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What is lard?

Lard is basically pig fat and was often used in many foods as a cooking fat or as a spread similar to butter. Its use in modern cuisine has diminished because of health concer (MORE)

What rhymes with lard? All of these. Rhyming Dictionaries are fun sometimes ;). -luskahhhh

What is a fat lard?

A derrogatory name for an overweight or obese person, popularized by the millenial generation. steven jiminez IS A FAT HUGE LARD WHO HAS MORE ROLLS THEN GOLDEN CORRAL
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How do you freeze lard?

  In glass or plastic containers with an air-tight seal. As extra protection against rancidity, fresh hydrogenated vegetable fat can be added at the ratio of 2-3 pounds of (MORE)

Is lard tasty?

  Lard does not have much flavor of its own, but it makes wonderful pie crusts and biscuits.
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How do you make lard?

you have to murder a sentient, intelligent being known as a pig by the human race and extract the poor little guys fat off of his dead corpse. That's why we shouldn't eat it