is only when those files are copyrighted that it becomes an issue.
You are allowed by law to use kazaar and also permitted to download material from the site onto your computer but that is where it has to remain to prevent any laws being broken but you are not allowed to transfer anything that has a copyright attached to it which counts for almost everything on...
It was phillip welsh from doncaster England
The LimeWire software can be downloaded free of charge from their download page (See links below).
limewire is used to download music for a portable music player, CAREFUL!!!!!!!! IT HAS VIRUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOUVE BEEN WARNED
MegaUpload respects the right to privacy for users who upload their files. You can however search forums and websites for download links. There are also websites designed to search MegaUpload i.e: www.Filecrop.com, www.megauploadsearch.co.uk
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Things needed when transferring are : Computer with net connectionitunes and Limewire softwares installed. Start by opening up LimeWire. Select the preferences menu.Select Saving.Browse the destination files to select a folder that is also used by iTunes.Highlight the particular file and open it...
Yotube channel called byebye copywright has alot of good free songs :)
YouTube has a share button below each video where you can put it on your profile
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FrostWire is Free. if You Pay For it, You`ve Been Ripped Off.:]
BAM!Try to access it now.
This is often a point of contention, but the current answer is no, not even for personal use.
  what you do is go to start, then my computer, then however you get to my documents, go there. you should have a folder labeled Limewire. click that open. what i did was right click the saved folder and 'send to my documents'. go back to my documents and drag the Saved folder into 'My Music'....
No, but the files you download might. µTorrent uses the BitTorrent protocol, which is just a way of downloading files. The files you download, however, could be a different story.
www.seekasong.com   www.minorcrisis.com   www.imeem.com
I don't know if it will work on all computers but I have a asus with windows 8. I assume it wouldn't matter but this is what I did. once the song downloaded I just went to the library for the file I right clicked it and hit explore. It pulled a window up with the files after that I just highlighted...
  well there are bittorent, thepiratebay.org frostwire bearshare but they are illegal and can get fined good luck
yes, downloading songs in limewire is free unless you get limewire pro. But most of what you download will be illegal. Because you have not paid for it you are stealing it.
Answer . i think the word "illegal" gives it away
Its very simple..You can simple select the pic and copy paste any where...
Yes, but be careful