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A visa can be a document or an endorsement made in the passport of an individual, which authorizes him/her to enter the country for which it was issued. In some countries, an exit visa is also required before leaving the country.
Yes, you do need a Visa when traveling from America to Thailand.
Which country can a Nigerria get Visa So Esay?
Romania is part of the European Union, so Romanian travelersgenerally do not require a visa for traveling to other membernations. Outside of the European Union, visa requirements varyaccording to the country being visited.
A Permanent Resident of the United States can travel freelyoutside of the US. A passport from the country of citizenship isnormally all that is needed. NOT TRUE (S)HE MAY NEED A VISA. To reenter the US a Permanent Resident normally needs to presentthe green card (Permanent Resident Card, Form I...
No. You need a passport if you just plan on going on a short 90-day vacation. However, to remain their longer, you need a visa.
How can i get a multiple visa in us
u.k transit visa on arrival
No, not for a visit. You can stay for 3 months without a visa (can be extended to 6 months). The usual restrictions apply. You cannot work for pay and you musn't have a criminal conviction that resulted in jail time.
Yes everybody without an Australian passport needs a visa to enter Australia.. Obviously your ability to get a visa depends on your specific circumstances and background, however if you are an American who wishes to travel for holiday purposes they are generally easy to obtain; people from certain...
no country is free for senegalese remain in your country
south African citizen can enter to papua new guinea,new zealand without a visa ?
If I am a resident of the US. Do I need a visa to go to Canada?
Yes you do. Puerto Rico is a "Estado Libre Asociado" from the United States of America. A visa will be required in the same fashion you would need one to go to Miami.
I am holding Australian passport and want to visit Mozambique asa visitor for one week, how do i apply for a visa? please help
NSK isn't a real country. It's an art group that issues "passports" as a joke. You can't cross borders, get visas or live in Europe with an NSK passport.
iF YOU have the italian assylum papers for 5 years so you dont need visa to visit ierland but if you have the 3 years permesso di soggiorno or 1 year then you need a visa infact i have also the same documents lol
This procedure is based on the location of the intending immigrant. This is a very broad overview of this procedure. Applying from the United States: The US relative will file an I-130 Petition for their alien relative who is in the United States. Best practice is to complete the rest of the Green...
NO all you need to take with you is your Mexican passport! Do Not take an expired passport it has to be valid!!
do i need a visa to transit in london
Answer . Hello,. What I would do is Call up the nearest US Embassy, have a talk to them.. Don't be afraid to do this, because its the only way you will find out for sure where you stand. You don't want to spend heaps of money getting there, to find out you are then ordered back out of the country...
You really need to ask the Barbados High Commission for a definitive answer to this question.
If you are a British passport holder you will get an A level 30 day visa stamped in your passport automatically on arrival in Thailand You can extend that visa for another 7 days at any immigration office or an extra 5 days to a border.. If you want to stay 30 day more you must exit Thailand and...
how many countries can one enter with lesotho passport without visa
which countries are aisa free for brazillan passport holders?
If you have served your sentence and have no travel restrictions on you, there is no prohibition against your applying for a US passport . However the hitch may be that the country you wish to visit may not allow you to enter because of your criminal background. You will have to call the Hungarian...
Yes. but you must complete the 12 years of academic study before going to F-1.
anyone who is NOT a citizen of China needs a visa.
Yes you must have a Valid visa to go to Brazil. Depending on where you live,is which consulate you will have to apply at. Each Brazilian consulate process Brazil visas by jurisdiction. If you live too far or can not find time to apply for a Brazilian visa, you may also use a Brazil Visa Service....
You need a driver's license to drive, and insurance on the vehicle you're driving.
No. Visas are not required by U.S. citizens for stays of up to 90 days.
Depends what country you hold a passport for, there are a number of countries that are eligible for "visa on arrival" - USA, UK, Canada, Australia (there are another 10 odd countries on this list). The best thing is to check the visa requirements on the Department of Immigration website, or on the...
Any traveler to Russia will require a Russian Visa issued by the Russian Government. Temporary pass-through Visa can be acquired up to 30 days in advance of travel.
A person has to apply for a visa before coming to a country within the EU to be able to stay in that country for a given time, usually for three months or shorter. The problem is that you can't apply for a visa if your aim is to seek asylum in that country. Though, from 2009 Serbians can now go to a...
its natural u ned visa to travel from one country to another
Nigerians do not require a visa to Haiti, and Haitians do not require a visa to Nigeria. The Haitian authorities however stipulate that a RETURN TICKET must be shown before entry, and the duration of stay should NOT exceed 90 days from the time of entry into Haiti.
Apply for Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SVEP) to US  University you have chosen for studying.   Chose the university based on the course and ranking of your exam.  Apply for the university you have finalized, it is better to keep  two or three colleges as option. Once the university...
Yes, Botswana is visa-free to Canada. Canada is also Visa-Free in Botswana.
yas i like to be one mont visa
All the countries in the world needs visa to travel! But there are exceptions for some countries like ASEAN Countries (Association of South East Asian Nations) like Singapore, Malaysia,Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Brunei, Timor Islands any citizen from these countries can travel to...
Philippines citizens need visas to enter China and Qatar.
There is a distinct difference between a British Citizen and a British Subject. A British Citizen has free access to all parts of the UK. A British Subject may not. If you are a British Subject, you should check with the British Embassy in your country of residence. Incidentally, a British Citizen...
Ofcourse you need.If you want to go some special place,such asTibet,a Tibet permission is also needed.
Yes (obviously). Indian citizens CANNOT obtain a visa on arrival (unlike citizens of the US/Canada and certain other countries) and must apply for a visa beforehand. There are various types of visas, with various regulations, but the easiest to obtain is a tourist visa.
New Zealanders automatically are issued permanent residency visas on entrance to Australia. Friendly foreign countries such as the UK and the USA need to apply for a visa beforehand. It's harder to obtain a working visa unless you're classed as a skilled migrant.
Egypt, Tunisia , Algeria,Syria, Turkey, Kosovo, ...
The list of visa free countries for Botswana Passport holders isquite long. Some of these countries include Fiji, Malawi, Kenya,South Africa, Namibia, Bolivia, Bahamas, Philippines, Malaysia,Canada, Dominica, Ireland, Bangladesh and Hong Kong among others.
The Green Card has nothing to do with any country outside America. Entry to France depends entirely on the origin of your passport.
yes but it has to be an American visa.
does Indian passport need visa to travel to Thailand
Yes, ALL foreigners need a valid work visa to work in the US.
If you are a citizen of a country whose citizen do not need a visa to visit Japan, then you are fine; Green card does not waive visa requirement for Japan.
No. A US citizen can be a tourist in Germany VISA-free for 90 days.
Schengen visas are obtained from the embassy of the country you are first going to visit in the Schengen area.
Yes definitely but it depend on polices of concerning countries.
It's a job , so, yes.
list of countries which benin passport enter free visa?
No, just a passport valid 6 months after leaving Cuba is enough. A Visa can be bought on arrival.
You will know if your Schengen visa is denied at the time of your  interview. Details of your application are reported to member  countries, as they also have a right to refuse a visa. Processing  time can range from a few working days to weeks.
Does an italian citizens need a visit visa to dubai or can get it on the place upon arrival
1) A green card does not mean anything outside the USA. It is your nationality (citizenship) that determines if you need a visa. 2) The UK is not part of the Schengen Area. A Schengen visa is never valid for the UK. You need to ask the UK embassy in the USA (or look on their website) to find out...
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The following are the countries which permit an Indian passport-holder to enter without a visa or by obtaining a visa upon arrival. ALBANIA Visa required, which can be obtained on arrival if holding confirmation from Albanian Ministry of Interior stating that visa will be available on arrival....
Yes, Both Switzerland and Germany are members of the Schengen Area. A tourist visa for one Schengen country is valid for all Schengen countries.
visa for two or more persons
At least Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil and Venezuela.
if its an independent republic then yes
A visa is not necessary; only a valid passport is needed.
It is best to assume you need a visa to visit any country of which you are nota citizen, but US citizens do not need a visa to visit Canada, the EU and some Caribbean countries, among others. When visiting purely as a tourist, the list is longer; when visiting for work, the list can be shorter.
No you do you not because Washington is in the United States and so is Hawaii. If you were going from Washington to Asia then you would need a visa. Therefore, you only need a visa if you are departing from one country and arriving in another.
yes mozambican pasport need a visa for brazil
Answer . \nIt's a little difficult to interpret the question as pertaining to a credit card, or ? Be that as it may, the answer is a very emphatic NO! Credit card issuers are only interested in whether the person is a good financial risk. The person's family/social status is not a factor. Also one...