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Troy was a city state that was most known for the being the center of a major war and the scene of the Iliad, one of the most well known stories of the ancient Greeks.


Heinrich Sliemann in the mid late 19th century.
The Trojan War was really a looting expedition around western AsiaMinor by the Archean Greeks, with Troy the richest prize. The Greekships got them there, around the coast looting for ten years, andthen home with the slaves and loot.
Here is the pronunciation of the names of the characters in "Antigone" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.): Antigone, "ahn-TEE-guh, nee'; Creon, "KREE-on"; Eurydice, "yuh-RIH-dih-see"; Haemon, "HIGH-mun"; Ismene, "ee-SMEH-nee"; Teiresias, "teye-REE-see-us."
ANY free man in a Greek polis could participate in the Olympics if he was fit for event.
Begin the attack months beforehand. Begin by subverting minor officials, then move up the ladder to some key positions. Win over enough of the city guard (or equivalent) to make any defence minimally effective. Get your people inside so they can begin sabotage and espionage to help the strike.When...
Odysseus came up with the following plan:the Greeks were to build a huge hollow wooden horse, fill it with warriorsand leave it before the gates of Troy. Then they had to pretendto leave for home, but sail back in the night and be let in by the warriorsfrom the horse and finally destroy the city,...
Greek-Macedonian and the local culture - Egyptian, Syrian andothers.
Troy was rebuilt nine times. Historians can only provide a rough guestimate as to the dates based on stratagraphical evidence and writings like the illiad. This is from wikipedia Troy I 3000-2600 BC (Western Anatolian EB 1)Troy II 2600-2250 BC (Western Anatolian EB 2)Troy III 2250-2100 BC (Western...
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The site of a successful siege by Greek armies which were on a 10year looting expedition in western Asia Minor.
Because the Troyans had captured (or kidnapped) Hellen. The Greeks took it as an offence and went to war against the Troyans after nine years of trying to get Hellen (or at least that's what I've known so far...the facts may be wrong after all and be more in the line of myths).Greece went to war...
Yes. You can see the ruins in modern day Turkey.
Prince Alexander is Paris of the Trojan legend. He took Helenbecause they fell in love and Paris wanted to bring Helen back toTroy to live with her. He also took a large amount of stolen loot with him to seal thedeal, which irked the Greeks more than departure of the woman.
The two opinions of the Greeks were that the Trojans werea. They thought that the Trojans were hiding in the Trojan horseb. They thought the Trojans would drop from the sky to attack them
There were two Ajax. Ajax Oileades and Ajax the greater.
Answer  In the Illiad it is Apollo who guides Paris's arrow to Achilles heel.  From Atlantis01: His mother and the rest of the Gods, including Charon, the ferryman on the river styx  From Tejones: Achilles is not killed in the Iliad. His death takes place at the end of the Aethiopis. The...
The Greeks and it's allies.
A Trojan horse was built. It is a wooden horse which was supposedly a gift for Troy, but full of soldiers. At dark they came out and attacked and burned Troy.
If you mean the 2004 movie it was Boagrius played by Nathan Jones.
  It is 150 miles(241 km), between Sparta to Athens . :):):):):):):):):)
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To become the greatest of heroes, and so be remembered forever,living on in people's memories.
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The Greeks or Achians.
The kidnapping took place at night, so Menelaus was asleep.
The Greeks burned the city to the ground.
I believe you are talking about Helen, the wife of Menelaus, who was taken to Troy by Paris, who was the son of King Prium and Queen Hecuba.
role of sinon in helen of troy
The Trojans.
He had to be, though the principal weapon was the spear.
Zeus is the king of gods
Menelaus and Agamemnon were brothers. Menelaus was the king of Sparta, and Agamemnon was the commander of the Achaeans in the Trojan war. Menelaus was married to Helen, and Agamemnon was married to Clytemnestra.
It varies from a great warrior to a sulky brat when his girlfriendwas taken over by the king, to a child rapist and killer of aTrojan child at a water fountain.
Greek, Indian, Persian, and Egyptian
It is unknown exactly what Paris looked like, but I imagine that he wasn't bad-looking ;)
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According to Wikipedia Troy was located, and I quote, "in northwest Anatolia in what is now Turkey, southeast of the Dardanelles and beside Mount Ida."
The kidnapping of Helen of Sparta by Paris, Prince of Troy, gave all the Greek States an excuse to unite and go to war against Sparta.
 the straits between the Mediterranean and Black seas  
Troy was an ancient city. It was conquered by the Greeks as described by Homer in The Iliad. It was located in what is now Turkey, east of Greece across the Aegean Sea and overlooking the Hellespont/Dardanelles.
At the time of the Iliad, Helen is living in Troy, but she was reportedly born in Sparta, the daughter of Leda and, supposedly, Zeus.
The German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann excavated the area identified as Troy in the 1870s.
It was destroyed by the Greeks.
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Homer is reputed to have lived in the second half of the 8th Century BCE, and his name often has 'the blind poet of Chios' after it. Nothing is certain.
Menelaus and Agamemnon were called the Atridae because their father was named Atreus.
Yes, but nobody won - Aphrodite took away Paris before Menelaus could win.
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it was ten years long, from what I've read.
The Greeks coveted its wealth. They captured, looted and burnt it,selling the people into slavery.
troy was of course in the modern day aeagen coast of turkey, but it was a city state as were many of the cities in those days(both greece,sparta and thessilonia),god they were warriorers
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Today the country is called Turkey.
the rumor is is that aphrodite helped him..like any god and goddess help their mortal children.....
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It was not made in the Iliad. The wooden horse (now known as the Trojan horse) was made after the events of the Iliad, in order to fool the Trojans into letting Greek troops into their city, unbeknownst to the Trojans. These Greek soldiers would then open the gates to the city, letting in the...
Aphrodite appeared & cut Paris loose.
No one. Troy has not been proven to have existed.
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yes. he used helen to attack troy ...
Paris of Troy stole Helen, Menelaus' wife and the most beautiful woman ( next to Aphrodite).
Menelaus of Sparta was the Spartan King that was the true husband of Helen. Paris, a Trojan Prince, stole Helen from Menelaus and brought her back to Troy. Before this happened, you need to know some things. Helen was the most beautiful woman in the world. She had many suitors, and finally her...
Homer's identity was not clear up to the present time, because there were no accounts about his biographical information such as date of birth, or place where he lived. Though we met Homer through his works there were no assurance that he really wrote the two epic poem. We cannot even confirm about...
Yes and no. Yes there were lots of battle between Turks and Greeks in that particuller area but the story is just a glorification and fiction of some actuall events
The king of Troy was I'm pretty sure Priam.
According to myth they did. Aeneas and his group were supposed to be refugees from Troy. However in reality Rome was probably established by a group of local farmers banning together for mutual protection.
Yes, the majority of Troy (2004) was filmed in Malta. It was also filmed in London, England, Mexico, and Morocco.
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Yes. They capped their 10-year looting expedition in Asia Minorwith the richest prize of Troy, and took it all home, including'much-manned Helen' and the property she stole from her husbandMenelaos King of Sparta when she ran off with Paris. Odysseus took a bit longer to get home than the others,...