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What is vmotion in vmware terminology?

Move running virtual machines from one physical server to another with no impact to end users. VMware vMotion keeps your IT environment up and running, giving you unprecedente (MORE)

What is VMware workstation?

Its basically a program that allows you to run multiple Operating Systems on your Host Operating System. So if the computer you're using currently has Windows XP installed ont (MORE)

What is vmware virtualization?

It is the Software technology that allows a single powerful computer to run or contain more that one computer or server. Why is this good? it is good because it allows a c (MORE)

What is relationship between a guest operating system and a host operating system in a system like VMware?

A host operating system is the operating system that is in direct communication with the hardware. It has direct hardware access to kernel mode and all of the devices on the p (MORE)
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What is VMware Infrastructure Client?

thats is VI client used for accessing the vcenter server which has all the VMs and esx boxes and you can manage with them. Viclient is the user interface to login to vcenter s (MORE)

What is the history behind vmware infrastructure?

VMware Infrastructure was a virtualisation program from VMware, an American software company. Before 2007 VMware was steadily growing as a company that produces virtualisation (MORE)