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What are Food safety and temperatures for food?

The food danger zone is 41 degrees F to 135 degrees F, meaning your food should not be stored at this temperature for more than 4 hours TOTAL. Bacteria grows best in this temp (MORE)

What are the roles of food industry in food safety?

The Food Industry plays an important role in keeping food safe by  identifying and managing food safety risks, and by complying with  all of food safety regulations.   (MORE)

Food safety programs?

Food safety program is one thing that should always be present and prioritized in establishment involved with food. Whether for it is manufacturing it, distributing it or for (MORE)

What is the definition of food safety and sanitation?

Food Safety is what the name suggest. It is a set of practices to  follow (especially in a food industry/business) to prevent  foodborne illnesses and possible spread of vir (MORE)
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What is food safety?

Food safety is scientific term which describes handling,  preparation and storage in ways that prevent food-borne illness.  This includes a number of routines that should be (MORE)

How does canned food affect food safety?

Canned food effectively creates a barrier between the food and outside contaminants. Cans also help to preserve foods by limiting the amount of air and oxidation directly on t (MORE)

What are food safety plans?

I have googled it on the whole internet. The only place I find  where my ques get answered is bdfoodsafety dot com. Food safety  involves so many different courses to attain (MORE)

What are the Benefits of Food Safety Consulting?

If you are hiring someone to train you or your staff about the  importance of food safety and the health concerns it could  ultimately improve your score with the health dep (MORE)