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Airbus is the largest plane maker in Europe and it competes with Boeing in the World Market. It became very famous due to A380, the largest passenger plane ever made. Ask questions about its models and features here.
Model No, engine, maximum passengers and 1st flight date for all Airbus models; A300 2 engine, 361 passengers. Oct 1972. No longer produced. A310 2 engine, 279 passengers. Apr 1982. No longer produced. A318 2 engine, 117 passengers. Jan 2002. A319 2 engine, 156 passengers. Aug 1995. A320...
The Airbus A380 has a total of 22 wheels.
no it cannot take off if it is going slow
It depends on the configuration of the A380: 525 in 3 class configuration 644 in 2 class configuration 853 in 1 class configuration
The in-flight entertainment systems installed on aircraft are entirely at the discretion of the operating airline and the route that they are flown on. Generally, domestic short-haul fit outs exclude the entertainment system. The A320 is mostly used for domestic short-haul, so on balance, NO is...
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The next new aircraft from Airbus is the mid-sized A350, comparable in size to Boeing 777/787. There are, however, plans to produce a slightly larger A380-900 variant of the A380 which would be about 18 ft longer than the current -800, boosting the seating capacity to 650 in standard 3-class...
The overall length is 72.72 meters (238.58 ft) Wingspan is 79.75meters (261.65 ft)
In the search for the speed of the fastest airplane in air speed, the first problem was to find the difference between regular speed and air speed. Air speed is defined as the speed of an airplane with relation to the air, as compared to regular speed, which is the speed relative to the earth. In...
The engines provide forward thrust, allowing the wings to generate lift. It is the lift that allows the aircraft to take off.
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The dispatch availability of the small number of A380's in service is about 97%, slightly short of the standard availability of 98.5%. For such a complex and totally new design, teething troubles in the first year or so of operation are not unusual.
how many commercial airliners are there in the world
Approx 2200 kg per hour ..... Divide by .8 for litters
Depends on the Airbus Aircraft you're talking about.
Logan is not an optimal airport for the A380 with no suitable 3-ramp gates but Boston will be an alternate landing option for scheduled A380 flights to JFK/EWR as it was for Concorde before.
They are both double deckers and... ...The A380 and the 747 both have 4 engines, and are both Wide-Body aircraft.\n. \nI believe both have 4 landing gear for wings and fuselage and one nose gear. The A380 fuselage gear has a complicated gear retraction procedure.
The first Airbus model, the A300, entered service with Air France in May 1974. The most recent model, the A380 "super-jumbo", entered service with Singapore Airlines on 15-Oct-2007.
The Airbus A300 is operated by 80 airlines on every continent and flies short-haul flights between many cities. The UK based Monarch Airlines, for example, operate their four A300 aircraft between Birmingham, Dublin, London and Manchester.
Airbus is a subsidiary of European Aeronautic Defence and SpaceCompany (EADS). In July 2013, EADS accounced that the corporation was renaming to'Airbus Industries', to make it's primary business moreobvious.
first off there is no b797 there is a b787 and that is smaller than a A380.
From a pure free-market economy perspective, it looks unreasonable for several European governments to finance the development of airliners which go on to compete with products self-financed by Boeing, who have to incorporate the development costs in their overheads, making their products more...
The maximum speed of the A380 is Mach 0.96 (634 mpg, 551 knots). max cruising speed = .85 MACH max design speed = .96 MACH
Qantas QF32, the scheduled A380 flight from London to Sydney, takes off each day at 12:05.
The QNH for a specific airfield should ensure that the altimeter would read zero when on the ground.
Airbus A380-800, in all-economy configuration.
The A340-600 can carry a maximum of 440 passenger, although only 419 in a typical 2-class configuration. The -200, -300 and -500 variants have a maximum capacity of 375 with between 300-359 in 2-class configuration.
853 passengers and 20 crew members
In the financial year 2008, Airbus had a Net Income (aka, Profit) of €1.597 billion ($2.167 bn US Dollars).
The Airbus A380 maximum cruising speed is Mach 0.88 (670 mph). Long distance cruising speed is typically M0.85 (650 mph). max cruising speed = .85 MACH max design speed = .96 MACH
Yes Actually. Cape Town International Airport has went through a lot of renovations, extended it's runway, and actually has two or even more aircraft gates which can accommodate the A380. The first airline would probably be Emirates, but possibilities that South African airways can come up with a...
Airbus aircraft are manufactured in France by the Airbus company.
There is no such aircraft.
The white line you see in the sky behind an airplane is water-water vapor. Known as a contrail (for conensation trail), this isvisible when the very large amount of water vapor created byburning jet fuel meets the VERY cold air at high altitudes. Just asyou can see your breath on a cold day, you can...
The Airbus A300-600ST (Super Transporter), commonly known as the Beluga is 184 ft 3 inches long. (56.15 metres).
Cruising MACH 0.89 or 587mph Maximum Mach 0.96 or 634 Mph
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The maiden flight was flown by Airbus' chief test pilot, Jacques Rosay.
There are many differences between Airbus and Boeing.
The Airbus A380-800 has an empty operating weight of 276,800 kg(610,000 lb) . Fully loaded, the maximum take off weight is upto 575,000 kg (1,270,000 lb)
As long as a piece of string! I.e it can be anything.
It can be anywhere between 80 and 140 knots depending on aircraft
The Airbus company is mostly known for manufacturing civilian passenger airliners.
Airbus A330 maximum fuel capacity A330-200: 139,090 L (36,740 US gallons) A330-200 Freighter: 97,530 L (25,760 US gallons) A330-300: 97,530 L (25,760 US gallons)
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As at March 2010, only four airlines own and operate the Airbus A380: Air France, Emirates, Qantas and Singapore Airlines.
flight attendants have a passenger list and they know what seats are occupied. you will be asked to go back to your seat or pay.
Civilian passenger airliner.
The A380 is i now that whether there r others i don't know!
The A380 uses sheets of a material manufactured by bonding glass fibre to thin sheets of Aluminium, known as 'GLARE' (GLAss-REinforced fibre metal laminate). This is much lighter than the thicker Aluminium sheets normally used, but more resistant to impact damage.they tested it by fiering a chickin...
Between 1 and 6. Most light aircraft have one prop, while the An-225 has 6 jets.
Steel which is really important for them and oil i think?
Yes, sometimes you can rent a private suite just like a hotel room! But some do not offer this...
In my opinion, yes. Far better than the 747, But they are expensive, remember that...
24.1m X 73m X 79.8m. This is according to. Height X Length X Width
Who manufactures the air bus? What is the model # of it. I want to avoid flying this as pilots refer to it as the "Scary Bus"
An empty Airbus 380 weights 276800 kg.
It's the takeoff safety speed. The speed at which the aircraft may safely become airborne with one engine inoperative.
Airbus aircraft are made in Tolouse, France
Antonov 225 Myria
That's incorrect. To book return flight from Toronto, Canada to Bengalore, India via Dubai, UAE on Wednesday March 31st would cost $231 more than to book exactly the same flight on Monday, March 29th or $181 more than Friday, April 2nd, 2010. I've heard that story before but seems to be urban legend...
so that you cant see the terrorists and immigrants jumping on the plane when your taking off, would you really want to see somebody jumping on with a bomb starpped to them screaming 'allllllaaaaa'
on some of there planes not all
Smoothness in the exposed surfaces of any vehicle is the main step to reducing drag.
The smoke trails emitted by display jet aircraft are produced by injecting diesel into the hot exhaust of the engine. Coloured smoke is produced by mixing dye with the diesel. A The "smoke" trails that appear behind other aircraft are actually known as con-trails and are in fact water vapour. The...
In landing configuration (full flaps), the stall speed is 40 knots (indicated airspeed). With flaps up it is 48 knots.
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It would be between 2 to 3.5 cP at room temperature. See ref.
no they can not because it won't be aero dynamic and the plane will crash
it is userly very stuffy on aplane and smells of sweat
Antonov 225 . airbus A-380 . Boeing 747
Finally assembly is done in France, using components manufactured all over the world.
Aircraft and ships use GPS locators for precise positioning.
The captain and copilot pull the yoke back and the aircraft takes off autopilot can't help take off for some reason. Pilot's fly the plane .
Slightly. But it feels similar to going over the great of a smallhill as a car goes over the greasy. Most don't notice it at allexcept the tumble if the tyres suddenly stops as the aircraft liftsoff.
Yes, operated by Qantas.
Near the back of the plane on the left hand side and in the middle.
They are generally just called "seats".
Denis Bolor was a French flight enthusiast who tried to fly using spring powered wings. He fell to his death in 1536 when the spring broke.
Currently the around the world no stop flights have been powered by jet fuel and Avgas both
Nikko was the leader of the Flying Monkeys.