Rhode Island

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Rhode Island was one of America's original thirteen colonies. In terms of land, it is the smallest of the fifty states. However, it has the longest official name, State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.


The three largest cities based on population include Providece, Warwick, and Cranston in Rhode Island.
It was settled by people coming from England and elsewhere in Europe as well as from other existing colonies to have a better life and to practice their faith withe tolerance from their neighbors.
Because the motto of Rhode Island is simply: Hope, a reflection of its founder, Roger Williams, firm belief that hope is the way to salvation.
The University of Rhode Island's basketball team is currently No. 1in the Atlantic Conference. (2017)
In colonial Rhode Island, as in most of the colonies, peoplegenerally made their own clothing, although some very wealthyfamilies were able to import clothes from Europe. Women and girlswore long dresses, some of which had ruffles; and while Puritanshad preferred very conservative colors, there was...
Native American fare like corn, beans and squash plus wild game and domestic livestock until they cleared the forest, planted and harvested a crop.
Roger Williams wished to start a new settlement because he wanted to be fair with the Native Americans
On June 1, 1832, Native American Amasa Walmsley was executed in apublic square in Providence, Rhode Island, before a crowd of ten tofifteen thousand spectators. A year later, Rhode Island stoppedpublic executions.
Texas is the second largest state and Rhode Island is the smalleststate.
Islam was founded in AD 622.
In 2009, R.I. unemployment compensation ranged from $68 to $546 per week (plus dependency allowances). This is based on 4.62% of the wages earned in the highest quarter of the base period. See the Related Link below, item #11 in the FAQ's.
They came for religious freedom and worked as farmers, foresters and fishermen.
The combination of wood ash and animal fat.
Valley Falls is a village in Providence County, RhodeIsland.
The time zone in Rhode Island is EST or Eastern Standard Time.
Two nicknames of Rhode Island are The Ocean State and Little Rhody.
Sorry, they haven't officially named one yet.
Maine became a state in 1790
Because they practiced freedom of religion did not mean that they condoned freedom from religion. That concept was not yet developed as human right among colonists. The accepted early colonists were all trinitarian protestants. It would take time to become an all inclusive society where Catholics...
It was created as a Colony as an experiment in religious freedom and tolerance.
It is 371 miles from Baltimore to Providence according to MapQuest.
Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.
In 1783 as a result of the Treaty of Paris which ended the American Revolution.
Rapidly and more orderly then others in part because the number of freeman was quite large compared to indentured servants thanks to the Massachusetts Bay Colony's practice of expelling dissident Puritans. These joined the colony bringing with them the essential experience, tools, equipment,...
Answer . For informal picnics, Goddard Park in East Greenwich is a nice choice -- so is Fort Adams in Newport (though smaller). In Bristol, Colt State Park is big. You can also hold picnics at Roger Williams Park in Providence. For something more formal, you might want to check out Newport...
They were Dutch. First landing in 1614 (Adriaen Block), followed in1625 by the Dutch West India Company. People that had problems withthe church in Massachusettes moved to Rhode Island.
The Battle of Rhode Island during the American Revolution.
To obtain mutual protection and trading partners.
The bodies of water in Rhode Island are the Blackstone, Pawcatuck,Pawtuxet, Sakonnet and Wood Rivers. The largest inland body ofwater is the Scituate Reservoir
It played a major role in the birth of the industrial revolution with the creation of the Beverly Cotton Manufactory in 1787.
Rhode Island was a charter colony and one of the original 13colonies. Rhode Island was founded on May 29, 1790 by RogerWilliams.
One famous name was Benedict Arnold whose great-grandson of the same name was the notorious American Revolutionary War General and traitor.
The Rhode Island Red was developed as a dual purpose breed of domestic chickens in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Adamsville, Rhode Island is considered the breed's birthplace and the founding sire was an English born black breasted Malay cock. Each hen produces between 250 and 300 eggs each...
Sweet corn is an edible crop that is readily available but the cash crop comes from the wide variety of ornamentals or greenhouse plants, sod and decorative trees and plants. Truck gardens do well and have a ready urban market.
Washington County has the largest area and Providence County has the greatest population.
From most locations by ship, but some came on foot from other colonies.
the cave men aka the early humans
Some were shipbuilders, many were farmers, foresters and fisherman, a few were smiths, masons or craftsmen and a rare few were common laborers and a very few were imported slaves.
That point is in the sea among the Azores, about 130 miles west of the capital at Ponta Delgada.
Google Maps estimates the driving tiime as 16 hours and 51 minutes.
It averages to about 74 degrees.
No it receives high marks for livability.
It's unlikely, since the first white settlers only came there in that year, and the native tribes had primarily a subsistence agriculture, not using their crops for a cash income.
He or she is elected by a direct vote of the voting electorate.
The relationship between the State and religion had a more important role then did the dogma of any specific religion. Roger Williams and his adherents held that an individual alone could act in matters of conscience and that State had no role to play in enforcing the rules of the Church on the...
No- -Rev. William Blackstone was the first European to have settled in what is now Boston, and lived in what is now Rhode Island. The Reverend Blackstone conducted the first Anglican religious services of record in Rhode Island. -Roger Williams is considered the founder of Rhode Island. He...
Exiled Puritans, shunned Quakers, ousted Dutch Reformed, unhappy Anglicans and new age religions like the Baptists.
They had to wait for the invention of the can before they could play Kick the Can and organized sports require liesure time which would require the passage of many generations before that became available.
There are two theories 1)it was named after the Greek island of Rhodes 2) when a Dutch explorer passed it he called it an island ofreddish appearance in 17th century dutch it would have been enrodish eyland
There is a State Bird, a State Fish and a State Shell, but Rhode Island does not have an Official State Animal, Mammal, Reptile or Insect.
It is 3,026.33 miles and an estimated 46 hours and 35 minutes of driving time according to MapQuest.
A very small number of individuals were involved in the slave trade but Rhode Island was a major player in both the financing and transportation of slaves.
19% Irish, 19% Italian and 17.5% French Canadian.
It was an early settlement but it does have a reasonably central location.
They Anglicised the Dutch West India Company name of Roodt Island.
One team is the Pawtucket Red Sox which is a professional base ball team.
Currently the Irish and Italian have the largest percentage at 19%each and French Canadians represent 17.5% of the residents. Thenthere are the Russians.
King Phillip was the English name given to Metacom, the leader of the Pokanoket tribe and of the Wampanoag Confederacy in 1662 who were under pressure by Colonial expansion. His war with the New England colonies began when three members of his tribe were convicted of murder and hanged on 8 June 1675...
Some of its detractors still refer to it as Rogue's Island, a tribute to its tradition of dissent and the number of religious exiles among its founders. Residents use the term of Rhode Islanders.
MapQuest estimates the driving time as 20 hours and 49 minutes.
Perhaps in a chicken coop or a hen house but in any case they are not limited to the State of Rhode Island or to the United States.