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What is chardonnays poem in bossin up?

I know you are complete and whole, but let me enhance you, 'Cause after all, who would make you feel that tingle if you had to... romance You. And who's eyes would you look (MORE)

How many carbs are in a glass of chardonnay wine?

A 250cc glass of white wine has about 180 calories, all from carbs. That translates to about 45 grams of carbs for a glass. (250cc is one-third of a standard bottle). A stan (MORE)

Can you use a chardonnay to cook with?

I assume you are referring to the wine, and if so yes, you can use any wine or alcohol containing drink in cooking. You must, of course, use common sense. Chardonnay may be us (MORE)

Is there any gluten in chardonnay?

  No...wines are gluten-free...distilled liquors are safe as well...but beer of course would be BAD...unless it is gluten-free beer...which I am planning to try...I heard (MORE)