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What tribe founded the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman tribe founded the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Tribe was  a subdivision of Oghuz Türk group of tribes from Central Asia  (today's Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan). T (MORE)

What were the oceans that surrounded the Ottoman Empire?

The only ocean that the Ottoman Empire touched was the Indian Ocean. However, the Ottoman Empire also touched the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Gulf of Ad (MORE)

What countries were part of the Ottoman Empire?

there was, Turkey, Greece , Egypt, Bosnia, Herzegovinia , Serbia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria and Italian North Africa. (MORE)

Who founded the Ottoman Empire?

Osman Bey, the first Ottoman Sultan founded Ottoman Empire. Osman Bey was the first ruler of the Ottoman Empire and its  namesake. He established his rule in Anatolia in 1299 (MORE)

Why did the Ottoman Empire collapse?

Mustafa Kemal Pasha - the founder of Modern Turkey, and his followers' ideas were spread enough to convince the people that the Sultan's and/or caliphate's presence was danger (MORE)

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When did Greece secede from the Ottoman Empire?

Greece declared independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1821 and achieved it through military means in 1827. However, Greece in 1827 consisted only of the regions of the Pelep (MORE)

Did the Ottoman Empire have to do anything with terrorism?

It is unclear what you mean by this question. There were certainly brigades in the Janissaries and Ottoman Traditional Armies that created terror and there were violent guerri (MORE)

What became of the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman Empire survived until WWI, when the Ottomans reluctantly entered the war on the side of the Central Powers (the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany) and were defea (MORE)

Where is the ottoman empire supported?

Nobody wants to resurrect the Ottoman Empire per se. Turkey's current foreign policy is seen as the "New Ottoman Empire" since Turkey is trying to reach out in a dominant posi (MORE)