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What is an internet?

Internet is a medium which connecting a computer to any other  computer anywhere in the world via routers and servers.
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What is the difference between 'Internet' and 'internet'?

Internet with a capital "I" refers to the entire Internet(meaning the biggest collection of networks on the planet) . . Internet with a lowercase "i" refers to any group of n (MORE)

What are internet and non-internet sources?

Internet sources are pieces of information from different websites off the Internet. We cannot always assume information off the Internet is true though. Non-internet sources (MORE)

What is on the Internet?

Websites   There are many many websites on the Internet. Some of the most famous websites are,, and You ca (MORE)

What is Internet and various types of Internet?

The Internet is a web of different things, wether it being a link, a picture, a social network, they are all connected to a huge web, it all grew from the 1990's from probably (MORE)

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What is the Internet?

The Internet is a worldwide network of thousands of computers andcomputer networks. It is a public, voluntary, and cooperativeeffort between the connected institutions and is (MORE)

What are the Internet services available on the Internet?

You can: · Fax: You can use easily send and receive faxes using your Internet connection using an online fax service. · Call: You can call and receive calls over the Int (MORE)

What is the difference Internet and Internet?

do u mean internet vs. intranet? internet is the name given to the millions of connected devices (no longer just pcs). intranet is an internal form of the internet which a (MORE)