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What is the capital of Nicaragua?

The capital of Nicaragua is Managua. To read all about Nicaragua on, see the Related Link. Managua is the capital city of Nicaragua, a country in CentralAmerica. ( Full Answer )
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What is Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is a country in central America on the continent of South America. . It's a country
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Where did Nicaragua get its name?

The Spanish gave it that name because Nicarao was the name of atribal chief in that area.
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What is there to do in Nicaragua?

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Nicaragua. But the best one is MonteliMar. It is a very nice resort. There is a beach towards the back and has about 5 interconnected ( Full Answer )
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How did the beetle get into Nicaragua?

It is by birth, introduction or migration that thebeetle is in Nicaragua. Specifically, beetles are among the native fauna of CentralAmerica. They can be considered native ( Full Answer )
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What does Nicaragua stand for?

It is a combo of Agua - Spanish for Water and Nicara - the name of an indigenous tribe that the Spaniards met when they arrived.
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What are the religions of Nicaragua?

Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion, claiming the allegiance of about 72.9% of the population. Approximately 15.1% of the populace are members of evangelical churche ( Full Answer )
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What can you smell in Nicaragua?

in Nicaragua there is many of volcanoes there and when you climb these volcanoes you may smell the sulfur gases. icuragua has many Delicious food's probably you will be able ( Full Answer )
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Is Nicaragua big?

Yes, compared to other countries, Nicaragua is big. It is the 96th largest country, so it is just barely on the larger side. However, it might be more accurate to classify Nic ( Full Answer )
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What can you hear in Nicaragua?

pop, rock, raggae,fiddle gutair and the and a hammer is beaten on a drum for music.