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International High Courts

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The High Court or Supreme Court is the highest court of most nations. This category is for questions about the highest courts of countries outside the United States, as well as questions of relevant case law, court opinions, and historical issues related to those venues.
In all states the highest court is called the Supreme Court.
Abdur Rashid. Service period 27 June 1949 to 29 June 1954. He wasfrom Lahore high court bar. And was appointed under Govt. of IndiaAct 35
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A chart can be found in the related links.
The European Court of Justice has four main functions.  1. National courts can request an interpretation of how EU law  should be applied in a certain country - this is called a  preliminary hearing   2. The Commission or another member state can report that a member  state is not fulfilling...
I literally got this off of the front page of Google : The marriage is legal in the United States as long as itis legally performed in Jamaica . ... The Marriage Register is NOT a legal document. Its morelike a receipt to say you got married . You must obtain a certified copy of your ...
Supreme court is highest judiciary organ of a country. The supremecourt deals with laws. It looks at if the immediate lower courtLike HIGH COURT has a violation on their verdict. Supreme courtusually looks on documentation, papers, and the evidences produced.Supreme court usually don't go for...
Its a long list. They are 32 from creation of Pakistan till today,Can;t copy and paste. Writing you names of some of them. 1st Att.Gen was Muhammad Nasim, served: 12,09,47 to 06.02,50 for 817 days.Currently in office is Ashtar Yosuf Ali, serving from: 29.03.16.For a complete list go to wikipedia and...
Muhammad Munir was the second Chief Justice of Pakistan, from June 29, 1954 to May 2, 1960. He presided over the Court during the end of the first Democratic period, which ran from 1947-1958, and the beginning of the subsequent period of military rule, which ran from 1958-1971. Munir is also known...
It varies from country to country,but almost similer in all democratic set-ups.In India,it works as Appellate court as well as extrs-ordinary jurisdiction to watch for the fundamental rights of citizens by way of writs and has advisory work where it advices the President on questions referred to the...
The role of the Supreme Court of Canada is to make judicial decisions of national importance. They are to hear the final appeals of cases and make decisions that change the laws of the entire country. They are in place to balance the power of the legislative and executive branches of government.
The New Mexico Supreme Court is thehighest court in New Mexico. The highest appellate court in NewMexico is the New Mexico Court of Appeals.
Chief Justice Of India must not be a member of Parliament due to following reasons;- 1.The doctrine of indepedent Judiciary system will not exist.It will be against the spirit of our Present Indan Constitution. 2.In such cases every judgment will be inflated by the Politicians. 3.The faith of...
This includes groups/movement/association/organisations related toCivil rights, Abolitionist, Gender issues, Feminism, Discriminationby race, ethnos and others.
Fifteen judges sit in the international court of justice.
You MUST ask an attorney in the state where the adoption took place.There are too many variables...how old was mother?how long ago did this take place?where did this take place?Don't bother writing back with the answers. I'm not an attorney and even an attorney on this site would need to ask you...
Konakuppakatil Gopinathan Balakrishnan (K.G. BalaKrishanan)
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Physically you have to be at his office. After visiting as a guest,you can write about your experience or your remarks. I have no ideaof online version. Its quite impossible to have that. The aim is tovisit and write remarks.
The current President of the International Court of Justice is Hisashi Owada from Japan.
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Balakrishanan, Konakuppakatil Gopinathan, B.Sc., LL.MChief Justice of India Born on 12-05-1945. Enrolled as an Advocate of the Kerala Bar Council on 16-03-1968. Practised on both on Civil and Criminal sides at Erinakulam. Appointed as a Munsif in the Kerala Judicial Service on 10-01-1973 and later...
impeachment of judges can only be done on grounds of 'proven misbehavior' and 'incapacity'. if a judge of SC is to be impeached, recommendation must be made by the chief justice of India to the President. if it is accepted then a proposal for impeachment must be introduced by atleast 100 MPs in Lok...
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As of 5 August 2010, the current Chief Justice of Canada is the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin .
Parliament is a law making organ. They vote for new laws. Judiciaryis a different organisation. Their power is different. They justsafeguard the laws (by constitution). They are the judges. Supremecourt is the only arbritation authority in some occasions. Forexample: mistakes by parliament or by the...
The legislation that those two bodies deal with is difference. THe  ECHR deals with the convention on Human Rights and the ECJ deals  with EU legislation
No! The Philippine must have to send troops and order the state of Sabah anytime as it is under the Philippine Territory. Sabah is longing to have the Philippine Government for how many years and it must be satisfied in an easy way. Malaysia must have to back-off for Sabah is not under their...
Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan, who retires next month, has recommended the name of senior most judge of the Supreme Court Justice SH Kapadia as his successor, setting in motion the process of change of guard in the apex court. Sources in the law ministry said Justice Balakrishnan, due to...
Hon'ble Mr. Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, as on 04-05-2010
High Court is set in a State with the act of the Parliament.
M.S. Brahm Bhatt, issued the warrants without even examining the  complainant.
Indian Council Act 1861
Please surf Government of Pakistan. Find ministries. Go to ministryof Justice. Find supreme court. And check for your answer.
there is no own high court for union terrytery in India
Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.H. Kapadia, Chief Justice of India
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Yes - assuming it is within that courts jurisdiction to deal with that law. They are more likely however to declare specific sections invalid, as usually the case before them will not deal with the whole act. (Remember - judges are there to settle the dispute in front of them, if their case neednt...
where the should be? In Hague-in the International Court of justiceor to their own countries. Pls. ask the question properly. Yourquestion is not clear. So none replied.
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The Supreme Court in Canada, which is located in Ottawa, Ontario.
Cheif justice and ten more judges
No minimum age group prescribed by the constitution. 1 He should be a citizen of India. 2 He should be a judge of high court for 5- years or advocate of high court for 10 years etc...
One of the least effective things in world history in supportingworld peace was the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928. Signed by Germany,the United States, and France, it did virtually nothing for theadvent of world peace.
According to Article 184(1) of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 the Supreme Court of Pakistan, has, to the exclusion of every other court, original jurisdiction in any dispute between any two or more Governments. This Article explains that "Government" means the Federal...
Barin Ghosh current chief justice of uttarakhand
by whom he is selected especially president
How many jurors are empaneled is determined by each jurisdiction, there is no 'national' answer and I cant give you a specific without knowing which Supreme Court you are referring to.
The first purpose and function of the court is to prosecute war criminals, and others guilty of "enumerated" crimes
Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.H. Kapadia Chief Justice of India Appointed as the Chief Justice of India in the forenoon of 12.05.2010 . KG. Balakrishnan has retired , the current CJI is Justice S. H. Kapadia The present CJI is Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar and is the 44th CJI since January 1950...
what happens if you break a legal contract
You can appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada from a lower court, but you cannot appeal a decision made by the Supreme Court
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations. Its role is to adjudicate disputes submitted to it by States in accordance with international law and to give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by authorized United Nations organs and...
  Thjre are 25 Court Rooms in the Supreme Court of India.
to make sure the world is safe will not come to an end and that we all get along
The Supreme Court of India is located on Tilak Marg, New Delhi
really i think court stuctures in india are supreme ,high,distric court and lok adalath
It meets in Luxembourg and is made up of one judge from each country serving an initial term of six years with additional terms of three years.
not only to make sure the laws created are fair and just, but also to guarantee that member nations fulfill their European Union obligations.
In theory, as the Supreme Court of Canada is an instrument of Parliament, the highest Canadian court would be the High Court of Parliament (as suggested by the Honourable Senator Anne C. Cools). In practical terms, Canada's highest court is the Supreme Court of Canada, ever since Canada stopped...
Hon(Justice) Iche Ndu.KSC, OFR .
Constitutionally, maybe he is not answerable but being a top judge of the country Chief Justice can summon PM in court.
FUNCTIONS OF THE SUPREME COURT (INDIA)1. A Judge of the Supreme Court cannot be removed from office except by an order of the President passed after an address in each House of Parliament supported by a majority of the total membership of that House and by a majority of not less than two...
No, it is not the same. The Court of Justice of the EuropeanCommunities (Union) consists of two major courts and somespecialized courts. The European Court of Justice is one of the twomajor courts that belong to the Court of Justice of the EuropeanCommunities (Union).
Currently 7 The Australian Constitution (section 71) provides that there must be at least 3 justices but allows provisions for more justices, the amount sitting has varied over the years but the current amount of 7 appears to be static.