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Emergency Preparedness

Questions in this category should focus on planning for the eventuality of fires, natural disasters and other emergencies.


The Information and Intelligence Function of ICS refers to the collection, analysis and sharing of status of the situation, resources and anticipated changes. For example, the forecast weather impacts on obtaining supplies to a remote site in time to be useful. Some incidents also require...
First Aid is responding to an emergency situation - heart attacks, bleeding, drowning, choking, poisoning, electrocution, spinal injuries, eye injuries and scalds and burns are typical situations where having a basic knowledge of what to do- knowing proper first aid procedures- you can be the hero....
You can get water in a desert when the rain is falling. Sometimes  there is also ground water you can dig for.
Seek shelter in a sturdy house or other building. Stay away from  windows.
It will be better if you have defined whom you are referring when  you are saying "they". But taking it on a broader view below points  can be of help:    Laser beams can be used to detect plate movement.   A seismometer is used to pick up the vibrations in the Earth's  crust. An increase...
automated electro defibileted.it use give a electerical ,then start blood to brain to heart.
The chemical energy stored in batteries gets transformed sets intoelectrical energy through the wires. This then gets transformedinto light energy that you see.
1: Am I alive?  2: What is my injury?  3: How will I get to the hospital if I am severely injured?  4: Can I still breath?  5: (most important) What will my family say?!  (I know these are stupid but I hope that they help) 
Find something to keep you occupied with your spare time.
the flashlight allowed men to mine under ground and to work in the  dark
I would recommend the Standard First Aid and CRPC. I got my  certifications by firstaidforu to be eligible to coach some  tumbling and dance classes. You can look on the website to find  some other useful courses but it really depends on what you need  the qualifications for. If you just want to...
first aid steps who have caught on fire try to relive painaccording to degrre
  if you are sufficiently scared.....no problem.....run...he'll never catch you cause he'll be runnin in soft crap!
with a pressure sensor
if someone looses two pints of blood they actually look fatter. Except their butt is normally only 2 inches long and they start to have anger issues and grow mustaches in random places. Some advice to help these poor people is to hit them continuously over the head with a baseball bat or any other...
No, the Emergency Alert System can't alert us on the 2012 doomsday,because it is not confirmed that it exsists.
  == Answer ==   I think becoz of its archictecture designing which simplify the hardware and become small and less expensive.
Airway Breathing Circulation
Immediately after a shock, you will wait to follow the next instruction from the AED. After a shock, it will either immediately analyze again and possibly shock again, or direct you to check the patient for a pulse, and if none resume CPR.
Depending on where you live and work, and the prevalent hazards in those areas, at a MINIMUM, an emergency preparedness kit should have the following items: flashlightbattery operated radiobatterieswhistledust maskpocket knifeemergency cash, in small amounts; quarters for pay-phones. YES, pay phones...
Only if they remain covert.
That is correct; position pads same on all adults regardless of AED machine.
To make sure that the batteries come into contact with the platethat holds the bulb.
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Sweat mechanism will cool the body during hot weather.
Make sure the pads ARE compatible with the AED.
Check for both a brachial pulse and carotid pulse. If pulse is present, assist ventilation. If no pulse is present, continue CPR until help arrives, the victim regains consciousness or you physically cannot perform CPR any longer. Also note if you are acting as a certified individual (First...
Monitor the child. Since chap stick is not poisonous, unless a lot was eaten, it should not hurt the child and if the child ate alot call Poison Control Center right away. Leave medcine away from infants and young children. My own oppinon is no children too young should use it.
Follow the basic principles of caring for an injured person; call 911 or local emergency number, maintain open airway, perform CPR if required, control major bleeding, have someone assist if available.
Wake up! Don't sleep while driving, it's EXTREMELY dangerous! Behind the wheel is no place to be napping! But seriously, I believe the best offense is a good defense. In other words, DONT GET CARJACKED in the first place! A carjacker will jack your ride usually for one of two reasons...
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Cold Weather, or being in below Zero temperature.
don't rely on vons for your food supply. get your money out of paper. have your own food water and shelter. be self reliant.     Answer:   Create weekly menus, plan for leftovers - they can make quick and easy lunches.   And do not carry excessive debt. Some debt in our lives may be...
You should not use child AED pads on an adult and likewise you should not use adult AED pads on a child. Pad location is the same on an adult and child; a small child may need pad placement on the chest and back; the AED pad icons show pad placement. See related limk.
AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. See the related link, for information from the AHA on what an AED is and how it works.
Surviving a tsunami With major tsunamis happening every few years, it's a topic that is important to consider if you live near a high-risk area. There are steps to take to ready yourself and your home. For instance, reinforcing your home could help diminish damage, as some have found in Japan's...
yesYes with proper preparedness and taking safety measures you can minimize your risks for death in an earthquake.
If you can.....1. Have a basic survival kit2. Have a clear idea of where your going (away from large buildings and many people)3. Get there quicklyIf you can't....1. Stay away from large or unstable buildings2. Go to an earthquake-proof building or open space3. Don't get yourself in dangerous...
Do not use the AED if the person has a pulse.
When you dial 911, your call is routed to the nearest emergency call center. The operator will answer with something like "911 What is your emergency?" As calm as possible: 1. Where you are. 2. Explain what has happened. 3. How many people were involved (need assistance). Stay on...
The dispatch operator answers your 911 calls.
Continue CPR until the AED decides if a shock is advised. When the AED is analyzing it should tell you to not touch the patient. Newer AED systems will tell you exactly what steps to take.
The smoke/fire alarm will go off or you will see smoke.You could also see the fire.
So you have less of a chance of dying.....
You should remove the patches, with a gloved hand, before placing AED pads on patient. You should also wipe off the skin with a piece of cloth in order to make sure all of the medication is off of their skin.
if i had coins, i would fashion a lure of some kind for fishing. You could use them for signaling if they had a shiny enough surface. Not much really, not an ideal survival tool.
Stephen "Steve" Quayle is a survivalist, conspiracy theorist,anti-government, pseudo-religious, anarchist, and self proclaimedprophet. He has his own website at stevequayle.com and a radioshow. He, has appeared on the Coast-to-Coast AM show, with GeorgeNorry on a regular basis from 2000 to 2015, He...
Do not commence CPR if signs of rigor mortis or lividity are present.
it can be easily broken during CPR if the person isn't in the proper location applying pressure. deducing from that, if someone elses weight on it, (trying NOT to break it) pressing on it can break it, then im certain that you could do it with your own weight as well. look up some anatomy pictures...
You will need extra boots and food. It also is good to have somespare wagon parts.
A qualified and licensed doctor, LPN, or paramedic.
Quickly wash the wound with clean water and put dressing on it. If it's a very serious bite take the person to hospital to have it checked. Diseases can be spread if a person bites you.
To put out a grease pan fire carefully shake baking soda on it. Not baking powder, baking soda. Bicarbonate of soda, the same stuff used to keep refrigerators smelling fresh. Another suggestion... If you have a lid that fits onto the frying pan, or whatever the pot or pan is that contains the...
Each one has its own type of detection: ChemicalBiologicalRadiologicalNuclear andExplosive
Insure there is no pulse before you attach the pads to the victim.
No; attach the pads and if a shock is advised, the AED will charge.
You have to have a knife on you and knife your way out of call SOS on your mobile.
Snoopy became the official safety mascot after the Apollo 1 fire .
Find the safest possible exit. Always check doors for heat first, if its hot, don't enter that room.
They are of low toxicity and will cause irritation in the mouth and possibly nausea
yes Salve used to bring boils to a head
If it is a large crocodile the attack would likely be over (i.e. you would be dead) before you'd have time to react. However, if you DO have time to react the best thing to do is fight back vigorously, hitting the snout repeatedly and sticking your fingers in it's eyes. If this doesn't work, a last...
  I would say no. They shouldn't be charging anything but a hoseline.
Check for a pulse and breathing. If no pulse, start CPR. If pulse exists and no breathing, perform rescue breaths. If pulse and breathing exists, keep airway open & monitor patient.
Education is very helpful to survive life. Let's first talk science. What if you needed to know which berries were poisonous if you were stranded in the wilderness, starving? Science power. Now Math. You'll need to do your taxes and pay your bills when you get older. How you gonna do that? Math...
The only way a conscious person can be shocked by an AED is if they are touching the person that is being shocked, or touching metal that the person being shocked is touching, or standing in a puddle of water that the person being shocked is in.AED's are designed to only shock unconscious and pulse...
Because the same passageway through which we produce voice sounds  is that through which we breathe. In some cases of laryngitis,  breathing becomes so obstructed by the swelling of the vocal cords  that it is not possible to obtain sufficient oxygen; this rare  result is called hypoxia from...
On a child age 1-8 or weighing less than 55lbs
on a child age 1-8 or weighing less than 55lbs
Yes you should leave the pads on the person. In fact good luck taking them off.
You have to be prepared to injure. cracked ribs are a commonly accepted risk but preferable to the alternative.
Short answer: No You can and should leave the pads on the patient.
Cobra Snakes are deadly their bite can kill very quickly and if a spitting cobra "spits" venom at you and it gets in your eyes or in an open wound then you may die. Although Cobras dont actually spit venom they simply use a gland above their fangs to release a drop of venom to the tip of the fang,...
Stop, drop and roll! -No, that's if you are on fire: In an earthquake, it's stop, drop, and COVER.
Ways to survive while stranded on an island would be to find a sustainable food and water source that will likely hold out till rescue comes. You would want to find a natural shelter, or build one from items from the environment, in the absence of natural shelter. You would find a source of igniting...
1 Take a plastic bag 2. Hang it on a tree, and close it 3. The heat will turn the steam into water
There are a number of snakes, spiders and scorpions in desertsaround the world that are capable of killing a human. In North andSouth America there are cougars, wolves, jaguars, bears and coyotesthat could possibly pose a threat to humans, although this threatis greatly exaggerated.
make sure no one is touching the pt.
the force you use in CPR should not be too big that's why you keep the weaker hand on top as to not break ones chest , but also not too small as if enough force to push downwards about 2-4 cms .
The g179 flashmax! I have one and take it with me when i'm camping. It may be a little expensive, but its worth it. Its bright and its waterproof too! I bought mine from amazon in the related link below.
Only if you are a fictional character in the 1977 movie Demon Seed.
This is important because any movement of the patient will make a false reading inside the AED. The machine is actually looking for a particular rhythm while the pads are connected to the chest. What it is seeing is very much alike to what is seen on an EKG. The AED will only shock if there are 2...
Check pulse, and if no pulse, continue CPR until the AED goes to the analyze phase again.