Death Rate

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Mortality rate is the number of deaths in a country per 1,000 people, per year.
Indonesian birth rates may be attributed to the high quantity of rice comsumed by the populace, while German birth rates are affected by beer and spirit comsumption. Death rates in both areas are the result of totalitarian regimes, including nazism, buddhism, and chauvinism.
As I understand it nobody died due to the Soviet blockade ofBerlin. The US Air Force began flying in supplies long before thatwould have become an issue. A few deaths did result from airplanecrashes during the airlift operations to supply Berlin. However of course some people did die during the...
NO ! There are lots of people that are still alive that aren't in the USA .
Any number you find is made up and exaggerated. The number they are using now is 300,000. That's sure to increase, as exaggerated claims always do. They run into trouble when they try to increase it above the exaggerated number of smoking deaths. Both causes are competing for government and...
3 out of 5 pregnancies turn out to be miscarriages, this seems like a lot, but most of these occur very very early on, often when the woman doesn't know she is pregnant and it can't be picked up by a pregnancy test, scary thought !
I have it on good authority (I would rather keep my source confidential) that every man woman and child that does not eventually leave Indiana will die there. Further to my co-respondent above I would like to point out that Indiana has an enlightened policy of freely allowing people to leave. This...
155,000 die per day. 155,000 * 365 days. = 54,750, 000.
begining of new life
The Philippines's birth rate is 25.68 % in 2010, down from 26.3 % in 2003. Meanwhile the death rate is 5.06% in 2010, down from 5.60% in 2003.
Every one that is born there dies eventually.
10.8 per 1,000 est. 2008
During which period of time? It's very difficult to get statistic on that because many smokers die indirectly from smoking. Direct causes include strokes, lung, throat, stomach cancer, emphysema and other respiratory diseases (for long term smokers).
Patients with abortive polio infections recover completely. In those who develop only aseptic meningitis, the symptoms can be expected to persist for two to ten days, followed by complete recovery. In cases of spinal polio, if the affected nerve cells are completely destroyed, paralysis will be...
In the UK in 2008, there were 156,723 deaths from cancer.
According to census figures 87.5% of all people born in the us, die by the age of 65. 12.5% live beyond 65. On the face of it, this is highly unlikely. It appears this answer comes from noting that 12.5% of people living are over age 65. This does not however mean that the rest are dead! The...
7,200 cigarettes, assuming that a smoker smokes 20 cigarettes a day, which can be considered a light smoker. Heavy smokers can reach the astonishing amount of 120 cigarettes a day. Such crazy smoker smokes 43,200 cigarettes during one year.
In any given year from 2002 to 2009, from 1,000 to 1,300 gang-related homicides are documented and reported in the largest cities in the NYGS.
It would be a guess on how many people have committed suicide afterappearing on a realty TV show. James Terrill, who appeared onSupernanny, and Mindy McCready, who appeared on Celebrity Rehab,both committed suicide.
over 2,000,000,000 sad..., OVER 3,000,000,000 ARE DEAD WOW THAT IS SO SAD i think the answer above mine is wrong...i think theres about 114,600,000,000 million dead.....6 billion people in every century excluding ours = 19 centuries (A.D.)
Financial warfare is a concept that a nation can push its adversaries or mount an attack on the economy of enemy countries by using trade and investment instruments. In an article by Noah Shachtman 'US Could Use Crisis to Wage 'Financial Warfare' published on March 16, 2009, the writer says that ...
About 10,000,000 people commit suicide every year.
See: Wikipedia World War II Casualties.
lack of food supply and increase of polution in the country
such a large number of people died! We don't know EXACTLY the right amount of people that died but we think 2 bilion died since 2009
100% OF DRINKING ALCOHOLICS DIE. FACT. abstinence is the only way to prevent an early and painful death due to alcoholism.
The death rate in Japan is 10.09 per 1000 people.
they need to do way instain ladder. A lOT, infact I know someone that died by falling off a ladder just a couple months ago.
17.17 births/1,000 population. 5.72 deaths/1,000 population.
3000 a day German concentration camps death rate 90% POW camps In Germany 3%, in Japan 40% due to bad care
Rate of change of distance is called speed.Rate is defined as change with respect to time.
Discounting any emigration/immigration, growth rate is birth rate minus death rate.
In some ways. Government mandated seat belt use has saved many lives, as has mandated air bags.
According to page 2 of the Related Link below, the birth rate in 1800 America was 55 per 1,000 and the death rate was 27 per 1,000.
availability of food, climatic conditions, Wealth. Birth rates are affected by infant mortalities Governments population policies Availability for family planning safety of child birth Death rates are affected by... food supply medication availabilities and hospitals disease and cleaniness
It is about 8.12 according to 2011.
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"Violent Death Rate" is a statistic explored on the website (link below), which combines military death rates with that of domestic manslaughter rates (homicide, executions, etc). The purpose of which is to come up with a cohesive rate that follows a person's likelihood of...
Evaporation is the (slow) process of liquid molecules turning into gas and escaping from the fluid. Because the molecules need a place to escape evaporation can only occur at the surfaces of the fluid that are not in contact with a container, e.g., to top of a glass of water which is exposed to the...
15 million per year exactly ):
Birth rate : 27.98 births/1,000 population (2009 est.) Death rate : 5.11 deaths/1,000 population (July 2009 est.) Additional information at the link below . Please go to heart to heart and donate money or give anything you can to a warehouse close to you!
'Death at a Funeral' is rated R for language, drug content and some sexual humor.. humor.
This is applicable only to India. are the deaths of young women who are murdered or driven to suicide by continuous harassment and torture by husbands and in-laws in an effort to extort an increased dowry. Dowry deaths are reported in various South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, and...
The years before the global awareness of the smoking damages caused by this vice seem to be the the worst of all. A year that has caused the most deaths is impossible to quote. Precise statistics on this issue isn't possible to take. All you can get is roughly approximated numbers. However you can...
Death rates can change unexpectedly due to disease, wars and catastrophes, or advances in medicine. Birth rates are declining too.
Birth rate (i) Improvement in health and medical facilities help in increase of birth rate. (ii) Decrease in death rate. Death rate (i) When birth rate decreases death rate increases.
\n8.71 deaths/1,000 population
By the time it is discovered, the cancer has spread.
6.81 deaths per 1000 of the population
In the U.S., 4.5% of women and 8% of men die before the age of 50. (This information is taken directly from actuarial death rate statistics compiled in 2006).
Literacy rate is a measure of the level of development in a country- seen as education is pivotal in developing your country. Therefore, countries with a low literacy rate will be more likely to have higher death rates than those with higher literacy rates.
Well, the death rate in the United Arab Emirates witch Dubai is located in is 2.13.
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Though many mental disorders can have physical side effects, and eating disorder is one of the only mental disorders that is also an actual physical disorder. Eating disorders often rob the body of essential nurtients (for disorders like bulimia and anorexia). Starvation and physical abuse (like...
Although nearly everyone is aware of the fact that smoking causes cancer, many people are not aware to what extent. According to the American Heart Association, smoking cigarettes is the most common preventable cause of death throughout the United States. It is responsible for around one in five...
Approximately 3 per minute
It goes by gender. for girls it is 98, for boys it is 92. it is said that horomones cause it.
167.6, based on world total of 56.6 million people per year Primary source: . Wolfram|Alpha knowledgebase, 2010.. Wolfram Mathematica CountryData.
Death rate: 5.94 deaths/1,000 population.
8.28 (deaths per 1000 persons), World Rank # 100...
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In comparison to what? Specify a specific highway, an amount of time and what the percentage is weighed against? Automobile accident deaths in general? think about the variable before you ask such an open ended question. So I'm going to just guess at what you are really asking and say in comparison...
45,077 deaths, See Related Links, below.
About 55% of humans are female.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
When you are HIV positive your life will continue as usual. You just have to live your life with GOD. Pray always and live correctly.
Year Death rate Rank Percent Change Date of Information . 2003. 21.08. 10. 2003 est.. 2004. 25.26. 3. 19.83 %. 2004 est.. 2005. 28.82. 2. 14.09 %. 2005 est.. 2006. 29.74. 1. 3.19 %. 2006 est.. 2007. 30.35. 1. 2.05 %. 2007 est.. 2008. 30.7. 1. 1.15 %. 2008 est.. 2009. 30.83. 1. 0.42 %. July...