WW2 Homefront

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WW2 home front refers to the activities of the civilians during WW2. The governments of affected countries required their civilians to assist in the war effort. While the men fought at the front lines, the women provided logistic support.
Because of the near bankruptcy of Britain, the price of food andother goods may very will have cost a small fortune.
WWII was the last war in which virtually every US citizen wasexpected to participate, by virtually everyone else (as well as bylaw in most instances). However, the civilian population was notengaged in actually fighting the war, as in the European countrieswhere battles were fought. The war effort...
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Nurses, doctors, factory workers, drivers, all of the jobs left behind by service members.
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The Anderson Shelter was named after John Anderson (Viscount Waverley) who was Minister for Home Security during 1939/40.
They were evacuated to times or more and they were evacuated to the countryside...
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In both the United States and the United Kingdom they did surprisingly well. The people got very creative with managing with less or getting items from other places. The farmers faired better. Many gave up driving with the gas rationing. In Belgium King Leopold had to get Germany to increase the...
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There were sirens to tell people to go into the shelters and there was another siren to tell them to come out.
In the UK there was no need to ration bananas because there weren't any. Imports were for essentials only and bananas aren't essential.
Yes. I know for a fact that there was a WWII POW Camp in Blissfield, MI. Blissfield is located near the Ohio state line. The war camp was located on what is now Beamer Rd. I actually have pictures of the tents all set up in long rows. The pictures were taken by my Great Grandparents who owned farm...
at the end of ww2 because of food shortages
You could get a replacement, but you were quizzed in detail about the incident. It was serious, rather like losing a passport.
The Americans and the Britons adapted to the rationing system and were quite clever at growing food and running a black market to augment the rationing system. Women learned to make recipes with powdered eggs, powdered milk and ersatz coffee.
As a result of war, women joined the work force in record numbers.
There were close to 100,000 Japanese-Americans living in California in 1940.
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u got rationed food by getting a ration book and ticking off what u want and eventually the shopkeeper will then give u the food
Rationing restricted the amount of certain food products, gasoline, clothing and other things. Before the war there was no rationing, however, there was a depression. So many people said they ate better during the war since wages were up, jobs plentiful and food more available even with the...
At the beginning of World War Two (and before) men willingly enlisted. The government put the draft in place eventually. The draft weeded out those who were not eligible to serve and those who could. Men continued to enlist willingly though. Some young men who were only 17 uncommonly and...
The industrial demands for wartime production in World War II meant that civilians had to have rationing of basic materials, and some foodstuffs. Bureaucracy expanded dramatically during the war, as did federal power. The government became the single most important force in American life.
No, it was too far away. They would not run the risk of the children being killed on a sunken ship. Some families did move to the US or Ireland or Switzerland. They came back either after the war or after the blitz ended. Most just went to the countryside of the United Kingdom. ___ Yes children...
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towards the end of wwii
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It provided food for the army and citizens during World War 2 in a time of need.
To "convince" Japan to surrender in WWII.
The price of a loaf of bread depends on what type of bread you purchase. If you just get the generic white bread it would have cost about $.99 per loaf. However, if you wanted a name brand such as Pepperidge Farm it would cost you over three times as much at about $3.50 a loaf. About £1.50 for...
there really wasnt trnch warfare in world war 2
Not so much, at least not on the scale as in WW2. Airplanes at thetime weren't very big and they couldn't travel especially far, sothey couldn't go on long flights or carry many bombs. Also, opencockpits limited how high planes could fly.
Rationing was difficult for the Britains because supplies were so low thanks to the Germans sinking ships with the supplies and food they so badly needed. Women really struggled to keep their families well fed and it was hard to get clothing and other needs. Lines were long and annoying. A black...
The displaced persons in the internment camps went either to their original countries, to live with relatives elsewhere, and many went to other countries like the United States. Some Jews went to Israel.
it was impotant becoase the home front was just as impotant as anything els
28,000 Norwegians fought with the Allies even though Germany occupied Norway. They operated an Underground Resistance network to sabotage the Nazis and get Jews to freedom. The helped to win the war and defeat the Nazis.
The Zoot Suit Riot happened in Los Angeles, California, from June 3rd to June 8th 1943.
The total death count is estimated to be around 43,000. Though this may vary depending on which websites are visited.. Around 2000 people were killed on the first night of the Blitz (September 7th, 1940) in London.
Mostly the same as the rest of the population. Food was rationed and children had their own ration books. Some evacuee children were in the countryside and were able to have things like fresh eggs and vegetables that may not have been available to other people.
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Answer . \npossibly because they werre produced locally and you did not need to import or export them to gain money from them
Women played a huge role in World War II. Since all the men wereoff fighting, women had to step up and fulfill their roles in theworkplace. This meant that women worked in factories, worked asnurses, and provided for their families until their husbandsreturned.
Women fulfilled many roles during World War II. They became thebread winners for their families, they took full time jobs workingin factories and in businesses. In the Soviet Union, women foughtalongside men during the war.
Industrial might and the atomic age.
It was slightly above a large Axis territory where the Allies had a good attacking point.
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An air raid is when the enemy flies over the country they are fighting and drop bombs. Sirens go off to warn people to seek shelter, a dog fight is a battle between two airplanes that are at war.
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An Anderson shelter is a type of air-raid shelter that was designedin 1938. The shelters were designed to hold up to 6 people. Thereare still many Anderson shelters intact today, although many havebeen taken down due to age.
The governments of countries all over the world used propaganda. It caused people to feel different emotions that appealed to them in particular. For example, American parents who would see a propaganda poster that showed a wicked Hitler grabbing for children( yes there were posters like this) would...
Surprisingly literate - no trendy dumbing-down in those desperate days. These young men felt they might be writing their last letter to family and loved ones, and that concentrates the mind. Even from the humblest fellows, these letters show proper grammar and spelling, as well as many impressive...
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Depending on how many kids,Adults, Seniors you had in your house it decided how much food you needed and how much you got.
they stayed at home and finished cooking with the post man
See: Japanese POW Camp Fujita, Japan proper; Sendai #8B, Kosaka POW Camp; Formerly Tokyo 10B.
Politically, World War II divided Europe between free and communistcountries. Economically, Europe was destroyed and without theMarshall Plan would have collapsed. In the Communist countries, theeconomy was nationalized and trade with non-communist countriespractically disappeared. Culturally,...
farms and factories replacing men who were in the services fighting the war
No, Jeremy Camp and Steve Camp are not related.
Assistant for Administration Office of the Secretary of the Navy 1000 Navy Pentagon Room 4D572 Washington, DC. 20350-1000
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Because everything was still in short supply and there was a major shortage of money. As different commodities started to become available, they gradually came off ration. Rationing didn't finally end in the UK until 1954.
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At the age of 17 you were sent back to the main city's to train for war. The average age of the WW2 evacuees was 4-10
There had been many other job options that had opened up for women when the men had left to fight in WW1. The jobs being offered had better pay and working conditions, so they did other jobs instead of being domestic service.
Not really, the Marine Corps calls Aviation Units "Air Wings". During WW2 it had five such "Wings". Marine Air Wings are still in existence today and fly mostly close air support for ground units. They also provide the heliocopter transport that is an integral part of the Marine ability to move...
In 1940, the Germans bombed Birkenhead in the west of England. Thebombs mostly fell on the harbor and port there. It was the largestport in western England.
A soldier in the U. S. Army who fights with a rifle is called a weaponeer. A U.S. Marine is called a rifleman.
By buying Government Bonds.
Gardens planted in empty lots, back yards even road islands. The produce was used to feed families, this way the products from the big farms could be used to feed the troops. Also, it served the purpose of boosting the morale of those left at home, as they could feel they were making a real...
'Pop' is an abbreviation of 'popular music', meaning that lots of people listen to it.
They were clearly very upset, as were their parents, but some treated it as an exciting adventure. Some of the children from the cities who were evacuated to the countryside, had never seen farm animals before.
The US Army females were part of the US Army WACs (Women Army Corps); as depicted in the TV and film MASH. They were issued WAC uniforms. In Vietnam, they appeared to be the same OG (Olive Green) fatigues as worn by the men, but were obviously tailored for females. Many, if not most, of the US...
House Un-American Activities Committee
Human Un-American Activities Committee: congressional committee that investigated possible subversive activities within the United States: to investigate possible subversives activities by Fascists, Nazis, or communists
It may have been the women in factories because i dont think they were importing goods during that time period
\n. \nThe morality presented was that dropping the bomb would end the war and save more lives because the U.S. would not have to invade and fight through the cities there to subdue it.\n. \n \n\nThe standard answer (and arguably most true) is that using the Atomic Bomb stopped the Japanese from...
They did most of the jobs that the men who had been called up to serve in the forces used to do. Some women served in uniform in various capacities, including the present Queen who was Princess Elizabeth at the time.