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Loans made between individuals and paycheck advances from specialized institutions at very high interest rates
If you can't get it to start with a good battery and you can't see any bad wires, etc. - you need to remove it and take it to a parts store to be checked. (it probably makes sense to just replace it while it's off.)   at $200.00 for the starter i would make real sure you need one   als…
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No matter whether it is holiday or simple working day, whether you are woman or man you need to track your finances. It is vital in order not to get into deep challenges. It is very important to be attentive to the credit score and to regularly check the report. It is really easy to take a report fr…
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%DETAILS% Answer This is certainly something that can be negotiated with a dealer. It will depend on how much equity you have in the deal, how much money you may be borrowing on your new vehicle, etc. But if you make a it a condition of the deal, yes, it can be done under the right circumstan…
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First, READ your CONTRACT. See any violations? then read the top of the page where you posted and put your state in your message. Then you can get state specific info. sorri, I can't read minds.PS, how do you KNOW they didnt contact the co-signor? Maybe the co-signor told them where you were??
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Most likely, no, but it all depends on the credit history. In order to get a lease on a new car one needs to have a pretty well established credit history. If you've had a credit card for a while and/or a cellphone and made paymens on time and in full and if you have a checking and saving (especiall…
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Well, don't quote me on this but logic would lead one to believe that technically the lender would have a lien against the car, so, in the event of non-payment they would sell your car and return to you all monies, if any, above and beyond the balance and costs. .
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There is not enough credit history for the lender to make a decision. The credit file is a history and if it doesn't go back far enough, or have enough accounts on it, they can't make an informed decision. To solve try to get small things that will appear on your credit, possibly a card with a 500 …
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You will need to get a judgment in court for the bureaus to even begin to possibly care.
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Absolutely not. Call your state's banking commissioner, attorney general, better business bureau, or even the police.   First and foremost ORIGINAL creditors actions are controlled by state statutes. They do not have to abide by FDCPA. Although the majority of lenders will stop calling you at…
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The requirements needed to begin building a credit record would depend on each lender you applied with. Having a co-signed personal loan is one method, and this might work for you. Opening up a secured credit card is another option. Another great way to open an account is to purchase a vehicle. Car …
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In general, any lender can file suit, be granted a judgment, and have the judgment enforced. So the short answer is yes.Some also claim they can file criminal charges for a "bad check(s)." This is not true. The actions that can be taken depend on the laws of the state in which the person resides.
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Well, this is a good question! Now, if you go to Australia, you are definitely going to have bills and loans to pay off because you want to spend your money on everything you see. It's amazing what they have in the shops over there. If you have already left Australia, you should consider phoning up …
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You cannot be arrested for owing money. If a collection rep. even hints at such an action being taken against you. She/he is in violation of Federal/State laws, and can be in serious trouble. An agency that has "bought" your account from the original creditor can take legal action such as a lawsuit.…
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you have to get it approved through the trustee
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Yes, but the creditor might file an adversary proceeding to object to the discharge if the debt was fraudulently incurred.
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One can certainly list payday lenders in their bankruptcy petition, but whether or not the payday loans will be discharged probably depends on the law of the State in which the debtor resides. I only practice in Indiana, and in Indiana payday lenders who are holding a personal check of a borrower tr…
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Payday Loans Equal Very Costly Cash: Consumers Urged to Consider the Alternatives "I just need enough cash to tide me over until payday." "GET CASH UNTIL PAYDAY! . . . $100 OR MORE . . . FAST." The ads are on the radio, television, the Internet, even in the mail. They refer to payday lo…
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Many check cashing businesses offer small sum, short-term, high-rate, unsecured personal loans. These go by many names, including: payday loan cash advance loan post-dated check loans deferred deposit In a payday loan transaction, the borrower will provide to the lender items such as …
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Advance-Fee Loan Scams: 'Easy' Cash Offers Teach Hard LessonsLooking for a loan or credit card but don't think you'll qualify? Turned down by a bank because of your poor credit history?You may be tempted by ads and websites that guarantee loans or credit cards, regardless of your credit history. The…
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The best way to get cheap loan until your next payday is using Payday loans provided by a trusth-worthy company. Payday Loans are a hassle-free and quick option of procuring funds that may be required during an unforeseen cash crunch, requiring immediate and short-term cash, until your next payday…
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Usually once your application is reviewed and accepted the student loan agency will disburse the money to your school a week or two before you semester starts. However, larger student loan agency�s have on-line process that the whole process is done within a week or sooner.
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Only if the primary borrower is willing and able to refinance.
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NO. The lender will want to be certain that the co-signer is solvent. Not having a job would not be acceptable.
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All day, every day. That's why the lender required a co-signor.
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Only if you don't have established credit.Additionally, your co-signer must be just as creditworthy as you. That's because if you fail to fulfill your loan obligations, "they" will go after your co-signer. And he or she had be worthy of having co-signed: credit, etc.
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Answer Sure you can. Nothing stopping you. The loans on some of the dealers are outrageous, however (just telling it like it is), so shop with caution.
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It is very improbable that you will get an unsecured loan with a credit score in the 400's. Unless you show that you are trying to rectify the reason for your score to be so low and show proof that you are doing so.
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A person with 'less than perfect credit' can try to obtain a secured credit card. These cards can come with a couple of hundred dollars in fees but can help re-establish credit. Time is a big factor in re-establishing credit. If your initial application is denied, wait 6 months and try again. Rememb…
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The financial assistance letters refer to letters written to help an individual or an organization access finance.
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Yes you can. It was done at the Mc Donald's I worked at in Florida. Usually you sign a statement when hired in stating you will not steal and such. Stealing is a crime....being at a job does not forfeit the law. In South African context that is the sole decision of the Employer, in practice afte…
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They can take you to court to get a Judgment against you, and if you still do not pay the debt, you can go to jail for "failing to obey a Judge's Order." A judge can also order you to sell property that you own, such as furniture, tv or a car, to liquidate assets into cash, to pay the lender off…
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If you have a good investment idea, then, your local bank will listen to your business idea. If your idea is good then the bank will help you. Why would the private investor take any different risk from your bank ?
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If you have poor credit it may be quite difficult to get loans..You can look at other options like Payday loans also referred to as cash advance loans, check advance loans, post-dated check loans, or deferred deposit loans. Such loan providers do not do a credit check and are very easily attainable.…
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A personal loan is determined by personal debt to credit ratio. Which is only a one factor used to establish eligibility. There is not an average amount. Personal loans are requested for individual needs and can vary.
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Hi, i had problem getting a loan from my bank.until i was introduced to REV.JOHN,a man of God whom God used to bless and change my life today. feel free to contact him today at revjohnloanfirm@gmail.com. consider your loan and financial problem solved as you take the right decision."congratulations …
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Answer Per NASD and the SEC an act doesn't have to be illegal to be improper. Anytime there can be the insinuation of conflict of interest it is improper. In this case it is improper unless there existed a prior documented relationship that supports the situation of a personal loan between the tw…
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Umm a personal loan from the Bank? Most Likely not. Are the credit cards written off, or are you still using them, or maxed, just not in collections. Anything to due with money they can see, even if you didnt pay your Cable bill once month, they see that. My guess is you wont get it. I have 515 scor…
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An individual must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to be able to sign a binding legal document (which includes loans).
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Defaulting on a personal loan can effect your credit in a negative way. The lower your credit rating, the harder it is to get a loan in the future. Loan default is a civil matter, not criminal, so there is no need to worry about any jail time being served because of it. If you take out a personal lo…
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Answer Informing the authorties should be sufficient. You don't need to file charges or sign a complaint, just turn over your evidence or have your grandmother explain what happened. There is no excuse for "elder abuse" and it should not be ignored. Most communities have a police specialist that …
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Answer Yes. The person owed would need to file and win a lawsuit to receive a judgment against the debtor. The judgment could then be enforced as a lien against nonexempt property owned by the debtor or in some cases even that which is jointly owned. The court does not accept the inability to rep…
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Yes, if the creditor sues the debtor and is awarded a judgment, the judgment can be executed as a lien against real property owned by the debtor. The inability to pay ones debts, regardless of the reason is not a valid defense to avoid judgments.
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I am not entirely sure why you would wonder if advertising on the Internet would be legitimate or not. The only real regulation that applies to payday loan advertising is to state the APR (annual percentage rate), when making ANY reference to the costs of obtaining a payday loan. Which makes no sens…
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no you have to be at least 0.111111 to get a part time job, like a lemonade stand after school... to get a full time job in fl you need to be out of school and be at least 14 years old
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It depends on the payday loan company. I got one online from a fairly smaller company, they had a staff member deal with me personally and they gave me another week and a half to pay back my loan. But in general I don't think payday loan companies make it common practice to be lenient, especially wa…
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Student Loan Help Here is advice: You can't. You must at least have a job. They can get around credit and debt. I would refinance student loans first. If they are federal, ask for a deferment due to unemployment. Federal student loans have lower interest rates than any unsecured loan someone wi…
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Sure. A lien is just a notice to the county recorder that the builder has a financial interest in the property. Putting the lien on the property just assures that the property will not be sold until his interests are satisfied and that if he meets his obligations and he is still not paid, he may for…
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Mechanic's Lien: Fill out the paperwork and file it at the county recorders office. There may be restrictions in your state, so it's best that you understand what you're doing before you go to the expense and put yourself into jeopardy. Many states require that the lien be placed within a specific…
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It all depends on what state you live in. Regardless of whether your payday lender is off of the internet, the law says that the transaction actually occurred in the state where your computer is located when you took out the loan. Some states have made payday lending illegal, some have usury rate ca…
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A co-applicant is someone who applies for something along with another applicant.
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Answer Just because you have bad credit doesn't mean you cant want to improve yourself. Seriously there are many places you can look on the internet that offer financing..
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For starting a Payday loan business, you must be associated with a loan company having good credibility in the market. You can also use the payday loan software http://turnkey-lender.com/
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You can't. No contract is legal and binding until the contract holder is of legal age to which is 18. No bank or corporation can legally enter into such an agreement with a minor.It would have to be very personal, such as a relative or friend of the family who understood that the loan would not be a…
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Answer At 16 they can work a full time job, but there are restrictions on hours and occupations. The hours are limited by school requirements.
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it depends on the place but most place its 16+
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Answer What fully know about usuary.Hi, you can write it off legally if it is a real IRS deductable item you loaned for. However you must consider that the money we use today is fractional reserves and or ultri-vires of the banks liabilities (that includes all banks credit unions etc.So we have a fa…
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No. Not paying back a payday loan or cash advance is a civil issue not a criminal one. And, most payday lenders will not sue someone for a $500 loan.
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Answer The following website -- www.ic3.gov -- is the FBI's clearinghouse for Internet fraud complaints. Fill out a compaint there and it will be channeled to the appropriate agency for investigation. The Internet is federal jurisdiction. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade C…
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Answer 1No but they'll turn it over to collection and sock you with a HUGH collection fee. And of course you'll never be able to use their services (or any other payday loan places for that matter. They all keep in touch with each other for that very reason) again.  Answer 2In Texas, if one st…
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Answer Try contacting the Bankruptcy court that handled your bankruptcky case and see if the clerk of the court can answer the question, if they can't answer the question, ask the clerk to see if they can refer you to someone who can answer this question. Also do some research and see if any law…
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Answer Contact the Pay Day Loan company and request that it be stopped. Get something in writing. If that doesn't work, report your checkbook as lost/stolen. Your account will be frozen until the bank changes your account number.
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LawsuitYou need to find a jurisdiction that will take the case. Consult an attorney and they can tell you what venues would be available. You may have to file the case in Georgia, or in a Federal Court. If the reason for the law suit arose in a certain place, such as an accident, you may have to fil…
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There is probably a reason why a loan cannot be obtained, first you need to clean your credit, put yourself on a budget a pay off some cards. You are to high a risk to seek more debt
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You cannot bankrupt a payday loan. The truth is your going to have bad credit anyway, so just don't pay the loan. The loan companies won't bother taking you to court. Most courts would not side with them anyway. The judge would let you off with a lecturing on managing money better and if you can't p…
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Full time work means 39hours a week you are able to do this only in a cash in hand job because you need to be 16 by law to receive your national insurance number and use it, when you get this you pass it over to your employer with your bank details then you can eventually get paid directly into your…
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no, no payday lenders can prosecute you for bad checks, they knew that you did not have the funds available when you got the loan, because it is a postdated check, I just ate up a bunch of these sharks in bankruptcy cour when they got discharged, and ther was nothing that they could do about it
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Legally, an 18 year-old can get a loan, however, they don't generally have a long enough credit history to do so. Even with a full time job, the lack of credit history will deter financial institutions from offering credit.Some suggestions:* Apply for a loan with a co-signer (that has a good credit …
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Collateral has two meanings: 1) Secondary or associated but not the primary objective or intent. In war civilians may be killed unintentionally in combat. This is called collateral damage. 2) Something of value that is offered as assurance borrowed money will be paid back or a promised action will…
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my layer said that it is like a credit card so it is not a bad check Can they send me to jail if I do not pay back a payday loan  Answer: No, you cannot be sent to jail on not paying your payday loan. One thing that you must remember that "Payday loan is a civil debt. It is not a case of Chec…
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To write a financial assistance letter, a person would need to start off determining what the purpose of the financial assistance need may be. These types of letters are usually written to a college in regards to financial assistance for tuition or to banks and lenders for financial assistance with …
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Answer Absolutely! But it can be very hard to prove fraud in these cases. The intent of the person has to be proven. If it was just a few checks and not an obvious fraudulent act, it is extremely hard to prove.
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It all depends on the lendor company that what action they take for defaulters.But you can talk to them anytime about the easy and convinient repayment of your payday loan.I am sure they will understand your problem.
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Answer 3m EIBOR is 5.10714 For more rates please see http://hala3ammi.wordpress.com
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You have three options to contact a loved one:1. Just foccus on them and send them your thoughts at anytime as they can hear you. This way you can talk to them but they can not make contact back unless they come to you in a dream or subtle stuff you may not pick up on like moving an object in the ho…
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Assuming you mean Annual Percentage Rate, you can find the formula, as well as a handy calculator via the page link, further down this page, listed under Sources and Related links. .
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Yes, if the company sues the debtor/borrower and wins a judgment, they can execute the judgment as a wage garnishment.
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A personal loan is a short and unsecured loan, for a maximum tenure of 5 years, where banks or NBFCs lend money on fixed interest rate to the consumers, without securing the loan by 'collateral'. Unlike other loans, personal loans are granted without safeguarding the loan without anydeposit assets w…
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It depends on what you mean by grants. If you mean for school, then there is financial aide available as well as pell grants. Pell grants don't have to be paid back. If you mean "assistance" for just plain out living and surviving there are government programs like foodstamps to help with food. Had …
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It is the process of reveiwing your application for life insurance and applying the appropriate rating based on your qualifications. The process of evaluating, defining and pricing insurance and reinsurance risks including where appropriate the rejection of such risks
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You can money fast by making a car wash....
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You will not go to jail for not paying back a payday loan, but you will be sued in a court of law. The judge will rule that you must pay the loan back and not following the verdict could result in a bench warrant.
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Yes, you can get Bad Credit Loan.
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The question is not quite clear, however, I will try to provide an answer. I am assuming that you are the renter and you contracted with an unscrupulous contractor. Since the contract is between you and the contractor, you will not be able to lien the property to get your money back as the landlord …
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I would contact a debt consolidation company.
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It will be easy to sue them if you had it in writing that they were responsible for the loan. If not, it will be difficult to prove since the loan is in your name.
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Character in a Movie John Q. Archibald is not a real person, but the lead character in the movie called "John Q." Although the movie is is based on a true story, the film did not deal with the actual sentencing of the lead character.
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it all depends on your family
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Actually, personal loans for people with bad credit can be taken through the online lending companies providing short term loans with no credit check. The amount available for borrowing is not very large (usually up to $1500), but basically it can be enough to cover some expenses or pay off the bill…
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There are a variety of not-for-profit credit counseling companies available to people having challenges managing their money. There are few, however, that are focused on payday lending. If you are in a troubled payday loan cycle, the goal is to stop relying on the payday lender to keep you going. A…
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Probably, with a good employment history, been living at the same place for a long period of time, they will charge you with a high interest rate. Reality: If your credit score is below 600, YOU CANNOT get personal loan from a traditional lending source. You are relegated to the dangerous "pay day l…
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Many companies will provide some health care benefits, sometimes with the employee contributing some part of the company's cost. The health care coverage will vary quite a bit from company to company, but may include help with prescriptions, office visits, hospital stays, and sometimes even costs wh…
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yes, a land grant is where you give land to another person, or state, or nation etc. For example, The Mexican government encouraged settlement by giving land grants to people like Sam Austin.
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