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What is YouTube about?

People can make an account on it and they can post videos on it and other people can comment and stuff and u can make any type of videos on it. . YouTube is a video sharing (MORE)
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What can you do on YouTube?

OK yes you can get on it by just doing and hitting enter. Ok but what is you are at school? It will not work go to If you see it blocked again just (MORE)

How can you get into YouTube?

Go to through a webbrowser and press sign up, then fill out your information and then make your account anyway you like it.

How do i get to YouTube?

Open your computer and launch your web browser (i.e. Firefox,Internet Explorer, Google Chrome). Type YouTube into the search barand press enter. The search engine will show yo (MORE)
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How do I get into YouTube?

you click on your internet browser(enternet exolorer,google chrome ,)ect . and type youtube in the search bar then once it loads click on youtube broadcast yourself

What is youtub?

Youtube is a social site where everybody can share personal videos with their friends or every body in general without any cost and also can watch the videos of other people w (MORE)
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What are youtubers?

Youtubers are people who record footage of themselves, gaming, or beauty hacks. Some of them do it for a job, some of them do it for fun.