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How is BIT patna?

BIT PATNA i.e. BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY is a very good college where u can found everything that r necessary in a reputed engineering college although the college is stil ( Full Answer )
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What were the people of Ancient Patna called?

\nAncient Patna also known as Pataliputra was the capital city of the Magadha Empire under the dynasties of Nanda, Mauryan, Sunga, Gupta and Pala.
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What is the address of YMCA in Patna?

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Why is Patna sahib important to Sikhs?

Patna Sahib is considered the birth place of the Tenth Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh. Who was born on 22 Dec 1666. Guru Gobind Singh may be considered as the most important Guru ( Full Answer )
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Which has greater area patna or varanasi?

Patna is larger than varanasi in terms of area and population.patna is 35 km long and 18 km wide.the populaton of patna is 2400000 and the population of varanasi is 1300000 ac ( Full Answer )
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What is the performance of cimage institute in patna?

To judge a institute the best way is to consult the existing students... as my younger brother is studying in cimage, i can say that m satisfied with the faculty, extra curric ( Full Answer )
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What is the passport office for patna?

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Is Patna a commercial city?

Patna is a major agricultural center of trade producing grain, sugar cane and sesame and Patna rice. It is an important luxury and brand center of eastern India
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Which is the No1 college for BCA in Patna?

CIMAGE College, Boring Road, Patna is the 'Number One' college for doing BCA or BScIT in Patna.
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Which is the best packers and movers in patna?

There are a considerable number in the area. Its always advisableto seek out a quote from at least 3 company's and also look in tothe reputation and insurances to cover work i ( Full Answer )