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Though paintings and sculptures are most often the first things that come to mind when fine art is mentioned, architecture, music, dance, photography, printmaking, and theater created for their beauty, rather than utility, are also fine art. Stroll on in to our Fine Art category to ask and answer questions about fine art in all its forms.
Leonardo wrote in Italian using a special kind of shorthand that he  invented himself. People who study his notebooks have long been  puzzled by something else, however. He usually used "mirror  writing", starting at the right side of the page and moving to the  left. Only when he was writing...
many famous painters meticulously ground theirown colors, an attention to detail that is noteworthy
Because the obviously thought the symptoms were identical to thedisease... self-explanatory
As he was good in fine arts he had to learn all concepts to draw.  He had to draw many objects like insects . One of his most famous  sketch was completed by him in the year 1922 . Although he hadn't  got a good mathematics training . He made many sketches which was  full of many mathematical...
Richard Tuttle is an American postminimumalist artist.
As the Mother and Child subject is extremely common in art, this  question should be more specific. However, some of the most famous  Mother and Child piece is perhaps by Klimt, 1905.
 The beginning of modern photojournalism took place in 1925, in  Germany. The event was the invention of the first 35 mm camera, the  Leica. It was designed as a way to use surplus movie film, then  shot in the 35 mm format. Before this, a photo of professional  quality required bulky...
Art that you more style into, its more artistic.
mainly oil on canvas or gouache on pape (he also did many prints  and designed)
The Picasso family retains the copyright, and it is administered by ARS-NY.
The world's largest canvas painting is The Big Picture displayed in New South Wales, Australia, painted by the artistAndo. It measures 100 meters X 12 meters.
women and animals
He made emotinal paintings
Up to 37 million dollars
it's depends on what kind of software you are using, such as  photoshop, if you selected a layer, it show nothing around the  edge, but if you selected a specify object, it shows a moving  dotted line around the graphic. For AI ( Adobe illustrator ) it  shows a blue line with some small square...
His father was Khatskl (Zakhar) Shagal and his mother, Feige-Ite.
The person who painted Starry Night was, Vincent Van Gogh. Hepainted it during his stay at Saint Paul - de - Mausole in France(a psychiatric hospital). He painted it in order to express hisemotions as he was down and hurting.
Abstract impresionist
Bal au Moulin de la Galette.
I have never used a pen and ink. I use a paint brush and a pencil.
The most famous / original version is by English singer-songwriter  Nick Lowe. The song had a revival after the movie 10 Things I Hate  About You in which alt-rock band Letters to Cleo covered the song.
It looks really nice for one. It is almost like an illusion and  those are really cool.
These make it easier for people with few computer skills to work  with and use computer software.
Jerusalem, Israel, Northern Hemisphere, The World, The Solar System, The Milkyway Galaxy, The Massive Galaxy
Inspired by the Post-Impressionists, this art movement focused oncreating pieces using violent, contrasting colors while ignoringcolor harmonies and figure modeling
dead burned of calcium sulphate is formed which is extremely dry  and hard
Vincent Van Gogh painted a variety of pictures in oils, of people-  portraits, life study showing expressions on peoples faces ,  scenery, buildings in holland and flowers. some of his most famous  pictures included the sunflowers in a vase painted in bright yellow  colours, the inside of his...
The original painting should have the artist's signature, and maybe  you can even spot the brush strokes or the artist's fingerprints.  Most of the reproductions don't have the artist's signature.
For a very short period, but on the whole he was not. He exhibited with the impressionists a couple of times, though.
You probably mean Henri Rousseau. He was born in 1844 and died in  1910.
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It really depends on what type of drawing you do,I personally like manga. Try drawing animals, plants, people, ect. You can try to improve on something you may have trouble drawing. Be creative!
Kandinsky Had a wife called Nina mackentier and a son called loslord
In  ancient Egypt, stone sculpture and painted reliefs of couples  furnished the tombs of the elite. Standing or seated, idealized and  youthful, they were created for eternal togetherness (48.111).  In the more recent  art of sub-Saharan Africa, figures of couples, usually carved  in wood,...
It was in 1889, when he was 20.He was 20.
Graphic library is a library that store various of graphic ( it can  be vector or jpg, mostly it's some illutration, drawing, graphic  element, also can be icon or pictogram ), people can create their  own graphic library or download from online graphic stock website.  If you working on a...
still life artwork is when an artist (or yourself) paints/draws a picture/painting of objects that don't move or aren't alive ex. drawing wooden blocks is still life artwork.
Michelangelo is best known for his vast painting on the ceiling ofthe Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.
He did not publish any texts, but he likely intended his journals for that purpose. His extensive notes and sketches totalled nearly 13,000 pages, and provided enough material for many books that were later written about his work. Leonardo da Vinci wrote his entries in a mirrored script, suggesting...
If you mean The Creation of Adam, it was painted around 1511-1512.
Picasso's original works would be protected by copyright, but he did not print the notification on the work itself.
maybe Leonardo just made the painting of her smiling because he wanted to maybe there is no REAL mystery behind the Mona Lisa but no one no's for sure maybe there is maybe there isn't i figured it out by looking in the picture so if you can see in her picture she was a little frustrated.so i saw...
Know one really knows because of him not expressing his favorite painting i would assume the coke bottle painting because of his fondness for cokeMarilyn.
in the unesco building in paris
Yes; artists always use multiple layers of paint to create their paintings. I always used many layers to build up color and texture. It is the same paint, so it dries at the same rate and they do not affect eachother.
I can not answer the question..only to say that I too have an oil  painting, approx. 36"x24", of Florida egrets (snowy white). So I am  thinking...there must be another A.Maley out there. As I have never  seen a signed piece of his artwork up close, I don't know for sure.  But this is old and...
It's not worth as much as people are making out, if some body offered you 5k for it then I'd snap their hands off
I am sorry to be unable to give you a complete list of Renoir's 6000 paintings. But if you click the link below there is a site to show you 216 of them.
  I think the meaning is: our window on the world is capitalism (right half of painting) - business shapes the way the world looks, its streets, shops, opportunities and desires. And it's inescapable. If you look outside the world of capitalism (left side of painting), your focus is drawn to...
From my quick perspective I saw Love Family and Protection, notreally an art critic though
She had sisters named Anita, Ida, Claudia, and Catherine.
See it! It is awesome. And yet some people find Donatello's bronze David more beautiful.
  It helps us improve our relationship with the natural world:)-!!  
Outside Italy he was only in France.
He painted this subject at least a hundred times. In different sizes.
because she wanted to prove to people that she could paint and that she was a good painter
It had been rumored that the Mona Lisa was Leonarda DaVinci's love interest, and that he had painted her due to his passion towards her. But, many have argued that the Mona Lisa is actually a self portrait of DaVinci himself, in a woman's figure. Historians are still debating over the true story...
  == Intaglio Plate ==   An intaglio plate, more commonly referred to as an etching plate in the United States, is a metal plate (usually zinc or copper) which has been coated with a resistant substance, draw upon with a sharp stylus (breaking through the coating), and then etched in acid to...
Paranha pine Scotts pine Cedar
Aaahh, forget the horror stories!!!
Jacopo Robusti, (Tintoretto). Movement, Style, School or Period:. Mannerism, Venetian School. Date and Place of Birth:. 1519, Venice. http://arthistory.about.com/cs/namestt/p/tintoretto.htm
Lots and lots. And enemies.
NO!!! At best, this would look like a black suit worn with a purple tie. More likely, it would simply look shiny and ridiculous, only a small step up from the powder-blue/ruffled shirt style of the 1970s.The one lesson we have learned from the history of the tuxedo is that non-traditional, colorful...
None. But many books have been written about him.
Because he got fed up doing traditional painting.
There is usually one and the same answer to those questions 'Why did XXX become an artist?' Because they felt they had the talent and the urge. It is as simple as that!
Salvador Dalí  didn't actually create the sculpture with the elephant but was  inspired by it and painted four different paintings that included  or focused on the elephant.    Swans Reflecting Elephants (1937)   Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a  Second Before...
There were a number of works created by visionary artist Alexander  Calder in 1932. Most notably, "Mobile" a balanced sculpture in  wood, wire, metal and string, was a revolution in the art world as  it brought animation to form. From this, dubbing the term Mobile  sprung as an accepted name of...
Only use graphics which are your own original work, are in the public domain, or for which you have permission from the creator or an exemption in the law.
See discussion page Most of Calude Monet's medium was oil paint. He used to paint on a canvass.
Mary Grizel Boyle   Born: 2 Nov 1924Father: Col Cecil Alexander Boyle CIE, DSOBorn: 28 Mar 1888 in LondonDied: 1 Jul 1941Mother: Gladys Mary (Dulcie) Benn (only daughter of Lt-Col Robert Arthur Benn, CIE, of Alassio, Italy)Husband: Lt-Col James Berkeley Sackville Hamilton, MA, RE (elder son of...