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As early as 1913, small service aircraft have been used to transport passengers by air. Since then, passenger transportation in the commercial airline industry has grown and flourished. Today, a massive industry has grown around this service and air travel is now commonplace. Your questions about the history and growth of air travel, as well as about air travel today, should be asked here.

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When is the best time of year - financially - to fly?

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To save money 5 Mantras are there - 1. Check the fares early of your voyage. Most of the airlines change fares constantly. Those who purchase within a week pay even more. So timing is important. It is to be recommended that you will have to start checking fare when you are sure about your flying. 2. It has been studied that, for domestic flight 49 days was the optimal time to buy ticket. 3. Tuesday and Wednesday are generally the least expensive days for domestic flight. The most expensive days are Friday and the Sunday. 4. Knowing when to travel will save your money easily. It ensures that Spring break, Thanksgiving or in Christmas time you will have to pay extra bucks. 5. To be smart enough, keep your eyes open on fare trends, sign up for Cheap Air Fare alerts.
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Can we take clothes iron in hand carry?

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Yes, you can carry on a clothes iron.
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If you are planning a trip to Hawaii for next year can you get a lower fare if you book now?

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Here are a few suggestions from other Wiki contributors: In theory yes, but in reality I would say no. From experience it has become very expensive to travel to Hawaii (compared to a couple of years ago when it was dirt cheap). I have been quoted $1300 economy airfare (yes, 1 person) with 3 weeks advance to travel and recently bought a bargain of $629 booked 7 months in advance (both from SFO direct to Kona). The best deals I've seen if you are traveling to Honolulu are with Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays. They use a charter (typically ATA) and offer airfare only of $300+ from SFO to HNL. UA was recently running deals from Chicago but was very expensive from other locations. It just depends on how full the airlines think their planes will be. Try Pleasant Hawaiian it's worked out well for us in the past and they will book to other islands though not usually direct. This is almost impossible to answer since airfares can and do change daily. I would advise you to wait until at least ninety but no more than thirty days prior to your travel dates. Airlines change their schedules and even go out of business. Your plans may also change. In the meantime watch you newspaper travel section for any special offers so you know the approximate cost of the best deals. There also are several search engines that check the internet for the best fares. My favorite is BoardingPass since it checks all of the low cost air fare sites and gives you the best information on schedules. It is a free download.
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Is there bus service from New York City to attica correctional facility?

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The only bus service left that goes to new York state correctional facilities is Upstate Family Transport 800-693-9646. They're pretty good, crowded since all the other companies went out of business but they are organized.
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How old do you have to be to travel abroad alone?

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12 years -improve: you can travel between 5-12 yrs. You must have the airlines babysit the child for a fee make arrangements for said child to be picked up and other rules will apply. Depends on airline. Most flights won't watch children over 12. You also need a note from parents they will have to purchase the ticket also, or your legal guardian.
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How do air travel customers rate Easyjet?

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Easyjet Opinions I have traveled on Easyjet numerous times and love it. It is inexpensive, if you book early enough sometimes you can get a flight and only pay the taxes on the seat! It's clean and very enjoyable. i would highly recommend flying them. They go all over Europe and their employees are efficient. I haven't had a problem with them ever losing my bags. Just beware if you have a lot of luggage or your bags are heavy you will get charged a fee. Check on their website on the baggage allowance and weight guidlines. I hope you enjoy traveling with them, I like them. As long as you don't mind being shoe-horned into the plane (they pack as many passengers on as they can) and having to pay for a cup of coffee, you'll get what you paid for. It's rather like being in an overloaded cattle-truck for the duration, but it's a damn sight cheaper than Brutish Airways! A tip. Budget airlines like Easyjet, which I have used, offer fares that are either really cheap or are rather expensive. Don't be fooled into thinking that the fare offered must be the cheapest just because it is offered by a budget airline. You may find the larger airlines can under cut them on some routes at certain times. Travelling on Easyjet is hit or miss. First, you do not get an assigned seat number so it's a bit of a free for all at the airport and you might find you need to get to the airport earlier than usual to secure a better seat. It is cheap, but does not always beat out other airlines in the fare stakes. Sometimes the tax can be more than the actual cost of the flight. Depending on where you stay in the UK it might not always be easy to get to some of the airports Easyjet operates from, like Luton for example. Probably an okay airline to take for short duration holidays when you're looking to jet off somewhere quickly at a reduced price.
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If you fly in a plane from New York to India is the distance flown less than flying from India to New York based on the rotation of the earth?

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The distance doesn't change, of course. There is an indirect effect on the travel speed, but it may not be what you think. The earth does rotate, but since you're on it, you are rotating with it. At sea level, the linear speed of the earth's surface at the equator is about 700 miles per hour. But if you jump in the air, the earth doesn't move at 700 mph below you: you were both moving to start with. That said, the rotation of the earth does affect the prevailing winds. This is because the surface speed of the earth at the equator is 700 mph, and at the poles it's zero. The difference in these speeds causes global wind patterns that basically swirl clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the southern. So since the trip from NY to India is mostly in the northern hemisphere, if you travel west to east near the equator, you will be facing a headwind and the trip will take longer. But planes usually take advantage of the prevailing winds and stay north on one direction and near the equator in the other. So you will see some variations in travel time. You could have answered this question yourself by looking at a timetable on a travel site! Some of the previous answer is correct, but much of it is way off base. First of all, the speed of the earth at the equator is not 700 mph, it's closer to 1667 kph, or 1042 mph...not that that has anything to do with answering your question. The point-to-point distance between New York and India remains constant, however, the flight paths aircraft take may vary on a daily basis depending on air traffic, winds, weather, preferred routes, etc. Regarding flight times, the winds that affect air travel are a function of high and low pressure systems along the route of flight. In the northern hemisphere, winds move clockwise around a high pressure system and counterclockwise around a low (and just the opposite in the southern hemisphere). Normally, and when possible, aircraft are flight planned to travel the shortest (great circle) distance between two points. They vary that route based on winds (location of highs and lows) when the wind speed is favorable enough, or adverse enough, to warrant incurring the extra distance. In the old days, these calculations were all done by hand, now it's a simple matter of letting a computer generate a flight plan based on the airline's preferences relative to time versus cost. Finally, you couldn't have found the answer to your question by looking at a travel site timetable. Published flight times are based on averages and are changed seasonally when the predominant winds (pressure patterns) cause a significant change in flight times. Hope that helps clear things up. How did he figure how fast the Earth was rotating at the equator? Easy....the Earth is 25046 in circumference miles / 24 hours in a day which equals 1043.583333 mph. But actually this number may vary due to the 6 extra hours we lose every year and or the exact circumference of the Earth may not be 25046 mlies at all times, since the Earth is a very dynamic place ;-)
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Why do your ears pop when you're on an airplane (and how can you stop it)?

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Your ears pop because of the difference in pressure between the air inside your ear and the air outside. As you get higher up, the air is less dense, meaning there’s less air pressure pushing on your eardrum from the outside and more pressure on it from the inside. The ear regulates its internal pressure through structures called the eustachian tubes, and when these tubes open and allow outside air into the ear, we experience that as a pop. With that in mind, you don’t want to stop your ears from popping; rather, you want to encourage it. Tricks to avoid uncomfortable pressure on your eardrum include anything that encourages frequent swallowing, like chewing gum. Yawning also helps. Or, you could try something called the Valsalva maneuver, which entails holding your nose shut, closing your mouth, and gently blowing, as if you were blowing your nose.
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How long does it take to unload an airplane?

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It varies, depending on how many people are on the airplane, but on average, from 30 minutes to an hour.
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Can a 16 year old fly alone and do they need an ID?

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It depends on the airline, but usually you have to be 14 or older. However just incase bring a letter giving parental concent. They will know your age from your passport. Although 16 should be fine. Ask the airline. A friend of mine did a over seas flight with one connection when he was 14 a few years ago. That was with Lufthansa.
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Does an italian passport holder need visa to enter Malaysia?

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Italian passport holders do not need a visa to enter Malaysia, as long as their visit is no longer than 3 months.
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What is the least expensive time of year to take a cruise?

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Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is usually the cheapest. How about also when everyone else does NOT want to go! For instance to Alaska in May or Sept, because the popular times are June and July!
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Do I need a passport to fly from Greece to London?

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Although both Greece and UK are in the European Union you still have to show an up to date passport in and out of both countries.
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What is the largest airport in the US?

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Denver International Airport.
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What travel agency has iata number 26766180?

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Quality Reward Travel, LLC, based in the United States.
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Can you bring a box full of gum on a plane carry on?

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Yes,You can. Most people would actually reccomend it for when your ears start popping because of different temperatures the plane is reaching. So,go ahead... and Good luck on your flight!
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Why can't Airplanes take off in fog?

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Airplanes can take off in fog. It is just harder to see, however with modern day radar technology, you could paint the windshield black and still be able to fly.
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Does FAA regulations permit alcohol in checked baggage?

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Typically alcohol is allowed in checked baggage as long as it is below a certain proof. I believe anything over 120 proof is not allowed.
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What are the advantage and disadvantage of road transport?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of road transport Advantages: 1.High flexibility in terms of transport jobs and changed plans. 2.Fewer idles and waiting periods. 3.Relatively low transport times for short and medium distances. Disadvantages: 1.Limited transport volume. 2.Traffic jams. 3.Legal restrictions. 4.Weather effects 5.Restrictions on transport of hazardous goods.