Disability Issues

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Ask questions here about types of disabilities whether mental or physical and the laws that protect the disabled.
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Explain about the problem of physically disabled and delinquents?
Freedom to choose their own place to live and freedom to care forthemselves
Giant Gonzales has passed on, so I don't think so.
When filing for SSD or SSDI, you should list all of your healthdisabilities and significant conditions and diseases.
In the Depression period you cite- the common terms for the three degrees of mental retardation were from mild to severe- Moron, Imbecile, and Idiot. the middle term seems to have faded into disuse- Moron and Idiot are still knock-down parts of common speech. It was held that inbreeding in somewhat...
You would have to check with the Social Security Administration forthe answer.
I recently applied for my daughter to get benefits because of hersevere autism. We contacted a lawyer and explained to him hersituation and he definitely wanted to take her case. That's usuallya good sign, but also if social security tries to deny you theywill do all the appealing and necessary...
yes, phenylketonuria progressively leads to mental retardation. Inphenylketonuria, there is lack of enzyme phenylalanine oxidasewhich generally oxidises phenylalanine to tyrosine. Hence,accumulation of phenylalanine occurs. This leads to a mousy smell awell as mental retardation.
Crazy at it sounds, as they lead ( or follow) very protected lives- they may have a long lifespan in captive or semi-captive institutions. Some show very little signs of aging. on the other hand , that is a horrible price to pay for youthful looks! They have nothing to worry about- are unable to...
I have Autism, which does classify as a disability, but mine ismild. If you saw me, you wouldn't think there was anything wrongwith me. I wouldn't be offended if someone asked straight-on, butthat's just me. Some people are offended very easily if you accusedthem of having a disability. You MUST ...
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mentally retarded person causes are epilepsy ,infection ,heredity,
I just agree with it .See because one is handicap it does not mean that he or she cannot be a success full one .If his bodies part are not working then it does not mean he cannot study or do job .If he have self confidence he can do anything .He can be an good example for people and also can be a...
I think the in book Tangerine by E dward Bloor Paul has a disability with his eyes and they call it an "IEP" in the book
No he was not, the President who was in a wheelchair was F.D. Roosevelt, he has polio.
You might be referring to Stephen Hawking.
The effects of disabilty are that it may or will change your lifestyle and attitudes. It becomes difficult in some ways after.
mentally retarded person symptom are behavioral, speaking,working,learning ,disability etc
McMahon isn't in a wheelchair. He made a parody of the Superbowl Shuffle and he was standing up. On the news hes able to stand.
While on a mission, Corporal Jake Sully suffered a spinal injury which paralyzed him from the waist down. Although the injury was operable and correctable, he lacked the funds for the procedure and was confined to a wheelchair.
According to the original definitions, from Lewis Terman (1916): . Over 140 - Genius or near genius . 120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence . 110 - 119 - Superior intelligence . 90 - 109 - Normal or average intelligence . 80 - 89 - Dullness . 70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency . Under 70 - Definite...
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As wide as a seat on any other kind of chair. They are generally 17" to 26" wide in the USA. They can be custom made in any width you want. The more costly models have titanium frames for less flex and a lot less weight.
Virginia does not have mandated short term disability. If you are looking for a policy with maternity benefits you would need to get the policy through your employer. Many employers allow their employees to pay for 100% of the premium through a payroll deduction. This is your best option.
Generally, at age 2. There is free speech therapy out there until the age of 3; then, free preschool can be offered if the parent requests an IEP through the public school system (to prove disability). I know this because my little grandson is getting this help. Good luck to all.
Nope, definitely not!
Having disability can affect participation in sports because you won't be able to move or do much compared to people who are not on disability. But now, there are sports for disability people too, such as wheelchair basketball. People have decided to create a safe, fun sport for the disabled so that...
The definition of disability is vastly expanded in the new amendments added to the original ADA. I have attached a link from Counterpoint, a legal journal, that summarizes the new changes and gives an overview of the implications to employers. The new law removes many of the legal barriers that...
Fewer ends, reduced playing time or two major differences. See the attached link for curling basics. Wheelchair rules are included. (Choose your language, then WCF, then rules on the bottom of the page. Wheelchair rules is section 13.)
love them as much as u can and help them along in life
As public buildings and services are increasingly adapted to support the needs of the disabled, the attitudes of and discrimination by others becomes an ever greater issue.
You can. There's a provision in the hazmat regulations that allows you to carry a small amount of hazardous material necessary for the operation of the truck without filling out a hazmat bill of lading for it. I wouldn't carry the cylinder in your sidebox, though; if it leaks the propane will go...
It may not be effective in every case, but try this hint sometime: Never discharge your ground transport until you are accomodated by the Sky Cap. A back-up at the check in area backs up the complete terminal. A single vehicle parked for an extended period costs the skycap, the airline and the...
This is similar to teaching a kindergartner or preschooler. Just take everything nice and slow and make sure you start easy using small and big fount words. Also make sure that the words are simple and easy to understand. If the parent starts to understand keep doing the same thing except try a...
Because the muscle begins to atrophy due to lack of use.
They both have 2 wheels and both are vehicles. Also both have a seat/cushion and both help to take you places.
Strange body language, lack of affection, etc. may be communicating frustration or just a general sign that something's wrong. Or, speaking in a particularly pleading tone may be implying neediness--constantly trying to spend time with someone, frequent phone calls, etc.
It was known as wheel chair netball when it first came out in 1944.
Autism is a spectrum disorder. A few people on the extreme end of the autism scale qualify for SSDI or other governmental programs. The great majority of children or adults with autism spectrum disorder do not receive any support.
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They are somewhat more prone to handicaps, such as visual impairment. I was born prematurely, and have worn specs since l964. I don't know if this would extend to mental handicaps also.
I don"t know about this its a delightful , humanized idea even if physically impossible.It sounds like maybe a hallmark production. There was a cartoon film-actually using 3-d animation if one recalls correctly, The Night The Animals Talked, this was written by GianCarlo Menotti (who also composed...
The movement of people, as from one social group, class, or level to another: "There's been . . . restructuring of industry and downward mobility for Americans as a whole"
I believe mental disability occurs because of genetic impairments in the brain causing somewhat a malfunction when born therefore leaving the specimen mentally disabled.
The old man in the wheelchair is Raoul, the other man in contest for Christine's love and the one she ultimately chose. The toy monkey belonged to the Phantom, Raoul never heard it play, however, it is implied from his words when he sees it that Christine told him about it.
I'm not deaf, but I work at a school in Mexico teaching sign language. Most of my students were born deaf, or lost their hearing at a very young age. The way we teach them here is by starting with simple concrete objects. You point at a tree, then show them the sign for tree. Or you point at the...
A wheelchair ramp is an inclined plane.
Have you previously been diagnosed by a Psychiatrist or is this self-diagnosing? If you've been previously diagnosed, you need to speak to the Mental Health offices of the Social Services program in your city or county. They will put you in touch with free or low-cost treatment options and help you...
A wheelchair is basically a chair specially designed for a disabledperson or a physically challenged person who have been paralyzed ora handicapped. It contains wheels that can be controlled by hand incase of manual wheelchair.It has two small-diameter wheels attachedto the front axle, and two large...
A wheelchair makes it possible for people with limited mobility to carry on an active life in and outside the home. The wheelchair can either be manual (the person pushes the wheels and steers) or electric, of which there are many possible maneuvering techniques ranging from finger power buttons to...
You need to earn a certain amount of credits. Usually once you have enough you should start to get a statement every year from Social Security telling you the exact amount of benefits that you would receive if you should become disabled. In this statement it says, "A young person who has worked and...
Initially, Lionel had broken his hip in an accident, which caused him to be filmed in a wheelchair, but he also had arthritis, which progressed rapidly and severely. The wheelchair was necessary for the remainder of his life.
Wheelchair curlers use the same rocks and play on the same ice as regular curlers, but they deliver the rocks, often by pushing them with a delivery stick, from a stationary position. The other major difference is that there is no sweeping, so once the stone has been thrown, there is no way to...
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Depends on if you can adapt your other hand/fingers to take up the work your forefinger did. I would probably say that you are not 100% physically disabled and there for not eligible for benefits.
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No! Umbrella's for wheelchairs have never been invented by any one people in wheelchairs use regular umbrella's.
The general term would be handicapped, or physically handicapped. Someone who has lost the use of their limbs is a paraplegic (legs, lower body) or quadriplegic (arms and legs). However there are many different types of afflictions that could land someone in a wheelchair, so this may not apply.
Yess. If they have very strong arms they can wheel on the track fast and past everyone.
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NJ short term disability is paid 50% by your employer. This makes the benefit taxable. So yes, you will get a 1099 statement and you will need to report this amount as income.
It all depends. If they got in trouble with the law, frequentlythey were sent to mental hospitals rather than Prisons, and thiswas considered more humane than tossing them in with hardenedcriminals. Very often retarded people were sterilized to preventthem from committing sexual crimes. This was...
For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click under the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly below this answer section. You can also find a wealth of information about this subject by going directly to the ADA website, found at the ADA link listed...
The Germans killed about 5000 mentally retarded because they didnot want to waste resources on them.
it has nothing to do with hormones.
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yes some people make hood's for wheelchair's. but there not literally connected to the chair. some use things like ponchos for wheelchairs,it also though doesn't cover there legs or hands. if you want to dicuss more about this to any one please post answers.
not that i know of, I've looked on lots of sites though. there are poncho's you can wear, but besides that there's nothing else
According to ADA Standards, 34" top of vanity and 27" to bottom of sink
Charles Krauthammer is a paraplegic. While attending medical schoolin the 1970's, Charles Krauthammer was paralyzed when he hit hishead at the bottom of a pool when diving off of the diving board.He has been confined to a wheelchair since then. He has limitedmovement in his arms and hands, but no...
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1:37.28 by David Weir of Britain. He set the record in 2011 at the IPC athletics world championships.