Native American Spirituality

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Native American Spirituality refers to the teachings, traditions, rituals and stories of the First Peoples of North America. As these teachings vary, between Peoples, generic answers sometimes can be misleading and answers should refer to the teachings of a particular People or group of Peoples whenever possible.


Well it mostly depends on what culture you are talking about. If ithappens to be Native American totem poles then that is easy. Eachtotem pole represents some kind of character trait. For example:the eagle totem pole would represent wisdom. The bear totem polerepresents bravery. And the wolf totem...
Do you mean possible names, translations, or definitions for"totem pole"? TRANSLATION(S) FOR TOTEM POLE: - Italian: palo di totem - Japanese: トーテム ポール - Greek: πόλο τοτέμ - Spanish: Tótem - Korean: 토템 기둥 - German:...
Yes, even had their own beliefs. They did get some Christianitypractices as well from 1600s+ by Priests, due to all NativeAmericans religions considered heathen to them. There is stillNative Americans who practice traditional religion of their tribestoday.
A sage ceremony is great cleansing ritual and fairly simple to perform. You can purchase sage wands at your local or online occult supply stores and are fairly inexpensive. Light the end of a wand until it begins to smoke. Then walk the area of each room of your home starting and ending at the same...
Many American Indians share a respect for all animals, knowing that each animal has its place in God's world, alongside of man. Wolves are incredibly intelligent and their societal order teaches us how to organize for survival. Many natives have the wolf as their animal spirit guide, a strong,...
knifes but the old kind with an arrow head on it
There are several tribes in and around Alaska. Historically The constructing gable-roofed wooden shelters over graves to house the spirit of the dead was common. The spirit houses have brightly-painted exteriors and are surmounted by comb-like ridge crests. Variations in the size of the...
Spiritual beliefs were as varied as their tribes and sometimes eventhe clans within the tribes. Many tribes were monotheist (believingin one God), while some others believed in more than one. Mosttribes celebrated the earth and all she had to give, including theanimals.
Cherokee Indians did, do not have totem poles. Northwest tribes were the only people to carve them.
The JEWELS go back into the totem in this order (top down) : purple, green, red, white, and blue.
Clan and Shame Totems.
It depends on the tribe. Not all tribes has the same beliefs.Example a Wanagi is a Dark Spirit known the the Lakota people butnot to the Crow. They all did believe they had a mother (EarthMother, Sky Woman) and a father (The Great Spirit- he also hadvarious names) and the Spirit World of their...
The swan is a sign of peace and of tranquility. It symbolizes eternal love and peace within a group, family, or couple.
Totems represent whole tribes, clans, families, or even just a particular individual. Each animal in a totem provides a different attribute or protective feature to the people it relates to. For instance, Coyote would allow a family to avoid mistakes while the Lynx would be a keeper of dark secrets...
Shaman gain access to their totem spells at level 4 with Stoneskin Totem.
they originally come from northern America.
Colors vary somewhat from Tribe to Tribe, so these colors are in general, the colors symbolize things and represent several different things. WHITE: stands for skies, spacious Heavens, also purity, peace, and death. RED: stands for blood, war, or valor, it is sometimes used as colors on animals and...
They believed in the Great God, and the Great God was everything in Nature. They did do dances Lastly one of their most common ways of worshiping was when making hard decisions they smoked pipes, because they believed that the smoke would carry their thoughts to the Great God in the heavens.
Who do you prefer? Native Americans or Indians from India?
It depends on the tribe. From what I gather (I'm Indian-and knowpeople from various tribes) we use (and used) the Earthrespectfully, because we believe (believed-as not all Indians todayfollow their tribe's spiritualities. I'm atheist, for one...) thatour Spirit People have gone into the Earth...
All tribes will have a different belief on how Coyote stole fire(or even IF coyote stole fire). For my tribe's story, buy the book"Fire Race: A Karuk Coyote Tale" by Jonathan London. The book isbeautifully illustrated and is a retelling of our story.
It's "tawodi" or sometimes "tawodi usdi."
Love and respect for all things around you and the belief that all things are apart of the great spirit.
Shamanism is not a religion. It is a anthropological description ofmany religions that have some traits in common such as people whogo into trance states and communicate or traveling or guide soulsin or heal with the spirit world. There are many differences withineach religion and to lump them...
some were bigger then. and now totems are much smaller but can still make big ones
According to the Paul D Frost website, Red-tails are a sign of good luck according to the Mescalero Apaches. They are usually treated with great reverence and considered to be sacred. According to artwork found my archaeologists we can assume that they felt almost as if they were " spiritual...
yes. and no. they did not have "gods" as you would, but they had "spirits" that were everywhere. There were spirits in the ground and in the water, in the animals and trees. However, they did not have what we would think of as "gods".
depends on the tribe since their is no language called NativeAmerican. My tribes don't have any word for it that I know of.
No they didn't they more believed in animals as their spirit guides.
there is a totem pole in a museum representing the aboriginals, andthe Canadian government is trying to move the totem pole like theytried to do to the aboriginals but failed
It means a emblem of something like an animal or a plant.
In American Eskimo myths the mysterious Pinga, 'the one on high' is the guardian of game, the controller of the hunt, and the protectress of the living.
It means i want to destroy. It is also considered the queen mother of "stitchian" curses
Go in the desert and by the big claw is place for you to prcospect.
The Mohawks were farmers and hunters. As with all tribes they lived off whatever their environment provided them. The Mohawks raised corn,squash and beans. They hunted bear, small game, deer and whatever other animals might be in the area. They also ate fish.
it was made in china
Totem poles were found by the native Americans houses. Either a group of houses all had one, or just one home had one. Totem poles dignified what the culture and how they live and who they were. Also, totem poles could have a bird on it, perhaps an eagle, a type of forest animal, perhaps a deer head...
A totem pole is a giant statue carved out of big trees, usually the western cedar ( Thuja Plicata ). Totem poles may represent spirits of animals, or animal gods.
All animals are used on a totem pole, But they all mean something diffrent.
The lowest position on a totem pole is actually the position of highest honor
The feather or feathers on a dream catcher may be simplydecorative. In some stories, the feathers serve as a way for gooddreams to drip down into the dreamer's mind. In other mythology,feathers can represent messages from the spirits or divine beings.Unfortunately, much of the traditional meaning of...
A totem pole represents the animals of the tribe unless I am mistaken.
Yes he was and he murdered and slaughtered entire populations in the name of god
Yes they eat alot though
Tiki Totem Poles are made from large trees. A tiki is a largewooden carving in humanoid form. They set the boundaries of sacredand significant sites.
Yellow Feather was a Maricopa Indian woman of dignity who was a delegate at the 1898 US Indian Congress, where she was photographed by Frank A. Rinehart. Her likeness hangs in the National Museum of the American Indian.
The totems were family emblems celebrating famous ancestors and events.
The jewel order, top to bottom : 1. purple 2. green 3. red 4. white 5. blue
For each individual tribe, we have different meanings for differentfeathers.
Type your answer here... they can be all type of animals it depends on their tribe and land
Each carving is an event
The word totem has no meaning in Latin. The English word "totem" comes from an Algonquian (Native American) word meaning "his kin; his family mark".
In African-American culture, of Tanzanian origin, "nala" means "Queen."
Nothing really. It might make you feel better of safer to believe in God.
Astral projection or "spirit walking" is your best choice. Commonly practiced by many people throughout the world. Usually, while in a meditative state, your spirit lifts from your physical body and with practice you can control where you go. Many people start this process while sleeping, and...
To find the gems go to every place on the map you'll find out how to get them.
Animals are used on totem poles to show meanings such as; a eagle represents honor, and a bear represents pride
rebrith,longevity,secrecy,initation,good listener and long life
There are hundreds of Native cultures, there is not "one" meaningof almost anything. Even within one culture often the symbolism hasmutilple layers of meaning and context. Even in nearby cultures the meanning can be different. For examplefor the Navajo white is asscociated with the east, beginings,...
Honestly, yes. If you looked it up, you could see that the bottom animal/symbol is always important. It goes from bottom(important) to top(less important).
Many artists nowadays specialise in totem poles. The most well known is probably Richard Hunt, who built the thickest modern totem pole in 1988.
There is no special significance to seeing these numbers. Do not look for supernatural causes to ordinary occurrances.
Ah Cancum (Maya)God of hunting
we should to belive the god who made all the world and those think the god who is behind the sky