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Why was Sophia Loren famous?

She was a gorgeous movie actress beginning in the of the most popular movies was "Houseboat" with Cary Grant. One director was quoted, "she was gorgeous even soaki (MORE)

Are Sophia lorens eyes pretty?

Yes, even behind her designer specs. Miss Loren has sponsored a brand of designer framed eyeglasses. Designer specs were introduced by Coturiere Coco Chanel, who herself wore (MORE)

Is Sophia loren alive?

  yes, as of September 02, 2009. Her birthday is coming up on the 2lst. She rolled off the lines in Rome, Italy, in l934 ( the year the GG-I locomotive also rolled off the (MORE)

What contribution in history has Sophia Loren made?

Sophia's distinguished acting career includes lifetime achievements. An Oscar in 1991 and a career Golden Lion from the Venice Film Festival in 1998. She also made headlines i (MORE)