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Pyrotechnics and Fireworks

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The use of substances that produce noise, light, heat, smoke, or motion when ignited; Usually for aesthetic displays or military purposes.
Yes, you can see the fireworks from Downtown Disney.
New Years Eve/Day, Forth of July, and a couple others that I don'tknow
In some states yes... you might want to look up which states. because houses can go on fire
it is changed into sound energy in the form of audible sound made by the cracker and light energy and the kinetic energy of the particles of a cracker which moves after explosion.
It it is different because bonfires are a lot bigger than fireworkswhen it comes to fire and fire uses up oxygen so the bonfire wouldbe less oxygen then the firework because of the size of the fire.
fireworks were created by accident
I'm pretty sure the Chinese used them as rockets
Consumer grade firework regulations vary by state and often by county.
Gunpowder is a finely ground mixture of Potassium Nitrate (75%),Sulphur (10%) and Charcoal (15% w/w). The mixture burns extremely quickly, evolving gases which increasethe reaction volume and thus make it a powerful propellant.
To scare aTo scare away evil spirits way evil spirits
Of course, it is possible.
There are 3 energy transformation: 1.Before the firework is lit it has potential energy stored in the fuse of the firework. 2.From the moment the fuse of a firework is set off, thermal energy and light energy are apparent. 3.When the firework is set off into the air-sound, light, and thermal...
because it will keep burning until all the chemicals inside the firework have reacted
If the fire works are illegal the car would be impounded. You would be responsible for the towing and impound fees. Not to mention all the legal issues.
Chinese people use GUNPOWDER as fire works
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Fireworks were invented in Ancient China in the 12th century.
in a legend they use fireworks to scare away a dragon called 'nian'
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You Can light them here in utah! Theres a great selection and there pretty cheap!
go to gotham city and put some fireworks down. then blow stuff up and become one of jokers henchman
The fireworks are in the Visitor's area in the game.You go there before and see the body of the Joker with a TV on it.
During a chemical change the existing atoms of the products (the chemicals of the fireworks) are rearranged to form new combinations of atom. This new substances created usually have much different properties than the original substances. You can often tell that a chemical change has occurred if...
you shoot fireworks on the fourth of July because its America's birthday
On special occasions or holidays like Halloween, bomb fire night, etc
Anything that will burn. Pyro is Greek word meaning fire.
Fireworks set off on Chinese new year because it is a time to celebrate and have fun and it wears of evil spirit's
yes, as heat is released
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they fly because of all the nitrogen gas that is held in the back so when it goes up the nitrogen makes it go higher and faster and even easier to explode.... and it depends on how much nitrogen there is so it can go up to 50 ft high or higher....
The first fireworks were made by the Chinese.
The Chinese word for fireworks is "燄火." It's written the same way in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. In Hanyu Pinyin, it's pronounced "yan1huo3" and in Gwoyeu Romatzyh it's pronounced "ianhuoo."
Various salts are added to the mix: . Copper salts - blue . Strontium salts - red . Sodium salts - yellow . Barium salts - green . Calcium salts - orange . Cobalt salts - blue . Cryolite - yellow . Lithium salts - bright red
Chemical change. A good hint for this one is that there is fire involved, which usually means that the chemical itself is being changed. The constituent materials oxidize (burning quickly - explosion - is very rapid oxidization) and form new compounds i.e. the chemicals change.
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Fireworks were made sometime in the years 800s
Fireworks are used mainly in firework displays, called firework shows or pyrotechnics. They are mainly outside and high in the air.
No, as much of a sin as being an artist, you could paint great works of art depicting great beauty, or you could depict ones of great terror and evil. Metaphysical or paranormal abilities can be used for both good and bad.
firefighter? depends but county makes about $35-42
Early flash powder was made of thermite. And yes, it was extremley messy and if the pan holding the flash powder wasn't held carefully could easily cover everything
Copper gives off a bluish colour
In China fireworks were used to for fun and to celebrate weddings, battle victories, and religious ceremonies. Other then that, fireworks were invented and used to scare away evil spirits in the 12th century.
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I would say, for ground fireworks, the stuff in the fireworks all burns with different colors and is shot out in different directions. For fireworks shot up in the air, maybe you could say that it is shot up in the air like a rocket and then it explodes all differently colored things in all...
In the US it's 18 years old with a valid ID to prove your age.
fireworks are used for the 4th of July and big celbrations. They go BOOOOOOOOOOM!
Firework is an explosion to create a multiple of colors. the asian (arianna) DOES this for scaring away spirits
Tin containers stop fireworks from catching fire because tin does not ignite, hence stopping fire from getting into or out of the container.
"A Chinese monk named Li Tian, who lived near the city of Liu Yang in Hunan Province, is credited with the invention of firecrackers about 1,000 years ago." Source: http://www.fireworks.com/safety/fireworks-history.asp
fire works can hurt people children are 11 times likely to get injured by fireworks
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because fireworks are big and colourful
A common-sense view (not professional): Fireworks are set off to scare away evil spirits.
Earliest use of fireworks was by the Chinese 2,000 years ago. Gunpowder was invented during the Song dynasty (960-1279) andfireworks followed. The Chinese people celebrate the invention of the firecracker everyApril 18 by celebrating the inventor Li Tian.
Placews where there is not a lot of vegetation
I remember seeing fireworks displays when I was growing up in the 1940's and '50's; when I see them today, there's really not that much difference; I think today they may use more of the specialty types of things, as, say, having an American flag all lit up in fireworks, that type of thing, but...
The whistling sound is a pyrotechnic composition pressed into a tube. It is a mixture of KClO4 and NaC6H5CO2, both finely divided. These tubes are attached to the aerial shells or used as propulsion for ground spinner effects, etc. and when ignited will whistle loudly.
the brand of fireworks doesn't matter, the classification does. and no, they aren't
really? there is no firework machine. people make them.
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copper chloride makes the cyan colour in fireworks.
A black snake is an example of outdoor firework. Sodium bicarbonate is producing carbon dioxide gas, and sugar will form carbon containing ashes. They are the commonly used chemicals in this kind of firework. Also a ' nitrate d mixture of linseed oil ' and naphthalene 's are reported...
Sulfur, Charcoal, Potassium Nitrate. Main components of Black Powder or Gun Powder . Ideal for using as propellant in fireworks. It will have different burn speed depending on the level of components in the mixture. It can burn very slowly or it can burn extremely fast. Sulfur and Potassium...
Any explosion will generally happen symmetrically. When it's on the ground, the ground stops the "bottom" part and you only see the top part. An explosion with an extreme amount of heat, such as a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere will also be influenced by the "heat rises" factor.
Nearly every metal can be used in fireworks. But the most common of the metals include Copper (green), Magnesium (bright white), Lithium or Calcium (Red)... This list goes on and on depending on which manufacturer.
焰火 [yàn huǒ]
You can buy some good loud fireworks in Transylvania.
Factor fireworks, like factor trees, ladders and rainbows, is a wayto notate the process of finding the prime factorization of a givennumber. Example: 210 7,5,3,2 35,3,2 105,2 210 2 x 3 x 5 x 7 = 210
they are actually considered exothermic change because they release energy.
it can effect by the delicate ...fire that produce of fireworks
It means that you will have good fortune and you will have a happy and peaceful life together
The firework displays are featured during the weekends andPhilippine holidays. Enchanted Kingdom also holds the Asian SkyWizardry Fireworks Competition during the anniversary of the park.
No, Only because of the fact that fireworks are highly flammable and can explode.
To burn something requires oxidation (usually with O 2 in the case of combustion).. therefore 'burning' is a chemical reaction with oxygen (O 2 ).... Fuel + Oxygen (in air) --> carbon dioxide + water. (The above works in most cases, obviously sulfur [for e.g.] would give SO 2 and no water). H 3...