Tumblr is a microblogging website with a simple interface that allows users to easily reblog others posts.

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How do you get your Tumblr back when you deleted it?

You can't do that, if you delete it is gone forever.


How do you delete tumblr?

First, you go to your settings then go to 'Account'. There should be a button that says 'Delete Account', and you obviously click it.


How do you change the font type in a Tumblr POST?

You can't change the font in your Tumblr post because it comes with theme itself. You would have to change your theme to get the different options with the fonts that you like.


Is Tumblr a social networking site?

Tumblr is a microblogging website, meaning that users typically share small bits of media or information like sentences, pictures, or short videos. Tumblr is also generally considered to be a social networking site in the sense that it allows people with similar interests, backgrounds, or hobbies to connect and develop virtual communities.

On Tumblr, users "follow" other users, receiving their microblog posts on their dashboard. One key difference between Tumblr and other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is that Tumblr places substantially less emphasis on real-life connections and encourages a more private form of social networking. While Facebook communities are based around "friends" who often know each other in real life or have some form of real life connection, Tumblr users often follow people who they have no other connections with other than a shared interest or other similarity discovered through Tumblr.

Of course, some Tumblr users do use their real names and pictures and do interact with people they know in real life as on Facebook. The key difference, however, is in the design of the website - Facebook emphasizing transparency in knowing who you are friends with and Tumblr emphasizing levels of privacy and anonymity (as can be seen with anonymous asking and other features).

Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog , a short-form blog.


How do you spam dashboards on Tumblr?

Even though I do not recommend it, spamming is basically posting multiple times in a row to clog up someones dashboard. Do it if you want to lose followers.

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How do you change a profile picture on Tumblr?

On your dashboard go click your blog name which is on top, once your on that page on the right click settingswhich is under Customize Appearance. In the first section it says Portrait Photo and a square next to where your photo will appear, click Choose File, choose a photo > open, and tada.



What url does Tumblr needs?



What is DP on Tumblr?

DP means Display Picture, which is an icon located on the top right hand corner of your tumblr.

You can change the Icon to a picture of your choice by going to:

Customize >> Description >> Browse

From here, all you have to do it search for the picture you would like to use for your tumblr blog, and click OK.

Hope this has helped, Enjoy Blogging! :)


What is the best blog on Tumblr?

My favorite blogs are gooodfortune.tumblr.com and b-u-l-l-a.tumblr.com/

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What are Geeks and Bloggers?

You would think the term "geek" was just invented from this modern generation, but I've known this word since the 50's. Geeks (in our minds) wore horn-rimmed glasses, had bad skin, kept to themselves and got straight A's which was uncool for even my time. Funny, those "geeks" probably ended up becoming scientists or doctors or psychiatrists which many of us use! The laugh is on us!

Bloggers started soon after 9/11. They consider themselves bright, overly intelligent and non-stoppable. The are the "new journalists" etc. of the modern generation and, take great delight in so-called "uncovering the truth" (and sometimes they do succeed.) They are taking over on-line and have their very own websites (like small diaries chatting back and forth re their ideas) You don't even really need to know that much about computers. They are also "case crackers" and love a good challenge. They are often regarded as "self-important" but many are tired of the second rate form of journalism and to be honest, many are extremely bright. They don't need editors or publishers.

Their mission ... to remake political journalism and an attempt at changing the democracy itself. To make a run around the media by becoming publishers on the internet. One blogger is Matt Druge who wired the news and gossip and broke the story about Monica Lewinsky's affair with Bill Clinton (Matt is a blogger.) They are forcing mainstream news media to follow the stories they're pushing, such as the scandal that took down Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. Bloogers run free, while "Geeks" need proof, but both get along together (intellectual minds coming together.)

Is this good or bad? I feel (my own opinion) there is a high price to pay for such things as this and one day they will. As out of control and as mistrustful as they can be about our jouranlists, news coverage, etc., Bloggers too will succumb to their own egotistic ways and be taken over by another foreign body such as they just did.

If you are interested about "Bloogers" go to www.bloggers.com


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How do you follow your facebook friends on Tumblr?

I truly dont recommend you do. Tumblr is kind of a private site that is trying not to get large, because it is a personal blogging site for many. but if you do..

You can link it to your facebook account under settings or just search their emails on the "Following" page.

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How do you put songs on your Tumblr?

It is not recommended that you add music to your tumblr. Even the administrators say it's tacky, and trust me, it really is......

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What is the size of a Tumblr header?

Every Theme allows a specific size of header. Check your theme's code.

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How do you put a song on Tumblr?

You have two options to share a song in Tumblr:

  • Upload your mp3 (no more than 15Mb per day)
  • Get external mp3 URLs from websites like Blip.fm or Grooveshark.com

What is a good url for Tumblr?

it all depends on what you like. some good blogs are asdfghjkllove.tumblr(dot)com or glitterfountain.tumblr(dot)com ..follow em

just pick something that fits you!

what i did was go through my favorite songs and lyrics and found which lines I thought fit best:) ^orginally i just wanted allthosenights but ive grown to love the one i made and youll be happy with whatever you choose!


How do you get infinite scrolling on your Tumblr?

from your dashboard, go to preferences (the cog on the top right hand side of the page).

Under the dashboard section, tick 'enable endless scrolling'


What does the red number above the dashboard on Tumblr mean?

It means there are new posts in your dashboard, kinda like facebook notifications.


What is the code for blink and its over for Tumblr?

You need to buy the theme in order to get the code.


What are some good Tumblr titles?










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What does promo for promo mean on Tumblr?

"Promo for promo" is when each person agrees to promote attention for the other person's page in exchange for their page being promoted in return.


How do you get more followers on Instagram?

One way is by tagging commonly used words such as #igdaily #instagram #contest #winner #look #me. Also by having interesting pictures and communicating with your followers through comments.


How do you get a navigation bar on Tumblr?

You can't just get one, it has to be part of the theme you have. :)


How do you make a description of yourself in Tumblr?

go to your page and click costomize in the top right hand corner. when the bar pops up go to info. it should have a description section. Depending on which theme you have, it might not show up. Most themes do, however, have a description spot.

good luck!

follow me :



How do you get followers on Tumblr it's hivola DOT Tumblr DOT com?

just make your blog noticed, post it on facebook etc. or ask people on tumblr to promote you. and keep changing your blog every now and again. and make sure your nice to people.

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How can you know when someone is trying to convert you?

It is not necessarily a bad thing that someone is trying to convert you. Some conversions can be good, eg convert you to eat more healthily. Any type of conversion should be taken with cautious skepticism at first. These are some signs that someone may be trying to convert you to something that isn't good. Not all of them need be present:

  1. They look for your weaknesses, whether it be emotional sadness, uncertainty, fears, or curiousity. They ask if you've felt depressed, sad, or if anything bad has happened to you. They ask you if you question why things happen.
  2. They attempt to lead these weaknesses or natural curiousity into the comfort of a particular philosophy, which they say will help with these problems and eliminate the fear.
  3. They talk about their own beliefs without regard to you, as if they are repeating a mantra.
  4. They do not have a reasonable response to good questions about what they are saying. They may get angry, or they may attempt to change the subject.
  5. They try to change your mind about things, without having the same flexibility in themselves.

Always try to think for yourself, and beware of the gentle traps that they provide. They may attempt to lead you into conclusions without sufficient forethought. Many people are well trained to influence people to one point or another. Just because you don't have the answer to something it doesn't make the other person's 'answer' true. Be alright with not being certain if it leads you to not build on a shaky foundation.

Also be aware that just because one person is a bad representative of something, it doesn't necessarily make the thing that they represent bad as well.

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If someone asks you any or all of these questions, it is wise to assume that they are trying to convert you.

1)"Now that there are no more sacrifices, how do you have your sins forgiven?" One of the first lines of a attack by some missionaries is to scare you into converting by trying to show that your sins can not me removed(HV) by yourself and you need J.c to save you from Hell.

2)"Do you read the Bible?" "Have you ever read the prophets?" These are set up questions, firstly for them to show you their "knowledge" of scripture and secondly to begin discussing messianic prophecy.

3)"Who do you think the prophets(esp. Isaiah) were talking about?" This is question will lead directly into quoting Tanach and showing how Jesus Christ(HV) fulfilled them.

4)"Do you have a personal relationship with G-d?" Christians believe that sins separate us from G-d and that there is no way for us to return accept through faith in Jesus Christ(HV)

5)"Do you believe in Yeshua Ha Mashiach?" This is the Hebrew version of Jesus Christ. This switch to make it more comfortable for Jews and to make it sound more authentic.

6)"Are you happy with your life?" Christians missionaries seek out those in trouble or who are at a week moment in order to catch you will your defenses down.

7)"Do you feel separated from God?" Christians believe that we are all separated from God and that only through faith in Jesus Christ can we come close.

8)"Have you found the Lord"

A few hints on how to debate with a Missionary

1) The first trick the missionary will use is redirection. If a missionary senses that he will be refuted, he will immediately change the subject and switch to another verse.

Do not allow him to change the subject or to go to another verse. Hold your ground and finish explaining the verse in question. Only when the verse has been completely explained, should you continue in the debate.

2) The missionary will use speed, quickly quoting and making his point quickly. This is an attempt to show you his knowledge and to keep you from thinking. You don't have to race! Slow done the pace and take your time. The last thing a missionary wants is for you to think .

3) The Missionary will almost always start in the middle or end of a chapter.

Check the beginning of the chapter and verse which follow the one in question. Nine times out of ten it will be enough to refute him.

4) Missionaries will try to make connections between unrelated things using logic. Think!Think!Think! Then respond, for if you listen closely to what he has said you will see the trick and be able to us it against him.

5) Do try to debate someone, unless you are knowledgeable in the proper responses. This applies more to public debates than to personal. If you do debate and the missionaries brings a point that you can not answer tell him that you don't have all the answers and just because I can't answer does mean that there isn't an answer.

AnswerThey will promise to give you all that you want.

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