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Typewriters & electric or manual calculating machines
The first discs that were made for computers were made from a thin material that bent easily. These were referred to as floppy disc then a smaller disc with a hard plastic cover was brought out to replace this which was originally meant to be referred to as a hard disc, however at around the same...
No, the computer was not invented in 1959. However, a majorcomputer supplier, Hitachi, was founded and Robert Noyce's creationof the integrated circuit happened this year.
Alan Turing invented the first Electronic Computer.
HP is Full name Hewlett-Packard Company which provided allTechnical Support such as laptop, Routers .
This question depends on what you call clever. The first programmable device was a Jacquard loom(1801). Programmed using wooden boards it allowed a loom to create intricate patterns in silk which would have taken months by hand. Charles Babbage invented the analytical engines which were used...
The definition of a supercomputer is "a particularly powerfulmainframe computer." and the advantages are: -good for crunching data -generally used for science models and things of that nature disadvantages are: -they consume butt loads of electricity -they are expensive -require warehouses to...
do you mean computer generated imagry? Computer-generated imagery ( CGI ) is the applicationof computer graphics to create or contribute to images in art,printed media, video games, films, television programs,commercials, videos, and simulators..
It helps students think about why certain chunks of code are thereand how they affect the program itself. This helps in programming,as once you see a block of code that does one job, you can usuallyreplicate it within your own work to bypass problems.
The first high speed printer was invented in 1938 and was invented by Chester Carlson. In 1455, Germany, Johannes Gutenberg printed the first book. It was a copy of the Bible, but the first ever made with movable type. in 1970- 1953
Computers are pretty cool, but there are some things that could beseen as disadvantages: . People working on computers have advantages over people tryingto work without computers, which leads to educational andtechnological deficits for poor people and poor countries. . Computers give us access to...
From what I can gather, the IBM Portable Computer was introduced in1975 at a selling price of $9000 and weighed about 50 lbs.
Computers have revolutionized the scientific world. New digitaltechnologies have automated experimental techniques, enablingscientists to perform large-scale studies that previously were allbut impossible due to size and technical difficulty. Scientists canapply computer science and statistical...
In the 1830s, by Charles Babbage, helped by his friend themathematician, Ada Lovelace. Sadly his mechanical computer,primarily designed for computing trig and log tables, were nevercompleted for reasons not now very clear, but the Science Museum(London) recently completed sufficient of it to show it...
System Name. Jaguar . Site. Oak Ridge National Laboratory. System Family. Cray XT. System Model. Cray XT5-HE. Computer. Cray XT5-HE Opteron Six Core 2.6 GHz. Vendor. Cray Inc.. URL. Application area. Not Specified. Installation Year. 2009. Operating System. Linux....
When implemented with the same technology , an analog computer will always be faster than a digital computer. This is because of the data representation: an analog computer represents data using one continuously variable signal per item, this signal is capable of changing as fast as possible with...
IBM was founded in Endicott, New York and currently operates out ofArmonk, New York.
Technically, one could argue that the first computer was inventedby Charles Babbage in 1837. It was named the "Analytical Engine"and included basic flow control, an ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit),and integrated memory. Sadly, it was never built while CharlesBabbage alive, but his son, Henry Babbage,...
computer is an electronic devices which takes input from external device like keyboard and processess the input through cpu and display the result on output devices like monitor,lcd. . A digital computer is composed of the following units: . Arithmetic Logic Unit - manipulates data . Memory Unit ...
No, he only improved the computer. Computers have been around since the 1950's.
Well PewDiePie was the first gamer on YouTube. But Don Woods andWill Crowther were the creators of the first ever online game andconsidering they made the game it would be pretty safe to assumethey played it before releasing it to the public, making them thefirst computer gamer's.
The I LOVEYOU virus was detected on May 5, 2000 when it infectedmillions of Windows users in the Philippines.
a automated system is any object which makes decision by its self without any humans interfering.
about 1830 by Charles Babbage, he never built it . 1936 by Alan Turing, he did not think seriously of building ituntil the middle of WW2 while working on code breaking at BletchleyPark and did not build one until after the war . 1937 by Howard Aiken, he had IBM build the Harvard Mark I forhim by...
how does PowerPoint help presentations? Answer: It shows you what it looks like after you finish a document.
Mid-latitude climates are characterized by more annual temperaturevariation than occursin the low latitudes.
Tough question. The sarcastic answer would be your brain but Idon't think that is what you want as an answer. If you are talkingabout a non-electric, mechanical machine that can add, then thefirst such machine would be an abacus. This was generally used inEast Asian countries
An HP computer is a personal computer (PC.) So are Dell computers, Asus, and Lenovo.
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computers have developed a lot more than they have in the earlier days. see apple&dell etc , they have all been INVENTED by very clever people! technology has developed a lot more than it was like before eg: 1910, computers were just a screen and keyboard. now apple have a iOS inside iPhones, iPods,...
An Abacus has beads and strings.
A mainframe is essentially a supercomputer which usually oversees an operation(s) A PC is just for a your personal use and don't do anything big that a mainframe would.
The computer has affected the society in both negative and positiveways. For example, while it has enabled faster dissemination ofinformation, it has caused corrosion of human cultures.
Pre-assembled computers are factory made, usually by a known company like Dell, and come with the factory defaults for hardware and OS (Operating System). A computer would be custom built if you bought all of the parts separate and assembled the computer from scrap.
well, video games came before computer games, and the first video game is called "Tennis for Two". The first very popular computer game was for the TRS-80, and it was called "ZORK" . The first computer game was SPACEWAR! on the DEC PDP-1 in 1961. It was written at MIT by Steve Russell. It was so...
Their computers have big screens and are fast. however, they are not very portable.
Computer engineers use to use the hexadecimal code to programcomputers, or the base 16. Hexadecimal numbers use the digits 0through 9, plus the letters A through F to represent the digits 10through 15.
Altair Basic - later Microsoft Basic was the first software product sold by Microsoft.
a computer is an invention
Computing accurate artillery firing tables for all the Army's new guns coming out in WW2 as well as all the new and different conditions in which they were being fired.
the second language is the language that one learns after onesnative language,whereas target the language is the language oftranslation,situation or sitting in which reader needs to ude thelanguage.
Daughter of Lord bryon mentored by Babbage called by some the first programmer?
They were caegorized by using miniaturization of components and useof integrated circuits. (Not a reliable source)
The wonderful thing about mini computers is that they can be usedjust about anywhere. Long battery life allows the unit to be usedat the beach, at the pool, or anywhere where power is notavailable.
grace ann gonzaga want's to know about generation of computer?
That depends on what you define as a laptop. There is no firmly agreed definition, so choose your own. The first self contained laptop size and weight machine that used an LCD screen was the Epson HX-20 introduced November 1981. It had 20 characters of text on each of 4 lines of display and...
The motherboard is an essential piece of hardware needed to run thecomputer, because it contains all the components that make thecomputer work. Specifically, it contains slots for memory, the CPU,ports for peripherals, USB, and Firewire, among other things.
The advantages of computers is that it makes different task easier.It also saves time and effort and reduces the overall cost tocomplete a particular task.
A complete computer system consists of hardware and software.Hardware comprises input, output, processor and storage whilesoftware encompasses system and application software.
A symbolic constant is a constant with a name, numeric constants are unnamed and must be retyped in the code on each usage. Generally use of symbolic constants is preferred as it makes the code self documenting and allows the compiler to catch typing errors in constant usage.
He uses photos to make his sculptures and videos but uses just enough technology to make it look as if it didn't use any. He uses the computer to create/edit videos that often are Stop Motion or Performance pieces.
1940s to 1958: vacuum tube computers, primary I/O magnetic tape or punched cards.
A computer is a machine that manipulates data according to a set of instructions. Although mechanical examples of computers have existed through much of recorded human history, the first electronic computers were developed in the mid-20th century (1940-1945). These were the size of a large room,...
Because it was found that any component except an inductor could be made with a semiconductor, so if several were made on the same chip and connected into a complete functional circuit the resulting device could be packaged in a case the same size as that for one transistor. This was done twice in...
the first 'portable' computer is the Osborne 1. however, portable is an overstatement. since it was released before the days of flat-panel displays, it's more accurate to say 'luggable.' it has a 3" blurry CRT screen, and two 5 1/4" diskette drives.
Xerox invented the concept of the mouse and the graphic interface.
the GUI and the mouse came at the same time, in the Xerox Alto, then the Xerox Star, then the Apple Lisa, then the Macintosh.
Lady Lovelace, or Ada Lovelace, is properly known as Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace. She was born December 10, 1815 and died November 27, 1852. Lady Lovelace is considered to be the first person to write a computer program.
Original answer: Netscape Navigator (in 1994) Another thought: people reading magazines in a store
The Fight Club was the first to have facial CGI in 1999. However, the first computer generated assisted animate was in 1971 when a 2d short was created using a drawing tablet the artist was Peter Folds of metadata. This inspired the Star Wars epic sequence - The Trench Run which was all wire frame ...
The main advantage of a GUI is that the visual representation offunctions allows easier use of the computer compared to acommand-line-based interface. It also speeds up the user's work fornon-technical people.
See the link to a similar Q as it relates to helicopter gunships. The first use of helicopters were for medical evacuation. The Bell 47 fulfilled this role in the Korean War. I'll see if I can find the first use of an Army helicopter. Answer Answer See the link to a similar Q as it relates...
Yes, human are considered to be the most advanced beings in theuniverse. Though computers can process larger amounts of data andfaster, the human brain is considered far more advanced.
Yes, those were first generation vacuum tube computers.
Some second generation computers: . IBM 7090 . IBM 7094 . IBM 7080 . IBM 7070 . IBM 7072 . IBM 7074 . IBM 7030 Stretch . IBM 7010 . IBM 1401 . IBM 1410 . IBM 1440 . IBM 1620 . UNIVAC III . UNIVAC 1107 . UNIVAC Solid State (had a few vacuum tubes, many transistors, but was mostly Feractor ...
bad uses are that you can get people dumping each other over it. There are certain other uses, mostly involving illegal actions, such as: illegal sharing of files such as music and movies (tame), hacking, accessing pornography for youths (tame), accessing underage pornography (disturbing). etc.
A composite material is a type of artificial material. Thisartificial material is usually made of two different materialsusually held together by cement.
Computing and Bugging.
The first woman programmer, and generally the first programmer, wasAda Byron Lovelace. Nicknamed the 'enchantress of numbers',Lovelace wrote the first computer program in 1842.
In the technology and innovation life cycle Analysis would come before Design, as a system would need to be analyzed before it is improved or re-designed, think about how a paper database (for example a video rental store writing down which customer borrowed what video) would be computerized and the...
Zero, only very big and rich companies could afford to have it.
emails are written on a computer or a device and a letter is written on paper
The advantage of first generation of computer was it was invented for the first time in the history of earth.
One fact about the computer's history are that the first electroniccomputer developed during the 1940s were huge machines the size oflarge rooms. In 1964, the first word processor was introduced byIBM. The first super computer was developed in 1969 by SeymourCray.
Supercomputer, to classify as such a system must have at least 10 times the performance of the highest performance conventional computers.
Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak on 1st April,1976 invented the 1st Apple computer. It was a revolution in the field of Personal Computer. It was the first digital computer which took away the people from the idea of using huge and massive vacuum tubes.
Depends... It is educational, a way to communicate and its convenient. (Let's not forget entertaining). On the other hand, it takes up too much time of kids lives. For example, the time kids spend on the laptop could be time to be doing exercise. I mean with technology these days, kids are leaving...
Laptop processors are designed to use less power and create less heat than desktop processors. laptop processors are used less power.
Thomas Flowers of the british post office in 1942. It was called Colossus and was used to crack the German high command's cyphers.
The keys on a QWERTY keyboard are not arranged alphabeticallybecause the creator of typewriter layouts designed it where themost used keys were on the home row or within easy reach of thefingers. The least used letters, like Q, X, and Z, are put at thecorners of the keyboard, where the fingers take...
nothing, 4 or 5 panels are at the University of Pennsylvania museum running a simple demo on just 2 accumulators; the rest of the panels are scattered around the country in museums in inoperative condition.
computer are not exact. It is approx
The advantages are that of a higher educational opportunity because of the vast amount of resources available on the Internet such as WikiAnswers and Answers that will allow them to research ideas and communicate with their peers and ask questions. for your children you can use computer for studies...