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Who is Sacagawea?

Sacagawea was the 15 year old Shoshone Indian who assisted the Lewis and Clark expedition around 1804-1806. She, along with herhusband, were their guides from the Great Plai (MORE)

How did Sacagawea die?

Sacagawea (often spelled Sacajawea) was recorded as having diedof a fever at the age of 24 or 25, on December 20, 1812, leavingbehind her infant son Jean. (born 1810). . Unfo (MORE)

What did Sacagawea do?

See related link for more information. Sacajawea was a person who was Indian who was also sold to a french men which she married and had 1 child by
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Who was sacagawea and what did she do?

Sacajawea (or Sacagawea) was born c. 1788. in an Agaidiku tribe of the Lemhi Shoshone in Idaho. In 1800, when she was about twelve, she and several other girls were kidnapped (MORE)

Was Sacagawea a myth?

No, she was a real woman, a Shoshone woman who guided Lewis and Clark when they made their historic journey west.
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