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Houseplants are potted plants that don't require direct sunlight. Questions on propagation, re-potting, watering, fertilizing, general care of houseplants, lighting, and where to grow the plant.
it really depends on how much salt is used ... but the salt actually stuns it's growth .. and if too much salt is put on the plant it will die very quick
Cosmos flowers can tolerate warm and dry weather.Cosmos flowers canregrow in the following spring if seed falls on bare ground.
Yes, I don't know exactly how but it does help. Just don't use alot.
Jacobite rose ( Rosa alba 'Maxima.' ) dates back to the 16 th century and is the double form of the white rose of York.
No, if you add isopropyl alcohol to a plant it will wilt andeventually die.
The cactus seed may be found within the fruit . It tends to germinate between 66 and 70-81 degrees Fahrenheit [19 - 21-27 degrees Celsius]. Germination tends to take about 2-4 weeks. A properly treated cactus plant may be of good size within 1-2 years of germination.
One way to rid plants of pesky gnats is to make sure that you arenot over-watering. If you let the soil stay wet all of the time, itcan attract gnats. Another way to rid your plants of gnats is tokeep small bowls of apple cider vinegar out near the plants.
Pollen can be dispersed by wind, gravity, animals and water . However the largest group responsible for pollination are insects . Plants can also undergo self-pollination if the flower fails to be pollinated by an external factor.
Plastic is very harmful to the environment. About 400 cows die yearly as they eat plastic that is littered around. Plastic does not decay into the ground by the action of microorganisms but it stays in the environment, this is the main reason plastic is harmful. DON'T LITTER.
Because of the moisture retaining properties of the humus content.
termites stay away from philodendrons so if u have one in your home you wont have termites.
Not really possible to answer without more specifics on the type ofplant. Annual/ seasonal plants grow quickly, germination to flowering anddeath within 3 month. Pernnial plants can take years, tens, hundreds or even thousands ofyears to grow.
An example of a blue or purple flower whose spelling begins withthe letter "c" is columbine.
\none of the plants that produces the most oxygen is Pistacia mexicana Kunth acording to some of my teachers the most plant that gives the most oxygen is: 'The Tree Of Life' (coconut tree)
It depends what you mean by better.. They will grow more naturally in sunlight but can be forced artificially with lights and may produce more and be grown out of season. I would say natural is better but then we have a world to feed.
The symbolic meaning of the evergreen tree is varied depending onthe area. Usually, this tree is seen as a symbol of hope when it iscold and snowy outside.
It is the time of year when daylight lasts longer than darkness during any 24 hours.
Not too often. You just want to keep the soil moist. Most ivys prefer less water to more.
You need to ejaculate into the soil for added nutrients.
A Chrysanthemum member of the Daisy [Asteraceae] family is what a pom is. The word 'pom' comes from the original French word 'pompon'. It has many meanings, one of which is in reference to the type of Chrysanthemum with immediately recognizable, small, spherelike flowers.
No. But hot water had less oxygen content than ice water.
the prickly pear is the opuntia genus and the most popular one is opuntia ficus indica and that is the one that people eat the pads and the fruit which looks like a pear.
Carefully pull the needles out and and squeeze/cut the cactus.
One answer: To survive the plants have to leave oxygen, which is very importantfor us. But all the trees that grow or grow inside the houseprovide relatively little oxygen. More information: There are various internet articles listing houseplants that arethe best oxygen producers and air filters...
They can carry diseases.In some countries, particularly in tropicalregions, these insects can be transmitters of parasites anddiseases such as filarial worms in humans and bluetongue virus inlivestock. Bluetongue results in more than $120 million dollars in financialloss in the livestock industry...
Cactus will react to not enough water by turning brown and basically will look very unhappy.
This depends on what zone you live in.
All plants grow well in garden soil.
That's mean that your cactus is growing well and very naturally . So don't scare , that's normal for all cactuses . You should give your cactus a little much water when it's overgrowing : when the cactus have red spines ! I hope i helped you !
\nthe chlorplasts trap in the color to make it change
Entomophily is a form of pollination whereby pollen is distributedby insects. These plants usually have characteristics that makethem more attractive to insects.
It is a mineral which can be pressed and used instead of glass.
China and Japan - according to
No, not all cactus es grow flowers.
Isopropyl alcohol is used as a sterlizing agent in medicine. Isopropyl alcohol is twice as toxic as ethanol because it does not cause anion gap acidoses. Isopropanol is oxidized into acetone, and cannot leave the cell. Therefore it toxifizes the plant, and it dies. The plants defence mechanism, is...
Pansies need to be watered about . 8 to 10 oz. of water a week. Try to keep the soil moist. Give them 4-8 hours of sun every day. DO NOT leave them in the sun all day. DO NOT put outside unless they are 6-8 inches tall. Good luck growing your pansies. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) . Hope this helps. :D
Our plant book says to cut at an angle and put it in water till it roots. Then plant.
Orchids can be watered once a week by placing a few ice cubs on thesoil. A properly cared for orchid from your local florist canproduce flowers for 3+ months.
It should be kept in a well-lit area with a source of humidity. Youshould moderately water it and add fertilizer to encourage growth
It's a good idea not to shock them. Keep a full jug or watering can in the room. Refill it AFTER watering the plants. That way the water is about the same temperature as the plants.
The state of Maine is located in the northern part of the UnitedStates. Maine is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and New Hampshire.
Builders should cut down trees to obtain materials for building.Some people believe that trees should not be cut down however, forenvironmental purposes.
In the woodlands.
provide optimal conditions
both Added correction : It is chemical because you can not simply revert it (newly grown hair) back to its original compounds. Plants (newly grown) are product of many (bio)chemical synthesis reactions. It is much the same as growing animals or humans.
Water , dissolved nutrients , and byproducts of photosynthesis are stored in the cactus stem. The water and the dissolved nutrients are sent up into the stem from the cactus plant's roots. They're held in the stem until they can be used in the photosynthetic interaction with sunlight. From that...
Yes, so long as the cold doesn't damage the seed or the plant. Liquid water shouldn't be much of a problem, but the direct contact of ice might cause some damage. Then again, tropical plants will be more sensitive than hardy plants.
You could possibly find non-vascular plants around your house.Non-vascular plants are plants that do not have leaves, stems, orroots. Algae is an example of a non-vascular plant.
They make their food out of sunlight in a process called photosynthesis.
During the daytime, plants produce energy in the form of ATP and NADPH (light reactions)...during the night, these energy forms go to the dark reactions (Calvin Cycle) to fuel the production of organic molecules from CO2 collected during the day...some of these organic molecules will be stored ...
Fertilizer may form a hypertonic solution in the soil thiat may draw out the water from the plant cells causing the plant to die...
tissue culture or cell culture
This is an easy to care for, fast growing plant...can be grown in doors or in a moderate climate. The plant has bold green arrow head or heart shaped leaves that grow the same as a traditional ivy. Easy to root
Because of their forests some people think that the New England colonies made their houses out of wood.
Plantae , or the plant kingdom.
Quite simple, cactus live in areas where it rains only a few times a year, so it stores as much water as possible so it can survive in the desert
The holes are there to drain off excess water. If the planter doesn't have holes in the bottom, it acts as a pail, pooling water at the bottom. This makes the plant roots wet all the time. The roots of most plants can rot if submerged in water all the time. This can kill the plant, as would not...
plants need light to carry on photosynthesis, and if you are wondering what that is that is how the plants make food
It would be "Toyota Corolla.
Many plants will reach for the light, all you need to do is turn the on quarter turn every other day or so to even out the growth. The actual property of the plant that causes it is called phototropism. Plant hormones on the "dark" side of the plant called auxins react to the lack of light and...
first of all they do grow in soil and sunlight better than in water and soil . . next they need soil and sunlight just as much as they need water . . but plants also needwater to stay alive.
How interesting, I was just thinking about this, this morning. Some plants can continue to grow after they have been cut (Philodendron), but not roses. They are essentially in shock and even with proper nutririon they will not continue to grow. If you are (or have) experienced this with roses,...
There is no male and female. They are both at the same time. Nepenthes, however, do have a gender difference.
The stems or tops of crop plants such as peas or potatoes is knownas Haulm.
Cold water kills the leaves of African Violets. Where the water touches, it causes dead spots on the leaves. Room temperature water will not cause these dead spots.
Sodium Stearate, and fatty acids
glycerol esters mixed with oils.
examples are algae, moss or a fern
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The most common scientific name is: Echinopsis spachiana
osmosis is the process that water enters the stem of a plant
ants and bachak burrows into house plants
No, it does not kill plants, it might be of some benefit to them.
Obviously, they care for the trees because they love trees. Take that mr robinson!!! Ho Ho Ho!!
Not all plants can grow in water.
Light intensely affects plant growth. Since plants cannot eat, theymust get their nutrients from the sun. If they have plenty oflight, they can perform photosynthesis and feed themselves. If not,plants will not live long.
Call it whatever you want but I get the feeling you asked it wrong. Here are some answer choices for you: leak, bad washer, worn out valve etc, How does one answer a bad question? What is a leak?
The whole idea of growing bonsai is to grow them as slowly as possible, however to get you started off a little quicker I would suggest planting them in the ground to begin. Tree's will generally sprout and grow more quickly in the ground and, with the correct care (fertilising and soil composition...
Yes it is called re-potting. Usually done when the plant has outgrown its present pot.
its better to grow in the sunlight because it will be real,natural light.and plants are part of nature so it's better to use natural thing for them
Sunflowers are annuals, and so they only live one year.
Cacti do need water they just handle it differently. They are adapted by nature to store it in their system and use it as they need it.