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What is the difference between unwooded chardonnay and chardonnay?

Quite simply, unwooded Chard or "unoaked" is wine that has never seen the inside of an oak barrel. Typically it will be wine that is fermented in a stainless tank, as opposed (MORE)

Do you chill chardonnay?

Most Red wins are best served at room temp. However if you do want to chill it I would put it in the fridge for no longer than 30 minutes then take it out and serve it.
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Is chardonnay smooth?

The term 'smooth' is often given to a wine with good qualities. a good chardonnay will generally be smooth. Wines that go throughmolo lactic will generraly be the most 'smooth (MORE)

Why does chardonnay make you mad?

Because Chardonnay is usually an over-oaked, over-malolactic fermented mess and people in tasting rooms will say something like "I understand that you don't want to try our Ch (MORE)