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Why is youtube named youtube anyway?

YouTube was named YouTube because the You means one can personalize  it (like one's own preferences) and Tube stands for video or  television (tube was an old term used for (MORE)

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What is YouTube?

Youtube, founded in 2005, is a video-sharing website which allows users to view and add videos of all kinds, as well as partake in an online community where people can comment (MORE)

What does YouTube do?

Youtube enables you to playback videos that other users have  uploaded. When you join YouTube you make an account or channel.  This is where you upload videos. You do not ha (MORE)
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How do you get to YouTube?

The URL is    Another way to reach the site is to go onto Google. Select "More"  at the top of the screen. Press YouTube and it will bring you  straight t (MORE)
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YouTube how do i get YouTube music? is good.    If you have firefox you can also download the Easy Youtube  Downloader add on from, and download either entire  videos or just the m (MORE)

How do i get to YouTube?

Open your computer and launch your web browser (i.e. Firefox,  Internet Explorer, Google Chrome). Type YouTube into the search bar  and press enter. The search engine will s (MORE)
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What is YouTube and why is it there?

Youtube is a video sharing network. People can post any videos that  they want, and anyone can watch them. The video length is limited  to only   Why is it there?   (MORE)
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Why do they have a YouTube?

So that people can show the world their talent on the internet.  Also, people want to become popular and make friends.   People use YouTube to upload their to share with (MORE)

How the do you get on YouTube?

Anybody can technically "get on YouTube" as long as they have  internet connection and a video to share. The only real rule about  getting onto YouTube is that you must be a (MORE)