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Emergency Preparedness

Questions in this category should focus on planning for the eventuality of fires, natural disasters and other emergencies.


The Information and Intelligence Function of ICS refers to the collection, analysis and sharing of status of the situation, resources and anticipated changes. For example, the forecast weather impacts on obtaining supplies to a remote site in time to be useful. Some incidents also require...
Basically an EMT. Their job is the same as a paramedic just on a less advanced level. ' Hence the part of the phrase "assistant". Most ECA's receive extra training to become paramedics after about 3 - 5 years experience
Pad location does not change for a woman that is pregnant; upper right and on the ribs left side (on the patient).
A house hundreds of miles from your nearest volcano, and careful selection of holiday destinations.
First Aid is responding to an emergency situation - heart attacks, bleeding, drowning, choking, poisoning, electrocution, spinal injuries, eye injuries and scalds and burns are typical situations where having a basic knowledge of what to do- knowing proper first aid procedures- you can be the hero. ...
You can get water in a desert when the rain is falling. Sometimesthere is also ground water you can dig for.
Seek shelter in a sturdy house or other building. Stay away fromwindows.
Assuming both you and civilization in general survive, get to a hospital for radiation treatment if you can. Otherwise, get as far away from the source of the explosion as fast as you're able. If you have a Geiger counter, you can use it to judge the safety of food and water sources. (Obviously,...
Well nothing, if the pulse is present the AED will not shock the casualty unless the signal changes (or the pulse stops). Treat for shock and await EMS
Anything near to hand that will float and support him. Ideally, a Coast Guard approved Type IV floatation device.
It will be better if you have defined whom you are referring whenyou are saying "they". But taking it on a broader view below pointscan be of help: . Laser beams can be used to detect plate movement. . A seismometer is used to pick up the vibrations in the Earth'scrust. An increase in vibrations...
Wet wood, vegetation, and plastics will make a thick, dark smoke that should not be breathed in. Dry wood and dead leaves make a thinner, grayish smoke.
automated electro defibileted.it use give a electerical ,then start blood to brain to heart.
The chemical energy stored in batteries gets transformed sets intoelectrical energy through the wires. This then gets transformedinto light energy that you see.
1: Am I alive? . 2: What is my injury? . 3: How will I get to the hospital if I am severely injured? . 4: Can I still breath? . 5: (most important) What will my family say?! . (I know these are stupid but I hope that they help)
You will need to use 2 auto injectors for self aid in a nerve agent emergency; they should be labelled 1 & 2. If you are administering buddy care, use up to 3 sets of auto injectors in addition to the CANA auto injector.
Find something to keep you occupied with your spare time.
It will depend on the type and location of the emergency. But, there are basic items that are included in a first aid kit such as gloves, breathing barrier, bandages, gauze, and tape. See the related link for more information.
space blanket, matches, signal mirror, hunting knife, fishing gear, snair wire, bug repellent, mosquito net, warm clothes, hatchet, snow boots or hip waders, first aid kit, rain gear, cooking pot or kettle, duct tape, flare, small shovel and food.
I would recommend the Standard First Aid and CRPC. I got mycertifications by firstaidforu to be eligible to coach sometumbling and dance classes. You can look on the website to findsome other useful courses but it really depends on what you needthe qualifications for. If you just want to be better...
There are a few different types of flares.. "star clusters" are used for signaling, whereas what you're thinking of are parachute illumination flares. The 40mm flares which are used in the M79, M203, and M320 grenade launchers will be particularly difficult to obtain. 40mm grenade launchers are...
As far as pad placement, the icons on the pads will show where they go on the victim; upper right on chest and lower left on the ribs. The AED will recognise if the contact between the pad and skin is correct; if not, the chest was not wiped off to remove the fluids or there is too much hair where...
first aid steps who have caught on fire try to relive painaccording to degrre
if you are sufficiently scared.....no problem.....run...he'll never catch you cause he'll be runnin in soft crap!
with a pressure sensor
No. If you are in the wilderness eat grass(may sound stupid but its not), and if you need water and you have a shirt take the shirt off urinate on it the ring it out over your mouth to hydrate your self.
if someone looses two pints of blood they actually look fatter. Except their butt is normally only 2 inches long and they start to have anger issues and grow mustaches in random places. Some advice to help these poor people is to hit them continuously over the head with a baseball bat or any other...
you should not use the muscle that has been sprained, for instance if you have sprained your ankle, walking should be kept to a minimum amount.
No, the Emergency Alert System can't alert us on the 2012 doomsday,because it is not confirmed that it exsists.
The AED delivers a shock energy, with units of joules (see the related link). There is not a direct conversion from joules to volts. I have read that the AED has the capability of about 1000 volts. For a comparison of some AEDs and their energy output, see the other related link. An AED with child...
Answer . I think becoz of its archictecture designing which simplify the hardware and become small and less expensive.
Airway Breathing Circulation
Immediately after a shock, you will wait to follow the next instruction from the AED. After a shock, it will either immediately analyze again and possibly shock again, or direct you to check the patient for a pulse, and if none resume CPR.
Security specialists the world over advise MAKE NOISE! WAVE YOUR ARMS WILDLY TO GAIN THE ATTENTION OF OTHER CAR DRIVERS OR PEOPLE ON THE STREET! Get out of the car when it slows down for a turn, or stops for a traffic signal. Cause the kidnapper to wreck the car! This can be accomplished by...
blast , pressure wave, strong winds, ground shock . thermal flash , electromagnetic radiation infrared . prompt radiation , electromagnetic radiation fromvisible light to gamma rays, neutrons . delayed radiation , fallout mostly from fissionproducts but also some due to neutron activation as well as...
The Mark 1 auto injector has 2 injectors in it. The first one to be administered is the atropine sulfate (should be marked 1) auto injector followed by the pralidoxime chloride auto injector (should be marked 2). Repeat the injections for your buddy using the other 2 Mark 1 auto injectors. You...
Well for one, you can suffocate because of breathing in the smoke instead of oxygen. Lungs can also be damaged in much the same way of breathing in a smoker's second hand smoke. The alveoli can be destroyed, and the mucus membranes of your throat can become irritated. This could cause coughing and...
There are 2 oxygen atoms in CH3COOH
No, drinking your own sweat would not stave off dehydration. Since sweat is so salty, it would be like drinking ocean or salt water, which dehydrates you more. If you are in a situation in which there is no fresh water, or in which you cannot make a fire and boil water, your best option is to drink...
You light a splint and then light the bunson burnor with the fire on the splint.
It is a system of prioritising patients in an emergency department into more urgent and less urgent. It is usually done by nursing staff.
No. We currently have no way of predicting earthquakes.
The aim of the recovery phase is to restore the affected area to its previous state. It differs from the response phase in its focus; recovery efforts are concerned with issues and decisions that must be made after immediate needs are addressed. Recovery efforts are primarily concerned with actions...
Have someone call 911. Look to see if there is something obstructing the child's mouth or throat. Use the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge any obstruction, if that is suspected by the circumstances. If there is an asthma or allergy history have someone get any medications that you have on hand to be...
Depending on where you live and work, and the prevalent hazards in those areas, at a MINIMUM, an emergency preparedness kit should have the following items: . flashlight . battery operated radio . batteries . whistle . dust mask . pocket knife . emergency cash, in small amounts; quarters for pay...
Only if they remain covert.
There is nothing you will be able to do to protect your house in a bushfire except call the local emergency number and get help on the way.. Prior to bushfire season starting, you should ensure gutters and eaves are clear of leaves and debris, and that vegetation is not growing close to your house....
Weather is a major contributor to bushfires. The hotter and drier, the more likely it is for a bushfire to start and spread uncontrollably. High winds will reduce humidity, and cause an ongoing bushfire to spread more rapidly. Often these high winds are brought from off the desert areas in Australia...
A cut with smooth edges is called an incision.
it would depend on the injury but like all injuries you should get medical help
Yes. Eagle scouts are very skilled in modern survival but if you give them a rock and some coal they will die within in 4 days. ------------ Speak for your self, any of my first class scouts could live off the land, my Eagles could do it in style while saving your butt too.
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That is correct; position pads same on all adults regardless of AED machine.
food, water, shelter, clothing, heat, oxygen, toiletries, electricity, money, fire
Personal security is important a person. In Pakistan security issueis complicated matter. Lawlessness, corruption, weak judiciary,lack of personnel and infrastructures for the agencies whoimplement order in the society. On top Terrorism, Taliban issue,difference between people from province to...
you must keep calm, panicking will only make the situation worse, an if you are in a place that experiences disasters, then get some knowledge on what to do when one hits, it could mean the difference life and death.
Children lose their teeth at different rates, so this is hard to say. I lost a lot of mine very quickly around 6-8, so I had most of mine at 10. It could be different for you or your child though.
It will more than likely be destroyed by the fire.
Yes. Heat is needed to live. Or if you are stranded like cant be found a fire starting kit would be better. (matches or lighter and newspaper and wood should be able to be found)
To make sure that the batteries come into contact with the platethat holds the bulb.
Stay in a shelter or stay inland.
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If it is a chemical, flush it outwith water away from the other eye. If it is a small grainy substance like sand, try flushing with water. If it doesn't work, call and wait for EMTs. If it is a rock or other large object, DO NOT TOUCH IT. You may embed it further by trying to remove it. Unless you...
Sweat mechanism will cool the body during hot weather.
They usually contain basic bandages such as band aids. They also usually have some protection like rubber gloves. Mostly all of them have some kind of disinfectant for cuts. More advanced kits contain tweezers and scissors. There are a huge variety of materials that can be put in a first aid kit.
Personal Security and/or Bodyguards (also called Protection Specialists or Executive Security Specialists) usually get their training via military, law enforcement, martial arts, specialized training schools, and on occasion-- just their size or look is all they need to get the job. Military...
This is a nearly impossible task to be able to execute. The house would have to be built with a large enough fireproof perimeter around it to not allow an external fire to engulf it.
I would say you might need a needle and thread, a hatchet or knife, warm clothes, some food, a jug for water with water in it, and a cell phone or emergency radio to get you out of there. You can make other things with just these things you have.
Make sure the pads ARE compatible with the AED.
Check for both a brachial pulse and carotid pulse. If pulse is present, assist ventilation. If no pulse is present, continue CPR until help arrives, the victim regains consciousness or you physically cannot perform CPR any longer. Also note if you are acting as a certified individual (First...
DO NOT MOVE THE PERSON. Moving them only makes it worse. Ask them to turn their head and move their arms. If they can, they probably aren't paralyzed or have spinal issues. If they can't, they are in big trouble. It's best to not touch them at all if this is so. Next, call 911 and ask for an...
Monitor the child. Since chap stick is not poisonous, unless a lot was eaten, it should not hurt the child and if the child ate alot call Poison Control Center right away. Leave medcine away from infants and young children. My own oppinon is no children too young should use it.
Flashlights exist so you can have a portable light source. You can use flashlights where there are no other types of lights. You can use them in emergencies, and you can use them in places where other types of lights would be awkward or hazardous.
If I found myself on a deserted island with no manmade areas of shelter, I would first search for a suitable location to make a shelter. If there was a source of fresh water, I'd think about sheltering near there, but still close enough to the beach in case rescue came. I'd also check to be sure the...
Rescue breathing for Adults is only used in professional rescuer CPR. It is 1 breath every 5 seconds.
The rock used for fires is "flint," a usually dark-colored or glassy quartz that will strike sparks off iron, steel, or other ferrous materials such as pyrite.
Follow the basic principles of caring for an injured person; call 911 or local emergency number, maintain open airway, perform CPR if required, control major bleeding, have someone assist if available.
Wake up! Don't sleep while driving, it's EXTREMELY dangerous! Behind the wheel is no place to be napping! But seriously, I believe the best offense is a good defense. In other words, DONT GET CARJACKED in the first place! A carjacker will jack your ride usually for one of two reasons...
You may still get good results; but maybe not. With the pads on wrong it is not shocking across the heart properly; don't chance it and remember white upper right and red to the ribs (on the victim) for pad placement.
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An important part of the process in managing inventories is tomaintain items through periodic replenishments preventive maintenance and capital improvements.
Keep injector in place for 10 seconds.
No direction. A fire will sweep rapidly up a hill so you could not outrun it. Best thing is to get down behind something on the uphill side of it and hope the fire sweeps quickly over the top. If there is time try and dig a small hollow and get down in that.
The Three Stages are: - the Developing Stage/Cumulus Stage (which begins with up-drafts) - the Mature Stage (that has up-drafts, down-drafts, and a heavy amount of precipitation) - the Final Stage/Dissipating Stage (that has reduced precipitation) Hope that helped you out a bit. :)
Tornadoes in the Midwest killed 41 people in 2008.
Cold Weather, or being in below Zero temperature.
911 in the United States.
Span of control is the idea that a single person can manage a certain number of people or resources effectively. In NIMS ICS, the ideal span of control is 3-7 people/resources, with 5 being the optimum, managed by a single person.
It either means the person does not have a shockable rhythm (V-Tach or V-Fib) or the person has a heartbeat and doesn't need a shock.