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Office supplies range from the simple pen and paper, to staplers, type-writers, post-its and the list goes on and on. Whether you are working at home in the office or at work in the office, these office supply questions may answer your most detailed questions about the items we use everyday. Are you wondering what to buy for your office or where the best place to go is? Look no further because this category may answer your office supply needs.


You can get them at Basha's and online at
The ease with which an object can be balanced depends greatly onthe location of its center of gravity. In this video segmentadapted from ZOOM , two cast members experiment with various designs in aneffort to balance a pencil on its tip. Their solution lowers thepencil's center of gravity, making...
Tiffany's. I'm familar with this brand. They designed Pens, floral,pastel, and more. Lots of them. Hope this helped you haha
PCL Construction, my dad helped :D
4 pencils cost 10 cents so pencils are 10/4 cents each. So 50 cents will buy 50*4/10 = 20 pencils
the function of a pencil is to write with out getting your handsdirty and to be able to write on paper instead of stone.
I believe the galvanize process happens as the wire is wound ontogargantuan spools but the important part is... paperclips aretypically made of galvanized steel wire.
Yes, sharpies can make you high. When you sniff it, it kills your brain cells and you can't think very well and you can't react to things as quickly. When you smell the Sharpie, it's like a drug; the drug makes you high and messes with your brain. If you don't agree with me, than research about...
It has not been said yet. they are being very secretive about all that is going on in the movie, although if you you go onto youtube, and search "maximum ride cast" some of the results will make you laugh
Nope. Modern staples are made out of steel plated zinc.
No. Sir Walter Scott died in 1832. The first modern typewriter was invented in 1868. People had been inventing forms of an automated writing machine ever since Leonardo da Vinci, (probably before) but none had proven practical or easily mass manufactured. The first person to write a published...
I am trying to find out how to correct my typewriter. When I go to us the @ character the number 2 comes up on the right hand side and very small. Please help.
You can communicate with computers using the Light Pens AndGraphics Tablets.
The red pen began as early as the 17th century when medievalEuropean scribes created red ink, for writing with writinginstruments. In 1931, Parker Quink Ink began manufacturing ink in avariety of colors, including red for rollerball and pens.
Yes you can if you have a open wound that the marker gets in contact to.
The standard QWERTY keyboard was arranged to SLOW DOWN a typist- type too fast, and a manual typewriter would jam. This is not a problem with electronic keyboards, so the Dvorak pattern was created, permitting people to type much more quickly.
You can see Krew 1 but it's not called Krew 1, it doesn't have a krew at all. there was never a Krew 1 EVER!! Anyways, yes you can see it on the and then log in to Kooky fun klub (if your not a member sorry!) go to Kollectors Page then Official Kooky Kollector Tools, then vintage...
Since $1 was worth more then it would be worth today a pencil back in the early 1900's could have cost 1 fourth of a cent today.
Yes you do if it is your only pencil so therefore yes
John J. Loud And László Bíró Invented the pen
Well, i suppose it depends on the individual that has the pen, though it's sort of common sense not to give pen (or any pointed object) to a baby/irresponsible child...
a old one is about 40 dollar's but a new one would be 72 dollar's but I'm not shore
Carbon atoms, arranged in parallel sheets.
Yes. All pencils use lead - not the element, but a graphite and clay mixture molded into a long narrow strip.
It's kind of obvious. It helped people by allowing them to TYPE things.
contact sentry safe company give them the serial number model number and they should be able to give you the default number but this will only help if you didn't change the lock combonation.
i honestly hope ur talking about pens and if you are.... no the do not
They are basically the same things, but the basic difference is the ink. In ballpoint pens the ink is oil-based paste ink that dries immediately. It is suited for all types of writing styles. On the other hand the ink of a rollerball pen is more fluid than a ballpoint, so it seldom skips, but the...
I get my Japanese erasers from a kid toy store called Learning Express Toys
You should bring your dog to the vet immedietly. If nothing is done, I would assume that the staples sharp edges will damage the insides of your dog (stumach, intestines, ect.). A quick fix you could try is buying cotton balls (not the man made material ones), coating them with some kind of tasty...
I usually check what we need for our office, and come up with a list, then I start comparing the prices on major stores, like staples, office depot, etc. Sometimes the brand does not really matter, and it is a risk to choose some unfamiliar online store. But I found...
go to the store. or mak eone yourself.
yes paint pens wash off skin but you need to shower and scrub the area real hard until it comes off sharpie pens come of as well.
Not sure but in Canada, real Iwako "made in Japan" Japanese erasers are now available at independent toy stores across Canada. Just be sure to ask for Iwako "made in Japan" so you don't get the fake ones.
It would have to be a huge pencil. One meter equals about 39 inches.
Current: Yeah, We've got that. 2003 and before: That was easy
Erasers pick up graphite particles, thus removing them from the surface of the paper. Basically, the molecules in erasers are 'stickier' than the paper, so when the eraser is rubbed onto the pencil mark, the graphite sticks to the eraser preferentially over the paper. Some erasers damage the top...
In order, the leads are (from softest to hardest):. 9B/8B/7B/6B/5B/4B/3B/2B/B/HB/F/H/2H/3H/4H/5H/6H/7H/8H/9H. HB is the most commonly used lead for general purposes. The softer leads are used for art drawing, the harder for fine ledger work.
I am trying to sell a typewriter desk exactly like what you are describing. From one lady, I have heard that they are worth more than $300. Beyond that I am not certain.
Alone at last, we can sit and fight I've lost all faith in this blurring light Stay right here we can change our plight! We're storming through this, despite what's right! One final fight, for this tonight Whoa With knives and pens, we've made our plight Lay your heart down, the...
No you can not but it has chemicals in it which arrent healthy. But, you would have to swallow tons to get a poisoning from it. So the answer is a no its just not healthy. Hope this helped :)
Pencils are made out of wood etc........................................
A binder is a book that has 3 rings; it is used to organize andhold papers. In law, a binder is a short-form preliminary contractin which the purchaser agrees to buy and the seller agrees to sellcertain real estate under stated terms and conditions.
No they aren't poisonous
Yes, pencil lead is a conductor of electricity. Lead is a metal. Most metals are good conductors of heat and electricity. . Assuming of course you mean pencils back when lead was actually used as the writing medium in the pencil, then yes. Other than that, pencils nowadays are made using graphite...
The mechanical pencil is more earth friendly because to get regular wood pencils,you have to cut down trees. (wood=trees Duhh)
0.32-0.16=3.16 3.16/4=0.79 =$0.79 or 79 cents you're freaking welcome next time, do your own work baii
carbyohydrates and proteins proteins and carbyohydrates
The Norwegians used the paper clips as a symbol during the Holocaust.
Since Family Day is not a national holiday. it is likely that Staples is open. If you have any doubt, it is best to call the store.
I'm not an expert, but it would probably be because the two different electromagnetic fields from the magnets are not lining up. This would cause part of the attractive force to be canceled out, and for less paper clips to stick. It really depends on how you have the magnets put together.
Yes they scar more than sutures do, but they require less effort by the doctor.
yep...totally worth it...
well, considering it is just nail polish if you use a base coat it shouldn't stain
The width of a pencil would be the metric unit of centimeters
Every nib has a particular width and structure as the death sentence is the biggest punishment that can be give to any individual breaking the nib is to avoid any over writing on the case. Others say that it represents the anger the law put on the person that hangs until death.
?? lol i dont know what electro magnets u have been using! if it is a homemade electro magnet, try increasing the coils in the wire ro the power u are putting into it. does the bar magnet (permanent magnet) have a larger surface area than the electro one? also, you do know that the magnetic...
Pencils are made out of wood and have a graphite filling which puts the mark on the paper. Pencils used to use lead but they found that it could be poisonous. This mark can be rubbed out, but may look scruffy. Pens are more formal but use any coloured ink, the ink is normally blue, black or red....
sulfite or hydroxide ions See related link for more detail.
Differences between typewriter and micro soft word package?
The Sharpie will eventually wash off the epoxy. The only way to keep any drawn image on it is to sand it down and do it or possibly draw with your Sharpie and apply a couple coats of epoxy clear coat over it.
Yes apperentally cause I just got one pack 4my b day and they work pretty well and the results are pretty good usually... :)
No. According to their weekly ad, Staples is closed on Easter Sunday.
Not sure if it really works, but I have heard if you write over a sharpie in a different color sharpie, it erases it - maybe worth a try.
You may find the information on one of the two PDF files located at the related links. There does not seem to be an online DLD 600 entry.
At iwako stationary shops in airports, train stations, etc. I hope i have helped! x
There's is this place called Printware in Melbourne. They sell a large range of single erasers and also some blister packs.
you can buy them at staples my kids love them
Although rumors suggest that pencils used to be made from pure lead, this is a myth. Pencils have always been made of graphite since the mineral's discovery in 1565. The pencil hadn't taken on it's true "form" until 1660 when they were made as graphite rods encased with wood as we know them today....
beaches have water and water has fishes and fishes have diseases witch eventually kill people and the seeds inside those people are buried and trees form and pencils are extracted from those trees
Easter is on SUNDAY. Fedex Office is open everyday though so check'em out! :)
the lead is made of graphite (carbon) and the rest is either wood or plastic. Oh, and rubber for the eraser and metal for the eraser holder. Or, just graphite, plastic and rubber for a mechanical pencil :P
aletter & number like (4h) is a light lead & a (6b) is a darker lead As used in shadowing. choose a pencil with light lead like a 4H. use this so if you don't like something you started drawing than you can erase it easier if you use a pencil like a 6b erasing this will show . I start with a light...
It can draw a line about 35 miles.