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How did Detroit get its name?

It was founded by Frenchman Cadillac and has a French name meaning by or near a strait or channel.
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Population of Detroit?

Approx. 800-900k people, down from over 1.8 million in the 1960's. This is for the city itself, the metro area is over 5 million people.
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How poor is Detroit?

Detroit has among the highest unemployment rate of 15.8%. Inaddition, the City filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy and was approved.Detroit's outstanding debt totals $18 billion.
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What is the soviet Detroit?

Soviet Detroit is a Communist Group formed by the Russian Mafia. It's a secret organization that is at war with the Michigan militia.
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Detroit with children?

Detroit is actually a very kid-friendly city. Although there are not as many things as, say, New York City or Toronto, there's plenty to do here. The downtown area at the base ( Full Answer )
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Is Detroit bad?

Detriot is not that bad of a city. I've lived here my enitire life and never got my car stolen, never got jumped, never had any problems in the city. I even had to move to eig ( Full Answer )
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Is it rainy in Detroit?

Its not that rainy here but near the winter time it gets real cold and lots snow.
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Is there a mint in Detroit?

why not? you can buy mints pretty much anywhere... they are good to eat :)
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Who is the governor of Detroit?

Cities do not have governors. The state of Michigan, where Detroit is located, has a governor. (see related question)
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What happened to Detroit?

I'll tell ya what happened in Detroit. Specifically One Industry - One big, big reason Detroit (and in general the State of Michigan) fell was because of the fall of the au ( Full Answer )