Hobbies & Collectibles

Hobbies and Collectibles has to do with things people do because they enjoy doing them; and includes such activities as collecting art, camping and hiking, crafting with wood or other materials, and collecting everything from coins to comic books and dolls to stamps. Whether you have a postcard that you want to know the value of or want to know where you can purchase a highly-prized collectible, how to plant a garden or something about your favorite craft, you can ask your question here.
This is a novelty item produced by a private company that added gold leaf to a normal $2 bill and then sold it at a significant markup as a so-called "collectible". Unfortunately there's very little demand for these items on the secondary market so you'd be very unlikely to get back even a...
There are 4 different versions of the 66 Powermaster by Crosman. See the link below for all the Crosman rifle models, parts list and owners manuals https://support.crosman.com/hc/en-us/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&category=200223634&query=powermaster
Reputable stores and jewelers usually set CZ in no higher than 10k gold, and they are stamped as such. The CZ is on the inside of the band by the gold stamp.. However, anybody can buy loose stones and settings separately and have them set. So, if a person wants to buy a 14k gold setting and set a...
In most cases the best place to start when trying to determine thehistory of your firearm via serial number is to contact themanufacturer. In most cases they will be happy to help you, ordirect you to someone who can.
The 1883 FB Rogers pattern 6377 is called a "waiter tray" and was originally part of a silver plated coffee and tea set the company made in 1960. The tray alone can be purchased for $25-40, depending on condition.
Can't be answered witout a detailed description of all markings, features and overall condition
Coins become valuable when they are minted with errors. This isalso based on the quantity of coins with errors, as well. . Another way that coins may become valuable is when they are veryold. . And yet another way is if they are made from a precious metal.Coins that are minted from a high percentage...
I've seen theses albums go for anywhere from $30.00 to $300.00.
Call S&W with the sn and they will tell you when it was shipped from the factory.
Impossible to answer without the serial number
In ancient Greece, people believed white to be the color of purity.They wore it as often as they could.
1600.00 I know that's on the 870 and what else i don't know but it's unlikely any Remington shotgun will bring that amount
£9 for a plain bear up to £19 for some thing like Hello Kitty.If you would like clothes with it, it will be about £3-5 for a normal top and for an outfit £8-10
Would need more info on the rifle, caliber, model, condition andimages would be nice
usually your skin color
Please check the date again, the last Buffalo was in 1938.
The color that we see is not the color of the object in question, but the color of the light it reflects. This means that a "green object" absorbs all colors of the visible spectrum except for green light, which it reflects back to our eyes. White light is the combination of the entire visible...
The 1933 Gold Double Eagle was Never Officially Issued: The U.S. Gold Double Eagle, Saint-Gaudens type, had been issued from 1907 until 1932. Although 445,500 Double Eagles had been minted with the 1933 date, none were released into circulation because of changes made to currency laws during the...
Match seams and tack
These coins are also frequently called Indian Head nickels. Pleasesee the Related Question for more information.
The letter or letter+number on US banknotes indicates which bank in the Federal Reserve issued the note; A-1 Boston B-2 New York City C-3 Philadelphia D-4 Cleveland E-5 Richmond F-6 Atlanta G-7 Chicago H-8 St Louis I-9 Minneapolis J-10 Kansas City K-11 Dallas L-12 San...
Well as we all know a penny is copper colored and is a littlebigger than a dime.
All of the following are core elements of the unit safetyprogram EXCEPT:
it totally depends on the size of image you set your camera on.Largest of image size a 7.1 mp camera will be aprox 2-3mb.3x(4x1024)= your answer.
To make the color lilac, you have to mix the colors blue, red, anda fair amount of white. Keep mixing until you have lilac.
Lathe machine is known as mother tool of all other machines tools.It is widely using for making round/ spherical jobs. One of thereasons of development of modern technology and modern industriesare due to the contribution of this simple machine.Lathe machinesis used for operations like: Turning i.e...
A 10 mp camera will take jpg files that are around 4 to 5megabytes. Figuring on 4 megabytes per file, that's 2000/4 oraround 500 photos on the outside range.
They see whats on a photo and they give the name to the photo like: if there's forest on the photo they probably won't name it "the beautiful sea"
You will have to define what you want to use the weapon for. Loads vary from 90 - 147 grain.
There was no Victor Ejector gun company. Your gun is known as a"Trade Brand Name" shotgun. A "Trade Brand Name" shotgun is onethat was made by a major gun maker (and before 1940) for and wassold by a wholesale sporting goods dealer, a retail chain store, oran independent seller who chose the name to...
it is depend to the seller.. but the suggested price for me is 100USD but not really sure that all...
Depends on condition, condition, and condition, from just good to excellent 500-1000.00
The "Mercury Head" design was only used on dimes minted from 1916 to 1945. The design used on quarter-eagles from 1840 to 1907 is simply a representation of Miss Liberty.
How do you lose pounds in 2 weeks
drive all you want
Around $40 but if you put it up on Ebay and get lucky you could getup to $100.
Back pack? hand bag? Satchel Bag? Wedding Bags? Purse lingo? Laptop Bag? Duffle bag? Sling Bag? Tote?
Assuming that it's the XI Olympic Winter Games - Sapporo 1972 -Bobsledding stamp, it would be worth $0.35 in mint condition, $0.20used. Those are buy prices, not sell prices, which are much lower.In other words, you aren't likely to find a dealer willing to payyou for a single stamp, it is too much...
She is an artist and her hobbies are beading, sewing, rug punchingand hooking, Bible study. Spending time with her grand kids. She iswell known for her paintings.
Depends on the manufacturer, the design, it's caliber, it's barrel length, it's finish, and it's current condition. An 1851 (Confederate) Navy Colt made by Pietta (the most common 1851 Navy Colt reproduction on the market)with a brass frame in .44 caliber, a blued 7-1/2" octagonal barrel; plain...
Sure, but it does depend on the manufacturer of the gun before anyone gives you a definitive yes or no. Spring gun? Gas? Who makes it? If its spring, you can get hundreds of those on (see related links) if its gas, those are extremely rare and can be sold for about as much as you got it. However...
I don't know which gun store you are going to but the Glock 18 is$507 and the Glock 18c is $532.
Check for a mint mark on the reverse side. Numismedia lists the following approximate retail values as of 01/2010: No mint mark (Philadelphia): Very worn condition - $216 Moderately worn - $330 Slightly worn - $510 Almost no wear - $3598 Uncirculated - $8940 to $18750 depending on...
Steves Pages has a PDF manual for hundreds of firearms including the Charles Daly.
Your Remington model 34 rimfire bolt action rifle will bringbetween 150-300 dollars based on the rifle having between 60%-95%original condition.These rifles were made from 1932-1936 in aquantity of 162,941 made during this time span.
\n. I got a singer model 188k1 and it is not sewing good .The bottom thread is bunching up instead of looping the way it should.what should I look at to see what could be loose or worn etc.?
I am sure that people have painted limbs, hung lights, ribbons andother items from tree branches to decorate them for one reason oranother. Make sure that what you put on the tree does not weigh toomuch or otherwise damage the tree due to wind or other conditions.Avoid driving nails into the tree as...
The main mode selection dial of the camera has a number of optionsto choose from. It's best to think of the green rectangle as themiddle option; everything below the green rectangle is an form ofautomatic called basic zone , and everything above the green rectangle aremore advanced features for...
about 20 since every soda tab is about 5 cents each. I think it is closer to 2300 tabs. Can aluminum is going for about 55 cents per pound today. At 1250 tabs per pound that is equivalent to about 2300 tabs per dollar.
a ground troop used that gun at a base.
In the US the 29 cent rate lasted about 4 years. Several hundred stamps were issued during that time. In used condition there is limited value, you can purchase them for about 20 cents each. Which means a dealer is not likely to pay much for them unless you have a large number of them.
Does anyone know where or even if I can get a DVD or Blu-ray of themock-documentary "The Great Martian War 1913-1917" Or even awebsite where I can stream it? Thank you.
Depending on the card and condition of it, the card may range anywhere from five dollars to eighty dollars or so.
1900 morgan silver 1886 indian head penny
it stands for danger
I have had this coin for almost 20 yrs. I bought mine for 50.00 in 1992 0r 93. I would value the coin in mint condition at around 80.00 US dollars. This coin will skyrocket over the next 10 years to about 500 US dollars when Shaquille goes into the Basketball HOF
375.00-500.00 depending on overall condition of your revolver.
Dichloromethane or methylene chloride
Is it possible to change the camera views of you character? If so how would i change them? At the moment you can only make the camera view your character at amax hieght of 50 degrees, And a minimum hieght of 20 degrees (thisis shown by the red lines on the picture below). I want to be able to...