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Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen is the author of over 200 novels, including the well-known book Hatchet. Many of his stories focus on the theme of survival in the wilderness.


There are several that populate on a Google image search, two of  which depict him with dog(s).   randomhouse(dot)com/features/garypaulsen/journal(dot)html
yes he did live with family members some have heard
he started writing books because a librarian got him to start reading a book, and he wanted to make one his own
He is an only child
He is the owner of Nightjohn.
family, home life, belonging, acceptance
because his wife illustrated thoose books
"Hatchet" takes place mostly in a part of the Canadian wilderness called the Canadian Shield. Although no specific dates are given, many readers assume the book takes place in the 1980s.
Gary Paulsen had 26 dogs.
main idea of hatcher by gary paulsen
i think to inform and enrertain
Gary paulsen has 1 child named James Alexander paulsen who works at a university as a reading/ writing professor
he was a mommasboy hahah LOL thats so true lol hahaha
Gary Paulsen is older than 20 in 2010.
A very good author? ahha he is a very descriptive, detailed, realistic, author who has a series of page turning books that are age appropriate. I read his books in gr.4 and 5 so its great for children... and my parents loved the books too.
Gary Paulsen made the book hatchet. are you people that stupid. every one is suppose to know that.
his hat, his bootie, and cloth glove. (theres more but i think i forgot)
Yes, Gary paulsen is still alive.
I dont believe your question makes any sense. But if your looking for a biography simply look up Gary Paulsen biography on Google.
Gary has received Newbery Honor Awards for 3 of his books, Hatchet, Dogsong, and The Winter Room, and his books frequently appear on the ALA Best Book List, too.
he left home at the age of 14 to travel with the circus. p.s. this is dinh ta foo
Yes, he retired at 73 years old, and he also is my neighbor as  well.
In New Mexico and the Atlantic.
In the middle of the book, Brian said the hatchet was him. Without the hatchet Brian would die in the northern Canadian wilderness all alone.
8th grade engilsh literature book. the one for NC
Society of Midland Authors Book Award, 1985, for Ch Year citation, all 1990, all for The Winter Room; Parents' Choice Award, 1991, for The Boy Who Owned the School; ALAN Award, 1991; Booklis t Editor' Writers of Americ a, all 199 1, all for Wood song; Spur Award, 1993, for The Haymeado w; Booklist...
He married on May 5 th , 1971.
175+ Popular series include    Brian's Saga  Mr Tucket Saga  Murphy Series  Alida's series  World of Adventure  Tales to Tickle the Funnybone  Culpepper Adventures  
he likes two write books and won an awarded an award for the books wood song and winter dance.
For defense to get food cook to build his shelter and mostly for protection
Nightjohn cannot be read online for free legally. It can be purchased as an eBook. See the related link.
write about outdoor and woodsy things and activites
yes, if you are talking about the author of Hatchet.
I'm definitely one of his number one fans, but I'm sure there are more people out there that love his writing just as much as I do! My guess is about... 180,000,000! I'm probably wrong though.
Gary Paulsen has two children, Lance and Lynn, from his first marriage.
Mr. Paulsen and his wife have a home in New Mexico, a home in Alaska where he breeds dogs, and a boat in the Pacific.
No he didnt, he had many other jobs.
No, it is a piece of fiction.
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Hiskid life was terrible he had diahrea he had totake dumps, but worst of all he ran away from home becuz he was afraid of the boogeyman under his bead
california, china,mexico,africa,minnisota
Gary paulsen wen to an all boys school were there he started his new face of smoking crack running away from home and become gay. Gary paulsens life started great with his acholic parents and his obsive now dead father. you go Gary your my hero.Gary paulsen wen to an all boys school were there he...
This story takes place in the Canadian wilderness.
15 year old Wil Neuton discovers himself and the wonders of nature when he starts living on an island in Northern Wisconsin.
The theme of the book is power in society because it's saying that  Americans always have more power than the poor Mexicans, and are  allowed to do anything because they have the money to do it. Also,  being thankful for what you have because he always is thankful for  what he has.
Gary Paulsen currently lives in La Luz, New Mexico with his wife Ruth.
Mexico, Alaska, and a boat in the pacific ocean
the anser is Terry Anders , and Waylon.
Yes. Gary Paulsen is related to Lee Paulsen.
Paulsen is impressionistVan Gogh is post-impressionistpersonally I prefer Van Gogh
Gary Paulsen loved nature as a kid, and this was the perfect book for him to write!
Well he wrote 4 plays and I'm not sure what their names are so i guess i cant help you so goodbye.
there are many different Iditarods that Gary Paulsen ran. it is hard to answer that for he ran multiple iditarods. there was one in 1983, 2004, 2006, etc.
he gave up college. he flunk.
No, but He did finish; no small feat in itself.
Gary paulsens moms name was Eunice H. Paulsen and his fathers name was Oscar Paulsen
He ran away from home when he was 14 years old.
Because it was about a hatchet.
Roughly 8 dollars daily each bookMake it around a thousand a day adding press reviews etc.160,000 a year
Gary Paulsen had many struggles. When he was young he ran away from his parents because he didn't like his life. Both his parents were achoholics. He had struggles. He ran away when he was 14. He was poor and he joined a carnival.
Gary Paulson wrote the "Hatchet" series of mystery books
Yes he did love to read.
Yes he did like to read.