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Is Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel A Christian?

No, he's not, but his music shows a strong interest in the topic of God and in spirituality. In a recent video related to the making of his new album, So Beautiful or So Wha (MORE)

Where did Paul Simon write Homeward Bound?

Paul Simon's "Homeward Bound"   Paul Simon wrote "Homeward Bound" on the platform of Widnes railway station after a small tour of the UK in the late 60s. Widnes used to b (MORE)

Does Paul Simon have children?

Yes, Harper (with first wife Peggy Harper), Adrian, Lulu and Gabriel (with third wife Edie Brickell). Harper Simon is a musician in his own right.

Is Paul Simon married?

Simon married singer Edie Brickell in 1992. Previously he was married to actress Carrie Fisher (1983-84) and Peggy Harper (1970-75).
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What inspired paul Simon?

When Simon moved to England in 1964 he met Kathleen Mary "Kathy" Chitty (born 1947) on 12 April 1964 at the very first English folk club he played, the Railway Inn Folk Club i (MORE)

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