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Cows and Cattle

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Cattle (also commonly referred to as bovines or cows) are domesticated livestock that are raised for beef and/or milk in almost every corner of the world. Note: Cows are female mature bovines, Bulls are intact male bovines, Steers are castrated male bovines, and Heifers are female bovines that have not calved. Any questions about cows and cattle that are not covered in other cattle categories can be asked and answered here.
Holstein-Friesian are the most popular breed ofcattle found. Many farms keep these milk cows.
Bow-Vine (as in the plant vine)
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In 1836, Texas became independent, the Mexicans left, leaving theircattle behind. Texan farmers claimed the cattle and set up theirown ranches. Beef was not popular so the animals were used fortheir skins and tallow. In the 1850s, beef began to be more popularand its price rose making some ranchers...
yes because cows are steak!
The trait of being hornless can be harmful if the cow is in an areawhere it may have to defend against predators. If the animal isaggressive, having no horns can be an asset to the handler.
No, not really. A cow should be having her calf to full term, not calving 5 weeks prior to the expected due date. You should get her tested for diseases like BVDV (Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus), H. somnus, Leptospirosis, Listeriosis, Neosporosis, Salmonellosis, Chlamydia, Sarcocytosis or TB ...
It really depends on where you live and what major threats withpredators and cattle theft you have in your area. If you are thatconcerned about your cattle getting killed or injured by predatorsor having them stolen, then there's nothing wrong with putting themin at night. However, if you know your...
Yes. Cow brains are edible. But eating them is more risky thaneating other beef products. Cow brains, like human brains, cancontain harmful prions such as those that cause kuru andCreutzfeldt-Jacob disease ("mad-cow disease, or spongiformencephalopathy ).
look at it like weeds when they getting out of hand the you need tocontrol the but you can never really knock out weeds or parasites,
This typically refers to a orphan or orphans. these cattle were difficult to keep in line on the trail and needed extra attention, thus slowing or " dogging the herd".
The rope is "la reata" and it's where the English word "lariat" comes from.
Because it does not have the enzymes or proteins that would causeit to separate.
Different species are not cross fertile.
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla Family: Bovidae Genus: Bos Species: Bos Taurus
A little bit of energy is lost at each trophic level. For example, leaves do not collect all of the energy in sunlight; there are inefficiencies and limitations in photosynthesis which prevent this from occurring. The leaves themselves use the energy that they do collect to power cellular processes...
They use their tongue and lower incisors to rip grass from the ground. The long, thick tongue has bristles on it which enables the cow to grip the grass. She brings the tuft of grass into her mouth, which lets the lower incisors "snip" off the grass. She chews a little then swallows, but she mostly...
I have heard them called a "ranch manager" or a "herd manager".
The anerobic decomosition of cow dung produces methane, a hydrocarbon similar to natural gas, that can be burned in a generator.
they have been to the super bowl 8 times, and won 5
A bullock is a male, either a young bull or, according to thedictionary, a castrated male also known as a steer. There is nofemale gender for a bullock.
A cow is a bovine that has already had a calf, so she would be at the right age already to be pregnant. However, if you are referring to a HEIFER , she should be around 15 months old when first bred or impregnated.
Yes, cows can get constipated, especially when they are sick.However, constipation is more common in calves than fully growncows.
Fight for dominance rights. They head-butt each other, push each other around until one or the other submits by retreating or allowing the dominant animal to chase it. After they've settled who goes where on the pecking order, everything is peaceful and calm again.
You have to get your foal's confidence up to 1 1/2 stars and then he can graze can get their confidence up by feeding them sugar, carrots and apples. Hope this helps!! Problem: I have 5 stars for everything except Confidence and Food... I have 1 1/2 stars for food and 4 for Confidence :\ it...
The variation in number is in the tail, where cattle can havebetween 18 to 20 vertebrae in the caudal region, or the tail. Thereare also seven cervical (neck) vertebrae, 13 thoracic (rib cage) vertebrae, six lumbar (loin) and five sacral (sirloin) vertebrae.
Yes. I know a farmer who fed his cows kiwifruit when there was a surplus and the kiwifruit couldn't be sold. Here in CA cows are often fed the culls of cantalope that can't be sold in the stores.
In most cases, it should be the exact opposite. For beef and especially dairy cows, a desirable feature or trait is to have a good to high milk yield. High milk yield in dairy cows means more milk to ship to be consumed by people. High to good milk yield in beef cows means bigger calves, as the old...
Rowan County is home to the world record setting cow "Lucy". In 365 days, Lucy produced 75,275 lbs of milk. This is equivalent to 24 gallons of milk per day for 365 days. That is a world record in milk production. Lucy's record was made in 1998. She calls LaFoster Dairy in Cleveland, North Carolina...
Laughing Cow commercial song Track Info: Artist Name: Patrick &Eugene Song Name: Don't Stop.
Are you meaning fetal development, or in a heifer? In the heifer,the udder starts to form as her unborn-calf develops, although thisdevelopment can vary dramatically from heifer to heifer. Some fullybag-up (are full of milk) weeks before the calf is born; some donot get a full udder right before or...
The estrous cycle of cattle is the period from one estrus (heat,phase of sexual receptivity) to the next estrus. For the cow andheifer, this period averages 21 days , with a typical range of 18 to 24 days in length.
No. All offspring from first-calf heifers should be sold because they are just going to be too small to be any good as replacements. I'd wait until your first-calvers are older, like after they've had their second calf to consider keeping any replacements from them. You may have an opportunity to...
No. The calf will obviously be too big to get his shoulders through the pelvic opening and through the birth canal without causing extensive damage to both himself an the cow, even if he was pulled out with a calf puller. You're much better off getting the vet out to do a Caesarean section on her to...
Extreme temperatures (hot or cold), fear, illness, pain, discomfort, inability to stretch limbs or move around, hunger, thirst, extreme weather, estrus, calving, separation from the herd, object or activity out of routine, being hit and yelled at in order to be forced into an area it doesn't want to...
It means you took on something big, like a challenge, it also means you took on someone larger than you, it can mean bravery or something done stupidly.
'une pâture' (fem.), or 'un pré' (masc.) or 'une prairie' or the other word we use is - un pâturage (there are quite a few around here)
Genetics is a tricky thing and there are no 100% guarantees thatyou will get the color you want. That being said the best possibleway that this might be achieved would to test the genetics of eachbreeding pair. And continue to breed a successful pair, but have acare not to over breed them. A roan...
Any time of the year, if you have a year-round calving operation. For those on set calving schedules, calving ranges from January all the way to May, and some calve in autumn, which is from September to December.
cows live in all different parts of the world. including alot of cities in Mexico
Nothing. Cows don't have appendixes.
Yes. Lots of people raise cattle in Louisiana. Cattle is a common industry for that area.
Cows are not able to move particularly quickly. They can run at themost around 17 miles per hour. Their speed also depends on theirsize.
Yes with the molars. But cows do not have upper incisors, just lower incisors.
*ox oxen is the plural and and large ox is just an ox
According to their website there is milk protein concentrate in Ensure. It also said that the product is lactose free.
Answer . It depends on your height. I think that you're approximately at the right weight though, if you aren't 2 foot three or eight foot eleven.
They came from all over the world: . Holsteins and Friesans from The Netherlands . Jerseys from the Isle of Jersey . Guernseys from the Isle of Guernsey . Ayrshires from the County of Ayrshire, Scotland . Brown Swiss from Switzerland . Angus from Aberdeen, Scotland . Simmental from the Swiss Alps...
This question makes no sense. Box cars and cattle cars were around long before world war 2. The Jews were taken in them to the concentration camps.
Since a bull is referring to an adult or mature intact male, then, since the opposite of a male is female, the opposite of a bull would be a cow , which is an adult or mature female bovine that has had at least one or two calves.
Medium rare, preferably.
There are many different reasons that a yearling calf could die. Orany cow. !) It was born with a defect that finally killed it. 2) Itcould have contracted a illness that could have killed it.3) Apredator could have killed it, the kind of predator would depend onthe area the calf lived in. 4) It...
It's the other way around. Gum comes from the gelatin found in cow's hooves.
They are believed to be sacred and have their own rights.
What is your hypothesis? . Prokaryotes are in cow intestines. . Prokaryotes produce methane. . Prokaryotes produce more methane when the cow is fed grass than when it is fed grain. . Methane causes global warming. . All scientists accept that global warming is a fact. . Bousogenic (anthropogenic =...
Cows can not eat ice-cream because the milk comes from them and it's too cold!
Leather is made from the hide, meat from the carcass, bone meal andfecal material for fertilizer.
Take the weight of the carcass (or carcass weight) and the overall weight of the hide, viscera, head, tail, ears, legs and excess fat, add them together and you should get the liveweight of the butchered animal. Another way is take the weight of the meat you got off of that cow, and multiply by 50%,...
It would most likely eat grass or grain.
Hay. Or Silage. Or Grass. Or Grain. Take your pick.
A Punnett Square is the best option to use on crossing colors. TheAlleles would be BB for Pure Dominant Black while bb is for PureRecessive White. Bb would be a Black cow carrying a White allele.
Nothing. You may gain a little weight if you don't excersize enough, but in reality, nothing serious will happen to you.
From what I know, there was second the really bad snow storm in 1886-87 that resulted in thousands of cattle that froze or starved to death as a result of overgrazing and lack of winter feed. The first development, however was the outbreak of Cattle Tick Fever or Texas Fever in 1868 which originated...
Just like all animals we start out as babies and grow into adults.
They are called that because they have a four part stomach.
Cows are mature female bovines that are capable of having calves. By "having" I mean that they are able to conceive, grow and give birth to live young. Gestation is just a fancy term for pregnancy, which also means that a cow is capable of being pregnant with a calf (being the fetus) inside her. ...
Other than moms milk, good hay and green grass your calves do not need much. If you are raising them for show you can treat them with apple slices, or a small amount of sweet calf chow, less than a handful when you are training them to stand and walk the ring.
I would personally not give them minerals for i am nice to animals
There are no specific characteristics about jersey cows, but thereare characteristics about jersey cattles.
Grazing fields. Often farmers will not separate their cows ingrazing fields like they would traditionally in pins. Since GrazingFields are a big thing now, breeding is much more likely to happen.
Cows are by nature kosher because they chew their cud and have cloven hooves. Front or back is no issue, but how the cow is killed does affect whether its meat is considered kosher - the idea is to drain the life blood out of the meat in the killing process (in ancient times thought to be both...
Technically, a heifer can be a heifer for a long time if she remains unbred. Primarily, the definition of a cow is a bovine that has had a calf, but even this can be skewered. Some folks may argue that, for instance, a 6 year-old female that has not been bred at all is still a heifer. Others argue...
well, to me, both. cows are good because they make us food, milk, beef, butter, steak,ect. and they a bad, because they give off a bad gas called methane. trust me, i know a cow named otis.
Cow is a very sacred being for Hindus. Equivalent to god
Cows have almost total 360 degree panoramic vision and are able to see colors, except red. They can detectodors up to 5 miles away. Cows can hear lower and higher frequencies better than humans.
The development of the railroad made it profitable to raise cattle on the Great Plains. In 1860, some five-million longhorn cattle grazed in the Lone Star state. Cattle that could be bought for $3 to $5 a head in Texas couldbe sold for $30 to $50 at railroad shipping points in Abilene orDodge...
NEVER eat a diseased cow, unless you know for certain that the disease that the cow has will not affect the meat and ultimately you. But if you don't know, don't eat it, otherwise you could get very sick and die.
Of course it does. All mammals do
In Texas the abundance of cattle created a greater demand for beef from folks back east. This was after the Civil War to the late 1880s.
in pens, stables or paddocks.
Elmer's does not use animals or animal parts to make glue. They aremade from synthetic materials.
I actually heard that he who steal an egg will eventually steal a camel not a cow. But they must be the same. And it means that if you start with small sins/crimes you will finally do big sins/crimes. So if you don't like to end up with a big trouble you should be worried about small things.
They come from where you might think, the head of the cow on either side, attached to the cheekbones.
The noun cattle is itself is a plural uncountable noun , aword for domesticated bovines as a group. "Cattle" is the plural noun in itself for more than one domesticbovine, be it a bull, cow, ox, steer or heifer. It is never used asa singular noun.
It is our openion that there are nearly 2 Billion cows on the planet. I would estimate there are 25 Million cows in Great Britian.. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/holycow/
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