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This category includes the questions and answers about the similar characteristics of two things. For example, What are the similarities between the Ancient Roman and Greek empires?
Both focus on gaining land and resources for a country. Manifestdestiny is exploring and claiming new lands, while imperialism iscontrolling multiple pre-existing countries.
Differences:   Habitat (grizzly bears live in North America, cheetahs live in  Africa or Southwest Asia)   Fur color (grizzly bears have brown fur, cheetahs have spots)   Hibernation (grizzly bears hibernate, cheetahs do not hibernate)   Diet: (grizzly bears eat plants and meat,...
The difference is that serial transmissions only use 2 wires for transmitting and receiving data, and only 1 for sending or receiving, and can only send one bit at a time.   Parallel cables use several wires for data transmission and is much faster than serial thus 8 or more wires are carrying...
Very few to almost none. Also it really depends the time period,  because Athens was not always a democracy and has passed many  political phases such as tyranny, oligarchy, aristocracy etc.  Sparta was an Oligarchic State; officially a Diarchical Monarchy  (Kingdom) with two royal families...
An object with balanced forces acting on it is still. An object  with unbalanced forces acting on them moves at an non constant  velocity. It is possible for an object to have balanced forces  acting on it and yet move in a vacuum.
They are both computers that have the same functional parts for the  most part except that one is created with mobility in mind and the  other sacrifices its mobility for performance and affordability.
Both religions have a very broad spectrum of variety in beliefs,  so it is hard to narrow similarities because most teachings are not  all-encompassing to both faiths. The dharma for Hindu's is the  natural or eternal law of things, which includes doing the right  things basically. For many...
There are only 2 things similar between dragonflies and a mosquito.  They are similar because they both fly and they both only come out  in wet, hot climates.
to sell online is e.commerce but to bring and retain customers and educate them online about product or service is ecommerce.....
Buddhism doesn't have any Gods. It is a nontheistic religion.
There aren't really any similarities there are just diffrences
Most of the content is the same except for a few slight things that were added or tweaked a bit. The general story obviously follows the same ideas and a lot is quoted from the book. So there are lots of similarities really.
Well, they both followed strict codes, bushido and chivalry. They both protected themselves with body armor. Samurai and Knights both used lances and swords in the early medieval times. Both their jobs were to protect and serve the lord. -Hope that helped:)
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you can See close up with both a microscope and a magnifying glass.
Since the 2 are 'cousins' there are many similarities. They all have hooves, manes, tails, ears, eyes. In fact they have more commonalities than differences.
well for 1 they are both from the rodent family. they both have teeth,eyes,ears,mouths, 4 feet etc. LOL guinea pigs do not have tails. guinea pigs cannot run around in an exercise ball, it will permanantly damage them. hmm.... that's all i can think of!! hope this helped :P
There were both of Pagan religions. They both had a head god; for Egypt (Ra) for Rome (Jupiter). Most of them were quite similar in control of similar aspects of life: harvesting, knowledge, sun, household.
Well one is where cotton is grown and the other is where cotton is sold.
Similar: Both originate from India, Lord Buddha being born in Gaya,Bihar; Lord Rama in Ayodhya, and Lord Krishna in Gokula, U.P Both use chanting of prayers and mantras to purify, focus andinstruct the mind. Both meditate on and worship Deities (Sri Murti), which tallieswith the Beatitude "Blessed...
Similarities between Stalin and Lenin were they were both Bolsheviks wanting to make a communist state in Russia.
they have same height from sea level
  Both the Treaty of Versailles and the Congress of Vienna had simillar goals in mind, the recreation/resoration of a European peace. Both took place after major wars, (The Congress took place after the Napoleonic Wars, and Versailles after WWI) and in both cases the nation held responsible...
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (French: Déclaration des droits de l'Homme et du citoyen) is a fundamental document of the French Revolution, defining the individual and collective rights of all the estates of the realm as universal. Influenced by the doctrine of natural...
Both growth and development require a change in the state of affairs and they both involve efficiency in output and existing structures.
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the relationship between society and education is very essential to understand. Both influence one another in various ways; however, most importantly, education helps to transmit culture and develop the society. In the same way, society is what forms the basis of education. Society's culture is...
Both have exactly four sides with at least two sides being exact  same lentgh
molecular formula= emperical formula x n,where n=integer
they both have circular ends
The epicentre is where the earthquake originates.
they both have males and females in their society.
Both were late in joining the Union, #48 and #49.Both have plenty of Gold Prospectors.Both contain mountains.Both have vast areas of non farming land acerage.Both have seen foreign battles on their soil, Ambos Nogales and the Aleutian Island Campaign.
The relation ship is that after all the wars with Japan the US is willing to make japan an ally
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Both atecs and Incas reched their peakes in the early 16 century
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The closest language to irish is Sanskrit.Both were colonized by the Brits for 400 yrsThe Tri-colours are the sameAnd both ended up as call centres for American businesses
== Answer ==   The short answer is yes. Magick functions on a subconscious level that does not really understand spoken language. Thus with magick any language can be used, but it is the intent behind the words that really matters and not the words themselves.   However keep in mind that there...
xylem and phloem are both in plants, xylem are  like he veins in a plant, they carry water to the top of the plant
the relationship between cause and effect is that there are no effect if there is no cause like flash flood. flash flood cannot occur when there is no illegal cutting of trees
Each gospel stated that Jesus died, was buried, and rose on the third day.All writings also emphasize that Jesus appeared to certain disciples, but he first appeared to women.
  == Answer ==   Functionalism refers to one's purpose on earth (everything has a purpose). With all your abilities, talents, interests and inclinations, a person becomes the right person to do a certain task and to accomplish things better than what others can do. That is why the levels of...
The M4 is the carbine version of the M16 (carbine means short barreled rifle). Search Wikipedia for M16 for more reading.
I'm not familiar with the term 'techines' but I assume it's another word for tectonic plates (i.e. the Earth's crust). In the Earth's core there is a lot of heat produced from the molten iron (magma) of nuclear reactions. As we all know, heat rises. This creates an upward push, forcing the magma to...
A bit is one binary unit - either a one or a zero. A byte contains 8 bits. (so for example a byte would look like "10011011")Half a byte (or 4 bits) is called a nibble, no kidding!
friendship- you know that how you feel for someone won't be anymore  and you won't try to change that also you can trust that person  whenever you need them   love- you know your heart belongs to them.
Juxtaposition is placing two different things together in order to emphasize their differences. A blatant example is putting olive green and bright yellow together. Both colors independantly aren't particularly attractive, but are pretty easy to ignore. Together they are very eye catching (to the...
well, they both have initiations. and it is to get closer to god. this isnt the best answer but i am doing this for school so could people give me some ideas on comparison instead of similarities pleeaase or my re teacher will give me another detention!
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Cerebrum, cerebellum, spinal cord, grey and white matter, thalamus, pineal body and pituitary are all common structures
Aerobic exercise is cardio exercise (where you get your heart rate up).Resistance exercise is weight training using resistance.
Ligaments connect ones in joints
Both Array and integer are different things. Array is a kind of  variable that store multiple values with single variable name  having same data type. Where integer is kind of storage data type  that use to store numerical data.
They both are mass media services
your mom's brother would be your uncle
Organization  Both Peachtree and QuickBooks organize their features into  modules. When each program opens, a "Home" screen welcomes the user  and serves as an informational guide. The respective home screens  provide a visual map detailing each program's individual modules  and the functions...
I think you ment federal government, rather then national government, as a national government is a centralized government, as a kingdom or dictatorship, where the controlling power is centralized with the ruler, and local government is a puppet administration re sponcible to the central, or...
Financial accounting is the basis on which managment accounting is  built.
Scientifically, there aren't too many, aside from the fact that they are both fish, of course. 😏 ichthyologically speaking, they are COMPLETELY different animals. They don't even mate the same way.
Paralympics is for disabled people and Olympics is for people without disabilities.
Teachers and Doctors have the same benefits.
What are the similarities between piaget and erickson's theories
    They both are ways of breaking down rock, mechanical weathering physically breaks down rock and chemical weathering breaks down rock through chemical changes. An example of mechanical weathering is that it breaks down rock by animal actions, abrasion, freezing and thawing, release of...
These questions are similar but have specific contexts. Policy are  akin to rules of management and governance. Strategy regards the  procedures to attain a policy or other objectives.
One is in Canada and the other is in America
There are very few similarities between Epidermis and Dermis. The only one I can list is that they are both layers of the skin. Hope that helps:)       They are both part of the skin, the epidermis is on top and the dermis right below it.
The major difference between the Mexican Revolution and the Russian  Revolution was that the Mexican Revolution was influenced by  socialism while the Russian Revolution was influenced by communism.  In socialism, the government controls only some of the resources  and there is private property...
    They usually have doors, walls, and windows, and people live in them. Without a better question no one can help you.
  The pulmonary circulation is the portion of the cardiovascular system which carries oxygen-depleted blood away from the heart, to the lungs, and returns oxygenated blood back to the heart while for the systemic circulation, it is the portion of the cardiovascular system which carries...
They are both tropical rain forests and they are both warm and humid, with temperatures that vary from 26-28 degrees C.
Similarities . -They're both in the Eurasian continent -Indians and Italians both love food and celebration -They're both young nation states -They're both ancient civilizations -They;re both democratic - Both a five letter words - Both start with an I - Both words contain an a ...
The sun is the source of light that creates the shadows.
conjugation hyperconjugation process in which
  ==Answer==   There is what is called a "blend controller" unit. Something has either jammed up or comeoff with the linkage. Unfortiontely it involves taking part of the dash apart to fix it. I would start with taking the temp control knob portion aprt and starting form there. Then trace the...
Fish and seals are similar in that they both: . are animals . are vertebrates . are able to swim in water . have eyes and mouths, stomachs and digestive systems . reproduce sexually
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They were both skilled military generals on the battlefield. The were both seen as successful leaders of the empire, Trajan being known to some as the greatest of Emperors. Both rulers expanded the empire by conquest and stretched over many other empires.
Adversarial,   its working how it is already and after going to the courts today and doing some observations, i find the adversarial court system to be effective.   Although within Australian society the use of the adversarial system is not seen as a prominent risk to our political and legal...
Similarity: Both are counts of people/animals/things. Difference: Population is the total # of things, while sample is the # of things that you gather data on. If you pick the right sample size, you can be pretty confident that the results of the sample data is the same as the results of the entire...
The children of your wife's first cousin are her first cousins, once removed. They are not related to you.
  GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time and is based the current time on the in Greenwich, England, the basis of the prime meridian. EDT on the other hand stands for Eastern Daylight time. EDT is during daylight savings time by the east portion. of The United States of America, and by Quebec and...
They both helped end segregation even though they didn't know each other.
According to the gas law (V=nRT/P), a change in temperature will cause a direct change in volume.