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Summer Camps, whether sleepaway or day camps, are a popular activity for children during summer vacations. Ask questions about various summer camps in the U.S. and abroad here.

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Summer Camp

Can you go on a vacation alone if you are 16 and your parents don't want you to?

think againNo you can't

I think your parents heave a reason, a good reason and they want all is best for you.

when i was little, i was thinking like you think now

Find out why they don't let you proheaps they have a good reason.

PS(sorry, about my language I'm not from usa :))

Summer Camp

What is the conflict in werewolves don't go to summer camp?

that they don't exist

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Summer Camp

What are some funny camp stories?

A friend of mine was camping at a campground and got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. She was barefoot. Suddenly, she stepped on something that moved. It was a snake! She screamed and jumped up --- and the snake ran in the same direction she did. She landed right back on the same poor snake!

Summer Camp

What are the most common things you do in sleep away camp?

a bed

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Summer Camp
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Where can you find free Christian camp manuals?

See the link below.

Summer Camp

How many children attend summer camps in the United States?

Over 8 million kids attend summer camp every year according to the American Camping Association.

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Summer Camp

Why is there no school in the summer?

I can cite no authority for this answer, but folk lore says that in an agrarian society children were needed to help sow, weed, harvest crops etc.

Summer Camp

How long does summer camp last?

Summer camps (sleep-away) are on average about 4 weeks long. Some are shorter at 2 weeks, and others are longer at 6 or 8 weeks long. Many summer camps are for just 1 weeks sessions. There are numerous summer camps that are also day-camps that can last for a week, while others are like day programs for most of the summer.

South Australia
Summer Camp

Are there any summer camps in South Australia?

Australia does not hold "summer camps" in the same context of those in the USA. Camps may be held over the summer break, but they vary between a few days and two weeks, at most.

The YMCA of South Australia has a camp programme during parts of the summer holidays. See the first of the related link below for more information.

You can also find information about sports camps at the second link below, while information about Music camps can be found at the third link.

Summer Camp

How do I convince my parents to let me go to a sleep away camp and they wont let me go because they are worried about me but I really want to go?

  • All legitimate camps have counselors to keep the kids safe and well looked after. Get the counselor to phone your parents and perhaps visit them at your home to explain what the camp is like and what the rules of that camp are and this may change your parent's mind. If you cannot do that then if one or more of your friends are going have their parents phone your parents. Many parents hear a lot more horror stories about camps than you will ever hear at your age and you are lucky they care enough to keep you safe because they love you.
Summer Camp

What if your at summer camp and get your first period?

There are several things you can do.

  • If you think you are close to starting take things with you just in case. Pack a pad in a zipper bag, take a few aspirin in case you have cramps, and take a heating pad for cramps as well.
  • If you don't have things with you find a female camp advisor and ask her for help.
  • A camp should have a nurse on staff so find her for help
  • Make a friend with an older girl and go to her for help.
Summer Camp

Something a kid would comeplaighn about at summer camp?

home sick

The weather is too hot

Too boring

No friends

Too many little/big kids there

Bad counselors

Summer Camp

What does a summer camp director do?

direct people in to making good choices and organize camp, also activities

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Summer Camp

Can a girl go bald?

Yes a girl can go bald because they could get really sick. I am not sure. Sorry

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Summer Camp

What do I do my boyfriend won't commit after 6 years of dating says it takes too much effort He says he loves me and will live with me forever but won't marry mewhat is this?

This is committment phobia and having the milk without milking the cow. If after 6 years he wont committ and how dare he say it takes too much effort. Trying to loose 200 pounds takes alot of effort, being yourself and loving someone doesnt take much at all. Sounds like your relationship is onesided, that its his way or no way. This is up to you, 6 years is a long time to throw away but its also 6 years of wasted time because he wasnt thinking of the futures long haul. Its up to you if you want to remain in this relationship, he will keep going with the status quo and that's good for him but is that what you want? You have the right to be happy and have the things you want and need out of a relationship and a "man". Sit down and let him know that a stronger committment needs to be made on his part or you will consider moving on. See if he will start slow and become engaged and then within a years time marry. If not you have your answer........

Summer Camp
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How do you keep a 13 year old out of trouble this summer?

* Get them into sports of some sort. Keep 'em busy! Allow him to have friends over and have a movie night and you can cook up some goodies for them (but leave them alone after that.) If you can afford it go on a small trip as a family and have fun (keeping in mind that you ask your son what his idea of fun is and if it sounds OK do it!) Keeping house rules is important such as chores, a curfew (set a time when your son should be home) and interaction with their peers is a must. I live in Canada and the kids are into soccer and baseball right now. Surprise your son and perhaps take him to a concert where one of his favorite singing groups are playing at. Bring the ear plugs!

* Plan to go on a great vacation or have him/her invite a couple of friends to go to a theme park or the beach or do a movie night with friends!

Summer Camp
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Is camp Lindenmere a Jewish camp?

No, but there are allot of kids there who are Jewish.

Summer Camp

How do you become popular at summer camp?

By been the centre of attention! Never do something that is not noticed, first wear clothes that are fabulous, adventuruos and not geeky! Then win all the challnges and at night call wake everyone up after lights off and have a little party without your camp masters noticing be bubbly and make as many friends as possible do'NT be afraid of getting in trouble because that's the step to popularity!

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Summer Camp

How do you find ein online for a company?

or if you want to do it for free, go to the corporations web site, usually the Department of State in the state where you were working and search for the company you worked for, you may need to search the fictitious names for the parent corporation, the ein will be there for the company, as it is required when the corporation files their annual report or initial paperwork.

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When does a girl have to go to a gynecologist?

In ten minutes Go now! How young of a "girl" are we talking about? The most reasonable answer would be after her menarche, or 1st complete cycle. Unless there is some indication that there is a problem, there is no need to get worked up about seeing a gyn. Read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. This book is better than ANY Sex-Ed class!

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Summer Camp

Do Girls Always go for the Phonies or Not?

All girls are different. You have to analyze "there type" and make your move.

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Summer Camp

Is it usual a female babysitter bath teen boys?

I don't know how common it is for a female babysitter to bathe a teenage boy, but I know it does occur. I have a close friend that used to babysit and when she was 17 she was asked to bathe a 13 yo boy that she had been sitting for. She bathed him more than once. I have bathed boys that I sat for as old as 9.

Yes. It is usual. My mother used to bath my older brother till 16 or 17 years old, mainly because he suffered of phymosis ( uncircumcised penis ) and needed a very good cleaning of his foreskin. When she couldn't do it, that job was done by a female babysitter, who took care of us.

What a bunch of nonsense, if a babysitter of any sex bathes a teenager of any sex it is called child abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, snild molestation, aggravated assault of a minor, and a host of other crimes. This foreskin nonsensical is just that , nonsense. They don't need cleaning by someone else, or anyone else for that matter. The poser of this question is in all probability a demented, socially inept, outcast with a very active imagination. Just remember this babysitters, if your stupid enough to listen to this tripe, child abuse and endangerment charges do not go away and offenders like this are hated in the prisons. Not a pretty way to spend a lot of your life!!!!

Summer Camp

Why Christian pray to Jesus?

Christians, true followers of Jesus, pray to his Father, Jehovah God. They do not pray to Jesus because he is not the Almighty God. Jesus prayed to Jehovah when he was on the earth and he referred to Jehovah as his God in Revelation 3:12 states, “‘The one who conquers—I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God, and he will by no means go out from it anymore, and I will write upon him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the New Jerusalem that descends out of heaven from my God, and my own new name. ”

Summer Camp

What fun things should you bring to sleepaway camp?

okay heres a list

-playing cards

-portable games ( you can get mini dominoes that are magnetic and come in a tin and stuff)

-a few parts of costumes for skits and things

-i always like to bring something to make the cabin look really pretty like holiday lights or streamers and stuff

-you will probably have to clean your my camp cleanest cabins get prizes each I bring a swiffer basically cleaning tools or something

-BRING A BOOK! you might have rest hour or quiet time before bed so bring a book! it is a good chance to catch up on any summer reading

-magazines are always fun

- i always wish i had brought my yearbook so I can show my camp friends my school friends

-bring fun little things like silly putty or bubbles

-cool accesories like ribbons for your hair (girls)

-stationary to write home!

-address book to get all your friends addresses

-a nice outfit just in case you have a fancy dinner or dance


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Summer Camp

Name an activity people like to do in the summer?






ride bikes



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