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What is grammar?

Grammar of a language is the study of the rules of using the words of that language in sentences or in communication. Roughfly speaking, it is the study of the behavior of wor (MORE)
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How do you do grammar?

Say what you want to type and if it doesn't make sense it needs to be rephrased. Saying "It don't make sense" isn't correct. "don't" means "do not" so it would sound like "It (MORE)
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What is mental grammar?

A kind of generative grammar (Chomsky), the innate basis for learning, speaking and understanding any (verbal) language.
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What is tagmetic grammar?

Tagmetic grammar studies grammar from the point of view of the relationship between a syntactic function or 'filler class' (for example, subject or predicate) and the type of (MORE)
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What is the correct grammar i or Me after for?

any time a pronoun follows a preposition ("I" and "me" are pronouns, "for" is a prep.) it is in the objective case because it is the object of the preposition. Objective case (MORE)
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What is you in grammar?

"You" is a pronoun in grammar. It can be either nominative or objective. In other words, It can be either the subject or the object of a sentence.
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