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Why was Sophia Loren famous?

She was a gorgeous movie actress beginning in the of the most popular movies was "Houseboat" with Cary Grant. One director was quoted, "she was gorgeous even soaki (MORE)

Are bob hoskins and loren hoskins related?

No, they aren't. Well, they're not father and son, at least. I've been looking for this answer for a while today. Finally I thought to check imdb for Bob Hoskins (I had been (MORE)
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Who is Loren Larson?

Loren Larson is a Holy Ghost filled preacher of the gospel and professor at World Evangalism Bible College in Baton Rouge, LA.
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What exercises did Sophia Loren do to get her waist so small?

Sophia Loren never weight trains or does heavy exercise. She eats only three small meals a day and does waist twists which she demonstrates in her book "Women and Beauty." Her (MORE)

How do you say loren in spanish?

A person speaking Spanish would say "Loren" because that is a person's name. The Spanish equivalent to Lauren or Loren is "Laura" pronounced lau-ra.
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Did Sophia loren sister marry Mussolini?

  Sophia's sister Anna, marries Mussolini's youngest son Romano Mussolini and had 2 kids with him before they divorced.
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What contribution in history has Sophia Loren made?

Sophia's distinguished acting career includes lifetime achievements. An Oscar in 1991 and a career Golden Lion from the Venice Film Festival in 1998. She also made headlines i (MORE)