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What is shrimping?

Shrimping is the act of toe sucking or licking for sexual gratification of both persons. Not to be confused with felching which is an entirely different act altogether.
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Can you freeze shrimp?

Yes, shrimp freezes very well. Generally, raw shrimp freezes better  than cooked shrimp. When freezing shrimp, be sure to remove as much  water from the shrimp as possible t (MORE)

What are shrimps?

  a small, mainly ocean-dwelling crustacean with ten legs, belonging to a suborder that includes several edible species. A shrimp has a long thin semitransparent body, fiv (MORE)

Are bamboo shrimp freshwater shrimp?

Bamboo shrimp are strictly freshwater, and can only tolerate mildly brackish water at worst. However, their young cannot survive in fresh water, and require salt water until t (MORE)

What are shrimp?

Shrimp are crustaceans of the infraorder Caridae (order Decapoda) and are an important part of many of the world's food chains. Shrimp and the related species of prawns are wi (MORE)

Why devine shrimp?

Many people asked themselves if it is really necessary to devein shrimps or not. It is a slow and long process to devein shrimps and this is probably one of the main reasons p (MORE)
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Is Cherry shrimp caridean shrimp?

No, their genus is Neocaridina, the species is N. heteropoda. Update: 'Caridean' refers to belonging to the infraorder 'Caridea', not the genus 'Caridina'. Therefore, Cherry (MORE)