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How do you get to Toronto from Detroit?

Follow signs to Canada, and cross the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, Ontario. Take Highway 401 East until you reach the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Turn off to Highway 429 So (MORE)
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Is Detroit safe?

if you are in the outskirts of Detroit then no that's where all the shootings and no jobs are. if you are in downtown, midtown, eastern market. or Lafitte park and elm park it (MORE)

Is Detroit ghetto?

It's definitely ghetto. I used to live there, and it's really bad. about half of the city is now abandoned(around 75 square miles). Wild animals like coyotes, beavers, and phe (MORE)

How do you get from Detroit to windsor?

to get to Windsor from Detroit you have many options. 1. You can take a tunnel bus over to Detroit that brings you to joe Louis etc... if it is not for an event there are ac (MORE)

What does Detroit mean?

The City of Detroit   Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and the center of the US Automobile industry. The name came from the French word Détroit, which means strai (MORE)

How did Detroit get its name?

It was founded by Frenchman Cadillac and has a French name meaning by or near a strait or channel.
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How poor is Detroit?

Detroit has among the highest unemployment rate of 15.8%. In  addition, the City filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy and was approved.  Detroit's outstanding debt totals $18 bill (MORE)
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What is the soviet Detroit?

Soviet Detroit is a Communist Group formed by the Russian Mafia. It's a secret organization that is at war with the Michigan militia.
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How far is it from Detroit to?

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