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In grammar when do you use are or is?

You use the word "are" when the subject it is referring to is plural. (Ex: The books ARE all green.) You use the word "is" when the subject is it referring to is singular. (Ex (MORE)

What is a grammar rule?

A grammar rule is when you have a rule of grammar which makes your English correct for example; Emma said "Turn on the light please" (correct) Emma said Turn on the light plea (MORE)
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How can do you study grammar?

Read an book or some article ;-)   You look like you need some practise...   Grammar checking is always difficult. NOUNPLUS Online Free Grammar  Checker of English he (MORE)
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What is svoc in grammar?

SVOC is a clause pattern where S is the Subject, V is a transitive verb (a verb that needs an object), O is the object and C is an object complement (for example an adjective (MORE)
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What is you in grammar?

"You" is a pronoun in grammar. It can be either nominative or objective. In other words, It can be either the subject or the object of a sentence.
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What is mental grammar?

A kind of generative grammar (Chomsky), the innate basis for learning, speaking and understanding any (verbal) language.
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How do you do grammar?

Say what you want to type and if it doesn't make sense it needs to be rephrased. Saying "It don't make sense" isn't correct. "don't" means "do not" so it would sound like "It (MORE)
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In grammar when do you use me or I?

I is a subject pronoun. It indicates the doer of the action. I played tennis with Kim yesterday. Me is an object pronoun. It indicates the object. Kim played tennis with me ye (MORE)
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What are the significance of grammar?

"What IS the significance of grammar?" The significance of grammar lies in communication. To get your point across correctly and in a sophisticated and coherent way, you hav (MORE)