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Computer Printers

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Computer printers are devices used to create a hard-copy of a piece of visual information, be it a picture or a document. Questions about computer printers or printer technologies belong here.


you can connect any HP Printer from any Laptop by downloadingprinter driver and though the cable, if you face any problem thenyou should contact at:44-808-280-2972
Try turning it off and on again.
Attempt this technique and check whether it settle your concern. 1. Kill the printer and hold up ten seconds. Turn it on once more. 2. Give the printer a chance to print the test page. 3. After the test page is printed, separate the USB link that isassociating the printer to your PC. Try not to...
Iron-on transfers are special sheets of paper that can be used totransfer a printed image to fabric using a clothes iron. Note thatthis requires you to fold the paper to the hat's form, andpreferably to have a support for the hat's inner shape when doingthis.
You can buy special t-shirt transfer paper that you can use with a regular printer, print out the design on to the paper and then iron the design on to the tshirt
It depends on what specific printer you get, as they all tend tohave different proprietary cartridges, but toner printers aregenerally cheaper to buy and maintain.
Try EZ Ink or Printronic refilled cartridges from Amazon. Searchfor your cartridge, it's bound to be there.
The DB25 connector on the rear of a PC is used (if it has pins) to connect a printer or (if it has sockets) to connect a modem.
No, this is not a wireless printer. If you want, you can wire itinto your Ethernet network and then it might work as a wirelessprinter if the Ethernet connects to a WiFi router.
How do you change cartridges on Canon MP630 printer Hello Friends. You can follow these steps to change cartridges 1.Make sure your printer is powered on 2. Pull open the paper outputtray and lift the scanning unit fully. 3. Open the inner cover 4.Press the ink tab and remove it from slot 5. Insert...
Go to the Lexmark web site. You should be able to download the necessary drivers from there.
The first high speed printer was invented in 1938 and was invented by Chester Carlson. In 1455, Germany, Johannes Gutenberg printed the first book. It was a copy of the Bible, but the first ever made with movable type. in 1970- 1953
Unfortunatly no they dont. Actually that's not true. The Canon LBP5200 & 8180C printers use the CART301BK cartridge. But this in fact is the HP C9700A cartridge used in the HP LaserJet 2550 & LaserJet 2800. Also the Canon LBP 5000 & LBP 5100 uses the CART307BK cartridge, which is an HP Q6000A,...
On Windows 10, Cortana is available (lower left corner of thescreen; search bar). On Mac OS X, Dictation is available via the FNkey in the lower left corner of the keyboard (click it until a menupops up). Alternatively, you can use Dragon Dictation for bothtypes, but it costs money.
Yes... all of the libraries of printers. And almost all of them are colored!!!
People usually discover the light shortly after they are born.
That printer must have a wireless connectivity system built-in suchas bluetooth or wi-fi. To print the item you want. You just need to open the item in yourcell-phone. And then, in the options menu, select 'print' or 'printvia '. You need to do all this keeping the printer onand then following the...
Connect the printer to a network computer that is connected via awireless router. If that doesn't work, use the built in WiFiconnection and tell the computer to look for it and add it is aseparate printer, then set it as the default printer.
The chip resetter resets the ink cartridge chip to a full condition. The printer reads this information and begins the timer for each individual cartridge during installation. The printer will also set the chip on the cartridge to used which makes it impossible to just refill it and use it again....
well you are suppose to click on the camera when the left button is blinking it means that it's waiting to take the picture so press it in then you have the picture, but if it doesn't blink then I don't know what to do, because mine isn't blinking.
\n. Huax is a manufacturer of Videojet and Domino printer parts and filters,Videojet filter,Domino filter,Imaje filter,Willett filter and Linx filter. http://www.huax-printing.com
No, thermal and line printers are two different things. "Line" printers are referring to a form of "Dot-Matrix" printers. "Thermal" printers burn a special paper to form characters and symbols.
the character-at-a-time printers are too slow; therefore, theseusers need line-at-a-time printers. Line printers, orline-at-a-time printers, use special mechanism that can print awhole line at once; they can typically print the range of 1,200 to6,000 lines per minute.
input and output ports,display port,USB port.
Both hp and epson are good for wireless printer.
You should be able to use any printer as far as you can have appropriate drivers.
Most of the printers offered in the USA have a voltage of 110V ACinput and 8V AC output, whereas the printers offered in the Europehave input voltage of 220V AC and output voltage of 8V AC.
What is the function of Registers in microcomputer system? Another Answer The function of registers is the same in all computers. They are the fundamental binary interface between the internal and external structure of the CPU. All binary transactions between the CPU and its peripherals pass...
A Printer, Usally a Older style Most new Printers connect via USB, and network printers are RJ45(Ethernet)
Some new feature or update does not apply to your system, we have to roll back to old driver or old version.
An extruder (Nozzle) spits out small layers on top of each other.The plastic comes in spools and looks like thick strands ofplastic. You could imagine an inkjet printer putting ink on a paperbut instead of ink it's layers of plastic.
Yes it is, unless it has a scanner integrated that feeds into the computer software and it then becomes an i/o device (Input and output device)
Yes, it can be affected by the printer that you are using.
To print Configuration page on the HP LaserJet 1022, 1. Turn the printer on. 2. Press and hold the Go button down for 5 seconds. Your Self Test / Configuration should print out
You can use any printer as long as your Printer's hardware and software supports any version of the Windows Operating systems. Make sure you check the OS compatibility of the printer before you buy one.
MS Excel does not have the ability to selectively print odd or even pages. You need to use the function on your printer for that option. When you print from Excel, instead of just clicking the print button, select print and click on the printer PROPERTIES button. If your printer has the ability to...
find out who made the printer and when you've got that go to there web site and find a tab or button the says something like download or drivers or support if you find support they should have a driver button in there. and find the model you have and see if they have vista drivers for it. if not...
More than likely yes. if the printer is setup dhcp (dynamically) it will obtain a new ip from the router. if the printer has been set with a static ip (permanent) the ip will not change. Just depends on your current configuration.
Use a cross over cable to connect computer to each other, and assign manual IPs. After that share you printers within of your network of two.
Yes, but check to be sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements--having enough RAM and able to run the software to install the printer driver. If your computer is new, it should be fine.
'Brother' is a brand of IT equipment, including printers. And youcan find some Brother printers in this online store: wercan.com
Answer . The maximum cable distance of Ethernet over UTP (100BaseTX) is 100 Meters
You can use an 8 gram CO2 cartridge, common in soda making apparatus... fits into the kidde cyokit perfectly... The original co2 was .03oz = 8.50485 g Hope this helps
Try restarting the printer. If it's a network printer, try disconnecting it from the network temporarily.
Instead of clicking on the print icon, go up to file, print preview. From there you can change how big the image or text is so that it prints larger font. If that does not work, you can highlight the text, copy and paste it into notepad or word and there you can change the font and the size thereof...
Im would really like to know this as I have a 3G 64gb ipad on its way. I think that the only way would be to use the usb camera connection adaptor, however I have watch utube videos and it only seems to support input devices such as microphones etc. and a printer is an output device so I'm not sure...
Output to a printer is obtained on a paper. It persists and can be called real. Output to a monitor is obtained on a screen. Its virtual.
Yes, you can. There are multiple ways to that. First one is to connect the printer to one of computers and connect both computer to the same network or just to each other. Second one is available if your printer supports LAN. For this case you need a router or switch. Third one is to use print...
If you have a USB 2.0 the tranfers rate will be about 480Mbps, where as USB 1.1 is only around 12Mbps. If speed isn't the issue there is no problem as all USB standards are backward compatible and still operate even if it is at 12Mbps. Anything that says Hi Speed USB will be a 2.0.
A 50 service error indicates a problem with the fuser assembly, this is the part of the printer that fuses (melts) the toner into the media. It consists of a heated roller and a pressure roller along with drive gears and sensors. It is subjet to mechanical wear and thermal degradation. 50 Service...
The cartridges basically. Or any part of the printer that can be used up and replaced.
Depends on the size of the slide. Normally one slid for one page. But if the slide size is shorter two on one page is also appropriate.
The HP 5610 printer is compatible in Windows Vista 32-bit and64-bit, but keep in mind that Windows Vista is buggy, so it couldcrash.
This is a good idea so any one connected to the network can print out. handy if you are on a laptop upstairs and the printer is downstairs, just print it through your wireless network
Computer printers do indeed have replaceable memory. Thesecomputers are relatively new in age and have many wonderful memoryfeatures.
The vast majority of printers are compatible with Windows 7, if there is a problem with your printer installs the driver for that printer , if you have other installed and still have compatibility problems only get in the manufacturer's website and see if a driver most current download and install...
i dont know im not a technology desinger................. ask someone else........................ like ur plumber........ Oh yere a plumers realy goind to help.... Wow don't know who provided that answer but my only comment is "YOU FAIL!" anyway if you would like to know how to make a laser pointer...
They usually have four, one black and one of each colour (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow).
take the sensor behind the contacts but u have to peel off first the add 1.5v to pin 1 and 3 put it back together and no more ink problem will reset everytime you unplug printer:))
If you only want to print the current screen you see on your monitor, press the Prt Scr button, open MS Word, and paste the image to word. Play around with the page orientation and margins in your Word document to configure it to accomodate the image (recommend Landscape orientation with .5" margins...
By specifying a URL for the printer in a web browser By specifying the path to the printer in the Active Directory
I would love to answer your. . . sentence but it isn't a question. :) Sorry for your inconvenience.
There are many places to buy ink cartridges, you just need to shop around. Personally I've bought original cartridges from Argos, bought re-fills from cartridge World and bought compatibles from Toner Town.
No, but the rain might hurt the rhubarb.
just turn off your printer and restart your computer or laptop
No. It has a wired Ethernet port, but no wireless
Before giving the print command you need to select the two sided print option. You can select it from this way > file >print>options >page> then ,depending on your individual printer, select the option that matches your need> then OK.
The TO691 cartridges can't be refilled. The chips on Epson cartridges require resetting, but the one on the TO691 isn't resettable, it destroys itself when it decides the ink has run out.
Advantages are really fast speed combined with good image quality. The IBM 1403 chain printer was so fast that its *output stacking bin* had to be 'motor-driven.' An "advantage" (although not in the printing OR data-center-optimization sense!) was the remarkable character of the noise these...
You can find ink jet printers at Target, BestBuy, and Walmart. You can also check online at Amazon or Dell's websites.
Laser Printers are faster and produce a higher quality than Ink JetPrinters. They cost a little bit more though. Ink Jet Printers areslower and the results are good but the ink might smudge when theink is still wet and you touch it. ~Laser printer is very scalablethan inkjet
DOS apps typically used their own print drivers, so unless you're printing just plain text, without any formatting/font/size/color info, then you may run into some funky results, unless you can configure your model of printer within your DOS app.. Also, most printers these days use either the USB...
IEEE1284 The IEEE1284 specifies a cable that meets the minimum requirements for high-speed transmission through parallel ports.
Answer . \nMetals for the wires, sillicon and phosphorus for the semi-conductors in the transistors that are in the chips, and plastic for the casing.\n. \n-DJ Craig
On Model 540 I just removed waste toner box and dumped it out and replaced it/ Works fine. BTW the waste cartridge is under the color cartridges -- you have to open color cartridge door, then the front door then the door below color cartridges. NOTE: empty the cartridge outside and be carefull...
CMYK glossy color-separation paper is a term used to describe thecolorful, shiny feel of Time
Both types of ink work inkjet printers.
The serial port and the parallel port were older than the USB, (and others). What I think will help you best is the link below.
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No. A line printer uses characters. A laser printer uses pixels. More information A laser printer uses a revolving charged glass cylinder. The laser can discharge the glass at points where no ink is wanted, causing the no toner to stick onto the surface of the cylinder at those points. ...
You can buy it in Wal Mart from $2.00-$418.00. It all depends on what type of printer you have/buy and where you buy the ink. Black ink is cheaper than colored ink, but these days there a lot of people complaining about the price of ink these days. You can also save on ink, (and paper), by...
Check the wires/cables. Are they plugged completely/correctly into the back of the printer/computer and wall? Check for the program. Has the setup been installed correctly into the computer? To check this, click on your 'Start button'; now find 'Control Panel' and click that. This will bring up a...
Follow this procedure to set the current date and time. 1. Open all three one-touch speed dialing panels. 2. Press [Data Registration] 3. Press [up arrow] or [down arrow] until appears, then press [Set] 4. Press [up arrow] or [down arrow] until appears, then press [Set] 5. Register the current...
Most carbonless paper will not work with laser printers since lasers burn the image onto the paper instead of pressure. They usually only work with paper that is similar to the carbonless paper.
There is no difference. They are one and the same. You will see them sold under one name or the other, or both names together. They print, scan, fax, and copy.
You can say that the Dell 922 is based on the Lexmark X5270 since it uses the same engine and case and drivers.