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History of Sports

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The history of sports teaches us a great deal about the changing society and about the nature of sport itself. It shows how society has transformed its practices and beliefs, thereby leading to changes in the rules in sports.


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It showed a distinction between the clans and tribes, but was for the purpose of decoration.
the Incas and the Mayans used to play a soccer type of sport.
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  i was born eight years later!!
Grimsby has been regelated the most.
Snowboarding was started in the USA in the 1960s and was an Olympic sport in 1968.
Wikianswers doesn't make golf bags. Go to that company's website.
Super Bowl kickoff is always late and its suppose to accommodate to to all people that works 9-5pm
The next Olympics are in London. This will take place between 27th July- 12th August 2012
Soccer (or Association Football) became recognized as a "Sport" under the Cambridge Rules of 1848. From there the rules were refined in 1857 in Sheffield England until they became the rules as we know them today. To be honest, the sport was developed well before then as the sport was used a training...
1891 by james naismith!
After some research, I couldn't find the exact age when she took her first lessons. However, I did find where it is stated that "...by the age of six, she was a competent swimmer."
  By the most notable contributor to the evolution of the sport would had to have been the late Doc Councilman.
yes he is, as of 2014
Yes the NFL began in 1920 and the NBA began in 1946
I have snowboarded for my entire life and have taught many people to snowboard. There are three main steps to snowboarding step 1... going down the hill on your heels ( forward ) step 2... going down on your toes ( backward ) step 3... curving back and forth between heels and toes ( mostly facing...
Yes, racquetball is an English sport, though it is more played in the United States. In England it is spelled "racketball" and is becoming one of the most popular indoor racket sports in the country. Squash is still more popular, but racquetball is a growing sport and is popular with people of all...
Rutgers defeated Princeton in New Brunswick, NJ on November 6, 1869  by a score of 6-4
One major event in the history of Brazil occurred in 1945 when the  country became a member of the United Nations. Another major event  occurred in 1962 when Brazil won the World Cup. A third major event  happened in 2011 when the country elected its first female  president.
President Bill Clinton gave a radio address discussing economic security.
There were no Olympic game in 2005 and even if there were, England would not have won any. Great Britain compete in the Olympics, so any English athletes compete under the GB banner
John Mecom Jr. was an oil man, and New Orleans' economy was built on the oil and gas industry. So, when deciding on colors for New Orleans' NFL franchise, they chose black and gold, as in "black gold"... A term used to refer to crude oil.
yes he could actually he is well known to be a president these  days they say 
A sport product is something that makes a sport unique and different form other sports. For example: ultimate frsibee is a self-refereed sport even at international level
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  His last name is Easley and his first name is Mike.
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of coarse australia is in olympics even ancient greece (Athens) australia was in it.
That was Michael Phelps of the United States:   Gold:   100 meter butterfly 200 meter butterfly 200 meter individual medley 400 meter individual medley 4x200 meter freestyle relay 4x100 meter medley relay   Bronze:   200 meter freestyle 4x100 meter freestyle relay
Phelps is his last name, his full name is Michael Fred Phelps.   -phelps2008
  Winchester Repeating Arms Co, New Haven, Connecticut. But some of the more recent guns have been made in Belgium and Japan.
Notre Dame has been voted "national champion" by at least one selector in an additional eight seasons (1919, 1920, 1927, 1964, 1967, 1970, 1989, 1993). (source: Wikipedia.com)
There are many places to 'Do cycling' Road cycling is on the road,  cyclocross is in fields and dirt roads,mountian biking is on  trails, and track racing is on an oval track.
Possibly that was figure skaters Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. Harding's then husband, Jeff Gillooly, and bodyguard Shaun Eckardt arranged for Kerrigan to be attacked just prior to the 1994 Winter Games in Lillehammer to get her out of the way so Harding could have a better chance at winning....
Any city interested in hosting the Olympics applies to become a candidate city by filling out an extensive application and questionnaire. Prospective host cities must also submit an emblem created to visually represent their candidature, and compose and deliver a 10-minute presentation introducing...
Matt Stover. Stover played with the Ravens from their first season in Baltimore, 1996, through 2008.
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Northern cities that have hosted a Super Bowl:Pontiac (Detroit) MI - Pontiac Superdome, Super Bowl XVIPalo Alto (San Francisco), CA - Stanford Stadium, Super Bowl XIXMinneapolis, MN - Hubert H Humphries Metrodome, Super Bowl XXVIDetroit MI - Ford Field, Super Bowl XL
Freddy Adu made his first professional appearance for DC United of Major League Soccer in 2004. He was 14 years old at the time.
The purpose of the Korean War was to keep communism from spreading  to the south and beyond. This 'contained' the threat to the area  now known as North Korea.
  == Answer ==   I believe they were made of cherry wood
a remi or remy hair weave is the best hair you can get. there is Chinese remy Indian remy virgin remy and just normal remy hair to me the best one is virgin Indian remy hair its soft and hasn't EVER been processed. In hair terms, Remy means that the hair was sewn on the tracks in the same direction...
Soccer was started around 200 A.D. when cavemen wrapped up dirt and other objects in animal skin. I swear it's the truth! Soccer was officially made a sport in England, though, in the 1800's. I swear about this too! Hope this will help you! Peace out luv yaaa!
I will remain anonymousThey represent the hardship of what the competitors of the Olympics have done in order to obtain this medal.
Indiana State University is a public college. Idaho State University is a public college. Illinois State University is a public college.Iowa State University is a public college.
Because Jamaica has made it to the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi and Wyoming contribution to send Jamaica to the Olympics. Winston Watts will be the oldest bobsledder at age 47. Answered by LeSean Jordan from Harlem, NY Instagram: @harlemhightymer Facebook LeSean Jordan Twitter: @harlemhightymer
In 1951 the Tom Longboat Awards were instituted by Jan Eisenhardt. This program, administered since 1999 by the Aboriginal Sport Circle, annually honours outstanding First Nations athletes and sportsmen in each province of Canada; national male and female winners are selected from the provincial...
Violence has had a very long history in sports. In fact, most early sports were very violent, the most extreme example being gladiatorial combat in ancient Rome, which was watched by large crowds. In Imperial Japan, samurai were allowed to kill almost anybody they wanted to, though in practice...
The Countries we're France, Switzerland, USA, Germany ,Norway ,Italy ,Austria ,Japan ,Yugoslavia ,Canada and for 2014 Winter Olympics the host is Russia
If you mean 'he' as Jesus, he died for your sins so you could have a relationship with God. Read more at: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+1&version=NIV
An Irish farmer, he was also the President of the Gaelic Athletic Association was born in 1842.
Yes, she is married to an American Snowboarder, Jake Welch.
1804 AD. Sir George Cayley built several gliders, distinguished between lift and drag and formulated the concepts of vertical tail surfaces, steering rudders and rear elevators.1883 http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/John_Joseph_Montgomery independently built several gliders in the United States and used...
1804 AD. Sir George Cayley built several gliders, distinguished between lift and drag and formulated the concepts of vertical tail surfaces, steering rudders and rear elevators.1883 John Joseph Montgomery independently built several gliders in the United States and used wind and water tables to...
Ancient Greeks believe Prometheus stole fire from the Gods. Theflame became a symbol of Olympic Games, honoring Zeus.
abdulrahman al-shaebi is not dead he just had a dramatic seizure. A while after his recovery from the seizure he played in the tunisian soccer league.
his name was Nathan mcfarland and he was also the tallest Asian in the world at 5ft 9 inches
there have been a few, but not many.
13 teams don't have a SuperBowl ring: Minnesota Vikings, BuffaloBills, Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers,Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers, ArizonaCardinals, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, HoustonTexans
This policy has two main objectives:• it strives to promote Olympic Games which respect the environment and meet the standards of sustainable development.• it also aims to promote awareness among and educate the members of the Olympic family and sports practitioners in general of the importance...
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== Answer ==   The first televised sporting event was a college baseball game between Columbia and Princeton in 1939, covered by one camera providing a point of view along the third base line. There really was so very little TV in 1931 that it was useless to have TV. By 1936 there were fewer than...
Broom ball was created in Canada. The first recorded broom ball match was in Toronto in 1909. There is some evidence that broom ball was played in the 1890s.
The first televised sporting event was a college baseball game between Columbia and Princeton in 1939. Although the first televised network sports broadcast was NBC's Gillette Cavalcade of Sports, which premiered in 1944 with the Willie Pep vs. Chalky White Featherweight Championship bout.
Gareth Edwards was 5 feet 10 inches tall. He was certainly NOT the biggest scrumhalf but was very quick off the mark and had exceptional lengthy passing, his "box kicking" provided many strategic opportunities for Cardiff and Wales. His partnership with Barry John has been recognised throughout...