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What eats shrimps?

Shrimps Get Eaten By Arctic Cod.   Shrimps are also eaten by birds like spoonbills and flamingos, different kinds of fish, mammals like dolphins, whales, and walruses. Als (MORE)

Is shrimp fattening?

Shrimp is a food that is relatively low in fat. Many people eat  shrimp for the protein it providers and as a healthier alternative  to red meat.
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Is shrimp Kosher?

No. Seafood must have both scales and fins (Deuteronomy ch.14). No  crustacean (shellfish) is kosher.
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What is a blind shrimp?

A blind shrimp is an arthropod often found in cave systems. They live in fresh water and get swept into the cave where there is no light. Over many generations, they lose thei (MORE)
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Is a shrimp endothermic?

No. Shrimp are ectothermic , which means they rely on external heat to achieve a functional body temperature, because they are unable to produce enough internal heat energy o (MORE)

What is in hunan shrimp?

Hunan is a province in south-eastern China known for spicy food.    "Hunan shrimp" refers to a specific way of cooking shrimp. Or it  can also refer to a range of diff (MORE)