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Questions and answers about mental health and conditions, such as depression, bipolar, ADD-ADHD, schizophrenia, and others

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What does paradoxical excitement mean?

Paradoxical excitement or paradoxical sleep is a stage of sleep (during REM) in which the brain and body systems are active while the body is physically at rest. This excited stage while at rest is why it's a "paradox." ...
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What can you do when you are bored in class?

Bored in Class... Whether it's because you already understand the material being taught, or are off in your 'own little world', or the teacher is just plain BORING, you should still try and give the teacher the courtesy of your attention, (you could add to any discussion). The educational option: If a class is really boring and you still want to learn, read ahead in the textbook and take some notes. Draw pictures in your notebook about what the teacher is saying, or make...
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What does 'chronic destitution' mean?

Constant or continuous return to a state of financial or material poverty. This could be due to an inability to manage one's financial affairs/money, debt, poor health, irresponsibility, mental illness, or some combination of such factors- or perhaps just very bad luck. To be "destitute" means to be gravely or seriously impoverished or poor. ...
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What are some examples of shortcomings?

A shortcoming is usually a description of the weaknesses within a person's personality or character. Examples: Lack of patience Over confidence Lying Gossiping Avoiding responsibility Always being late Easy to anger Lack of empathy ...
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What is it called when you are afraid of depths?

Bathophobia. The Greek root, bathy, means deep.
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What are the effects on lack of movement?

people not movement If a person does not keep moving - their muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons will have a tendency to shorten and stiffen. Then when the joint is moved - it will hurt as all parts are stiff and not used to moving. Even a 90+ year old should keep moving to keep flexible one CAN regain flexibility IF they will stretch and move slowly to bring the muscles and attachments back to a more normal situation KEEP MOVING - KEEP...
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Do people know when they have schizophrenia?

Sometimes. It depends on multiple factors. Whether the symptoms are mild, moderate or severe can make a big difference. If paranoia is mild, and hallucinations are transient and not too bothersome, then generally the answer would be "no". However, if delusions and hallucinations are severe, the afflicted individual generally is aware that something is not right, (and, also, that others don't seem to struggle with reality, learning and social activities - in the ways that affect the person with schizophrenia on a...
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Does the word childlike mean happy?

No, the word 'childlike' means the mentality of a child whether a child or an adult acting childlike. Adults who often act childlike can also be labeled as having a 'Peter Pan Syndrome' which simply means they are immature and living in a childlike dream world of their own. ...
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Is there a name for the need to write obsessively?

its called being obsessed. if you do the action of writing constantly, its called compulsive writer. so if you think about writing constantly and do it to fulfill that constant thought of writing, its called obsessive-compulsive disorder. ---- Perhaps you mean hypergraphia. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypergraphia Hugs, Rebecca St. Martin (www.rebeccastmartin.com) --- ...
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What is the acute phase of adult schizophrenia?

In the acute phase, the patient has an overt loss of contact with reality (psychotic episode) that requires intervention and treatment. ...
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Can untreated diabetes cause dementia?

Yeah mate, Yeah it can! oriet bud is that all!
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Can you drop dead from ecstasy?

that have happened alot... so yes you can... all depend on how many pill you take at once, i have hear of people overdosing on ecstacy and they die almost instantly, the use of ecstacy overtime will kill you anyway, with every pill the brain looses a lot of cells ...
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How long can you live with dementia?

The answer depends on many different factors, including what's causing the dementia. For Alzheimer's, for example, factors include the age at diagnosis, severity of symptoms, and general health status. Nor is there a textbook progression to the disease; some people go downhill quickly after diagnosis, while others can live with the disease for 10 or more years. ...
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What is the purpose of the pons?

The pons is the part of the brain stem that links the medulla obligation and the thalamus. It bulges forward in front of the cerebellum, from which it is separated by the fourth ventricle. The pons contains numerous nerve tracts between the cerebral cortex and the spinal cord and several nuclei of gray matter. The trigeminal nerves emerge from it's front surface. The purpose of the pons is to relay information between the rest of the brain and the spinal cord. ...
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What fun different or interesting activities can school age kids do when you are bored?

If you are bored you have too much time on your hands. Perhaps it's the weekend, or the summer. I don't think that there ever comes a time in life when you have nothing to do. There is always something you can be doing! Don't be afraid to use your imagination and you are never too old to do any of these activities - there is always something to do. Since boredom comes from inside you and not from out in the world,...
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Does Strattera cause mood swings?

Strattera and Mood Swings Strattera does cause mood swings. I am 28 yrs old and been on Strattera for 2 weeks. I've noticed that my behavior has been totally inappropriate in the last two weeks that I've been taking Strattera. I am much more sensitive to emotions such as anger, irritability, and have negative thoughts as I analyze everything. As I'm currently planning a wedding in a few months my stress level would be generally higher; the Strattera in my system is...
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What causes ADHD?

Information and opinions from contributors: While there is still considerable controversy about the specific cause or causes of ADHD, the one tested and demonstrated fact is that ADHD correlates with a chemical imbalance in the brain. PET scans of the brains of ADHD subjects and brains of individuals not subject to ADHD show a pronounced difference in the levels of neurotransmitters such as dopamine. Chemicals which stimulate the production and uptake of these neurotransmitters seem to help many of those who are ADHD. Quite...
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Do people with multiple personalities hear voices?

Yes, almost constantly. I have a family member diagnosed with MPD and they always hear the voices in their head and usually talks back to them Yes and no it comes and goes and you do litterley hear them like someones actually their but if you've had it long enough you can talk to them without actually talcking we have verry interesting conversations and you can be co contious which sometimes you can hear eatchothers thoughts when you do that so...
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Is Schizophrenia dangerous to others if untreated?

Yes, schizophrenics can become dangerous if the do not take there medications. The voices and hallucinations may become much more dominant. The patient could become violent. They could become very violent with no sign whatsoever. My mother works in the hospital. She worked with a schizophrenic man, who decided he didn't want to take his medication. Soon after words, he decided to hit a woman with his car.(Yes, then he was fired) I'm not saying all schizophrenics may be violent. No. That's...
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Why people commit suicide in a hotel?

There could be many reasons. I suspect that it is because they wish to be away from their family home, perhaps to protect their family members from finding them. Sounds illogical, but then suicide is not an entirely logical action. It could be a way to commit to their action as well. If they are isolated, remove themselves from being interrupted, remove themselves from their normal routine, it is more likely their attempt will be successful. Hotels could appear to be a...
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What are the needs of dementia patients?

The same as any other human. Adl's (activities of daily living). Food,showers,protection from harm. But all done with much patience and understanding. ...
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How was mental illness and retardation treated in the Elizabethan era?

Mildly developmentally delayed people were usually kept at home in the lower and middle classes. They were given menial, simple tasks to do, and if loved, were cared for. The less fortunate were taunted and abused. The seriously mentally ill were locked up , either at home or in an institution.Most of these were staffed by members of various religious orders, or sponsored by the benevolent wealthy. Treatments were few and mostly ineffectual. It was a sorry state of affairs. The best...