This prairie province of Canada is vast in its various types of topography and ethnicity. It is a growing area due to the economic boom with oil and gas, as well as with tourism and agriculture industries which play a significant role in the province's economic well-being. Any subject matter to do with this prairie province they call "Wild Rose Country" can be discussed here, from the people and the places to travel and industry, and everything in between.


7.36649737 × 10 9 square feet.
No...... he only playes for the Pittsburgh penguins and is the youngest captin to ever win a Stanley cup
The driving distance is about 2,860 km (1,776 miles) - roughly 31 hours of driving time.
The abbreviation for Canada is CAN. The abbreviation for Canadian is CDN.
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A flight from Dallas to Jamaica is about 4 hours.
The flight from Calgary to Dublin is 9 hours long.
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From Canada (Which I am also) costs roughly $3000 ONE way. So you're looking at $6000 there and back. How do I know? I asked my exchange student friend how much it costs to fly here. He's from Tokyo. Hope this helped xD
You take the number 2 highway south, it is about 20-30 minute drive and it runs straight into Calgary, you can't miss it. Cheers
Yes, they fall under City of Edmonton By-Law Officers, as well there are also Animal Protection Officers who are employed by the Edmonton Humane Society.
West Edmonton mall is a land mark because it is the biggest mall in Edmonton and in the center of the citi almost EDIT: West Edmonton Mall, or West Ed, is actually NOT close to the city center. As the name suggests, it is in West Edmonton. Here's the real facts: It's the largest shopping mall...
It is 525 kilometers according to Google Maps.
It is a 2,819.7 km driving distance.
$25.00 per receptical is what I charge if the wall is open
West Edmonton Mall is 5.3 million square feet in area, which is equivalent to 48 city blocks.
16 and 17 Years Old Any day, any time of day, and for any number of hours. There are no restrictions on the work hours of youth age 16 or older. 14 and 15 Years Old Outside school hours, you can legally work: After 7 a.m. and until 7 p.m. Except from June 1 through Labor Day, when you can...
It is 579 kiometers according to Google Maps.
It has parking for 20,000 vehicles.
Alberta, Canada - 255,541 square miles.
The mall originally cost 1.2 billion dollars.
Alberta has oil and gas to help the world and we have Forestry for camping, beuaty, and for some houses...
There are lots of jackrabbits, and some cyotes, and every now and then an elk comes along too.
Boreal forest or Rocky mountains or foothills.i dont know.probably boreal forest.
Fortis et liber ( Strong and free) .
The 'Great One's" first year with the Edmonton Oilers was the 1979-1980 season.
The Milk River runs through the very southern part of Alberta. This is the only river in Alberta that doesn't run north to the Arctic Ocean or to Hudson's Bay, and is the only river in Alberta that does not originate from Alberta, but instead from the mountains of Montana. It flows up through...
If you travel by car it would take you approximately 32 hours , so that's 1 day and 8 hours .
I believe it was because of the close proximity to the river for purposes such as trading, transportation, etc.
It is 1,632 miles according to Google Maps.
YC Alberta is currently held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
MapQuest estimates the driving time as 44 hours and 55 minutes.
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Yes! Certain grocery stores will let 13-year-olds work as baggers. You can also get a job delivering newspapers.
The driving distance between Las Vegas, NV and Edmonton, AB, Canada is approximately 1465 miles. The driving time would be approximately 24 hours if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such...
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It is 604 miles according to Google Maps.
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There were five different Fort Edmonton's created in Alberta with the first one established in 1795 and the final one which became Edmonton in 1830.
Edmonton is home to two major league sports teams: Edmonton Eskimos (Canadian Football League); Edmonton Oilers (National Hockey League). Other well-known Edmonton sports teams include the Edmonton Rush (National Lacrosse League), Edmonton Capitals (Golden Baseball League), Edmonton Energy ...
It is 2,782 kilometers according to Google Maps.
As of March 10th 2011 it is about 15 degrees east.
It is 1,562 miles according to Google Maps.
Google Maps estimates the driviing time as 16 hours and 6 minutes.
I think they made the influenced the British parliament. right?
Following Highway 88 north of Slave Lake past Fort Vermillion, and going west on Highway 8 to High Level, it's 488 km. If you, instead, went on Highway 2 west of Slave Lake to 2A to the corner of Highway 49 (which turns to Highway 2 past the Falher/Donnelly corner north to and past Peace River,...
Most West Canadiens were against the confederation for many reasons. A plan to build a railway over canada and their taxes being sent to Canada East
To work at the mall you really have to be 16. It all depends on what store you want to work at and who they are willing to hire. If you are not sure call the store and ask! Some stores are willing to hire at 15 some not until 18. . 18 or older (but u can start on age 18)
The Oilers lost to the Philadelphia Flyers in the finals.
It probalby would take you about 19 hours to drive the 1190 miles. Flight time should be about three hours (random check showed 2 hr, 52 min flight time).
Yes it is in the province of Alberta, Canada.
Britain does not have a team. The constituent countries send separate teams.
Saskatchewan, Canada's most underrated Provence
Yes it is. Calgary is one of two of the most major cities in Alberta: one is Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, and the second is Calgary, which is situated directly south of Edmonton at a distance of over 400 km from the capital.
No. Check out the University of Calgary's Veterinary program to get an idea of what's expected in Alberta.
1232 km to The Yellowstone Park boundary at the town of West Yellowstone, This is the easiest and most convenient entry to access