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How do you get to Toronto from Detroit?

Follow signs to Canada, and cross the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, Ontario. Take Highway 401 East until you reach the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Turn off to Highway 429 So (MORE)
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Is Detroit safe?

if you are in the outskirts of Detroit then no that's where all the shootings and no jobs are. if you are in downtown, midtown, eastern market. or Lafitte park and elm park it (MORE)

Was there a Fort Detroit in Minnesota?

YES! It was a neat little nature-amusement park & gift shop just west of Detroit Lakes. I went there several times in the 1960s and had a ball every time.
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Who plays on the Detroit Lions?

Cliff Avril -92 Jeff Backus -76 Kirk Barton Aaron Brown -21 Gosder Cherilus -77 Joe Cohen -60 Landon Cohen -98 Louis Delmas -26 Jordon Dizon -56 DeDe Dorsey (MORE)

How long it it to drive from Detroit to Orlando?

The driving distance between Detroit, MI and Orlando, FL is approximately 1160 miles. The driving time would be approximately 18 hours 45 minutes if you were to travel non-sto (MORE)

Is Detroit ghetto?

It's definitely ghetto. I used to live there, and it's really bad. about half of the city is now abandoned(around 75 square miles). Wild animals like coyotes, beavers, and phe (MORE)

Why is the Detroit Pistons mascot a horse?

Because a Piston is an type of horse. (3rd fastest horse breed in the world)
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What is Detroit Riot of 1967 about?

The Detriot Riot of 1967 was a riot that was started after police tried to break up a party for a veteran that was happening after drinking hours. There were around eight peop (MORE)

What is the Detroit Diesel 871?

Detroit diesel 8v71=8cylinders 71cubic inches per cylinder 71 series engine V8 the Detroit diesel 8v71 is a 2 stroke diesel engine,along with the 6v71,6v53,8v53,12v53,12v7 (MORE)