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Video games are a type of interactive entertainment software. They are designed to run on a computers, phones, tablets, and gaming consoles. They come in many forms. Some are cartridges, while others may be discs or apps. There are several genres of video games. Some are educational, and some are purely guilty pleasures. A few types of video game are role playing (RPG), shooter, sim, and puzzle.


If playing by the strict rules of 21, the answer is yes. Then again, if you only need 2 to win, there's really no point in putting up a 3.
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Answer 1 GB means games behind the conference leader. The scale of GB goes by 0.5, so when a team loses or wins, their GB changes by 0.5 unless it is the conference leader. If one team loses and the other wins, there is a 1 game difference that will occur.  Answer 2 Normally, Australian footb…
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%REPLIES% Answer 6 players against another 6 players. They play on a smaller feild than a regular sized soccer feild with shorter time. Answer it is when a team of 6 plays against a team of 6. I would've thought that obvious
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From:When Imperial Oil joined Hockey Night in Canada as its principal sponsor in 1936-37, one of the traditions it established on the program was the post-game ritual of choosing the three stars of the game.After the featured game ended, the three stars would be announced and each player would skate…
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The most goals scored in one game was by Joe Malone Jan 31/1920. He scored 7 A "natural hat trick" is when a player scores 3 goals in a row, with no other scoring taking place by either team, during that time.
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DDR Extreme I like it alot. the eyetoy support could be beter, but it has definite potential. I, however, am having problems with my right hand not registering on the eyetoy... I'm not sure if it's me or the lighting in the room or what. As far as the regular play mode, it has plenty of classics an…
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We have now created a Gaming section under Arts & Entertainment FAQ. The path to the gaming section is...Arts &Entertainment>Toys and Games>Video games. You'll also notice a separate section for Pokemon. We try to please!
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The patch will hold better if you remove the existing patch. If you patch over the existing patch, make sure all the edges are sealed off. If you are tired of replacing your vinyl liners, you might want to check out fiberglass as an option. A new fiberglass surface can be applied to your pool, and …
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Gaming computers should have a high-end graphics cards, processors and lots of RAM which are required to enhance the gaming experience. When considering a gaming computer you should carefully evaluate the following: * Processor - A fast CPU, or processor, will prevent lags in large or complex ga…
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Not at all. It seems to have P4 processor, together with the awfully outdated GeForce FX go5700 and with only 512mb ram. Perhaps fine for very old games and it might even run Half-life 2 if you're lucky, but don't expect much more than that.
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I think it was the game against the Detroit Pistons, They scored 40 more than the Pistons.
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Allen Iverson has scored 40 or more points 58 times in his NBA career as of the 2004-2005 NBA Season. This meaning that Allen Iverson has scored 40 or more points in 9.51% of all of his games in his career.
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Delete your temporary internet files, cookies, and history to clear all that baggage. If you have access to a program to clean registry and all the files for you ( such as CCleaner, or Auslogics) then the process is very simple. CCleaner is a free program that does all this and more, and I suggest…
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Yes, you can go to shops or on the internet and buy a CD which lets you make and play games.
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There are many different problems that can cause a system to spontaneously restart. It could be that either your system doesn't have a graphics card powerful enough to run whichever game you're trying to play, although not very likely if you can play the game for a bit. It may also be that your s…
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Pixel shader 1.1 (and later variants) are hard-coded into the video card and its drivers. If you have a fast processor and a good amount of ram, you may be able to get around the pixel shader requirement by downloading "3DAnalyze" and "Swiftshader 2.0" to emulate pixel shader. More likely, the best…
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You would need to find a emulator for the specific console you wish to play, and a digitized copy (typically called a ROM) of the game that you legally own. Please do not ask anyone for a copy or use download sites for that.
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If you don't have the serial key and you haven't installed the program (or can't), then follow the software manufacturers process from their website on how to get a new key. If you legally bought the software they should give you a new key.However, if you DO have the software already installed on so…
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To view the downloads for this software, please check out the Related Links listed below this answer. Thank you.
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You need video editing software and a way to get the images into the computer. As an 8mm camcorder has only an RCA Composite output, this will require you to have a comparable input on your computer. You use the camcorder to play the tapes and input them into the computer. It will be necessary to pu…
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There are several ideas below, as well as several more in the Discussion section for this question. The important thing is: Find somebody who you and him can talk to face-face. You need to find out if it is just a strong passion or if it is an addiction/obession. Based on that, will help shape how y…
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Technically the first home game system was the "Odyssey" made by Ralph Baer, distributed through Magnavox, and it didn't seem to have named games. It probably did, and I just don't know them. That's 7 years before I was born. :) I think it was 1972 when the Odyssey came out. Atari came out with "Po…
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There are several strategies for maintaining an economy and preparing an army. It depends on whether you're playing singleplayer or multiplayer, the map type, the objective, the civilization you're playing as, the tech level, starting resources, and the level of the AI or the experience of the rival…
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Gamehippohas website, has 100% freeware games without adware or spyware. Some are rather excellent too. Give it a try. Or you can check out Gamer's Database (see related link below). You can find freeware games for your Mac, Windows or Linux computer, freeware game reviews, screenshots and videos.Br…
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The Chrysler website has some games and one of them is for learning to drive safely.There is nothing on the internet in terms of real simulators that will actually prepare you to take a driving test, though there are games such as the ones mentioned above that can give you a slight taste of what i…
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Using the Mystic Ticketlisten when i say this.THE MYSTIC TICKET IS A MYTH FOR ALL POKEMON GAMES.PLEASE DON'T LOOK AT THIS LIKE I'M TRYING TO KEEP UR HOPES DOWN,but it isn't real. it has been proven. so next time someone asks you "how do you get the mystic ticket?" tell them that it is a question wor…
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Well, I have finished Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and Splinter Cell Conviction. They aren't very hard games to complete, just get to grips with the controls, make sure you know how to do everything, check your objective/notes often and use stealth for e…
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One of the ways was through informers, who were rewarded for reporting Jews in hiding. The Gestopo found citizens. They asked them to turn in any Jews they knew of. The Geheime Staatspolizei would threaten to kill the citizens if they didn't turn in any Jews. Also, they would wander the street at n…
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The Geforce FX 5200 has pixel shader 2.0 which is backward-compatible with pixel shader 1.1 So, yes, the FX5200 has pixel shader 1.1.
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Best Video Game of All-TimeThe plain and simple truth is: video games keep getting better and better, so there really can't be a best of all time. Now, concerning best of ITS time, I would definitely say 007 goldeneye for the N64.  Matter of OpinionThe answer to your question would really depe…
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Making video games requires several key skills, all of which require some knowledge of math. Occupations in the video game field are divided into several professions. One of these skills or professions is a game programmer/programming. The following is an example of the Programming Language used in …
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You must do all levels of races, flag and battle mode to unlock the characters in Cell Damage Overdrive. If you want to unlock a specific character and not another, then do one set of three and not the other ones. (it works with two or three as well). You can also use cheat codes, if you're desperat…
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Saddly I doubt it seeing as their really is no more rekindling of the franchise but don't pout, you still have two great Buffy games to enjoy and chaos bleeds was very fun. Go buy the DVD box sets, or The monster book on amazon. Where Buffy dies, other fun games are still to follow. The franchise i…
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No, because in the second game there are different characters from the first game's characters, and at the end of the first Baldur's Gate, they get taken away.
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i think he Eddie is going to say rey is not his real dad or rey had an affair  I think the secret is that Rey's son is adopted  Eddie is Dominic's REAL father. NOT REY.  one day i went to eddies offical website it use to have forums some one wrote the secret at first i did not beli…
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TNA Impact has just been released and in two or three months WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2009 is being released
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It is illegal to download licensed music like that for free. You could download it for a small fee on iTunes and listen to it for free possibly on YouTube or Spotify.
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Rob Conway Carlito Khosrow Daivari Snitsky Chris Masters Michelle McCool Sylvain Grenier Christy Hemme Muhammad Hassan Danny Basham Orlando Jordan Doug Basham Paul London Eugene Heindenreichin smackdown vs raw 2007 it will be all ecw wrestlers like subu, sandman, Tommy dreamer and lots more. p.s. Je…
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AMD's new 64-bit processor architecture is made for now and the future. Most operating systems now are 32-bit, but the new Windows OS will use 64-bit technology, putting the AMD computer in it's element and would make that a better choice for the future. Also, I find AMD's are cheaper and generally …
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Around 60 grand on average but it does go alot higher than that
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You can use "dd" with OS X or Linux or use Toast Titanium or something. They're only data disks and AFAIK they're not encrypted.
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im very unsure but i think pong was the first made video game it took i think 1-2 years to get another one im not that old but im just giving you info on what i remember on G4  I wanna know, who are "they"? There was no choice about what the first video game would be. There just were no video …
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Free Music for iPod www.mydownloads.com has free downloads of non-copyrighted music or music that the artist has given permission for a free download. Downloading copyrighted music without a release from the artist or paying a fee is illegal, period. Lots of independent record labels offer free …
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Well.. The definitely first thing you dont do is click the cave where the lilttle man is.. It kills him, he will go into the sun && die.. Click the cloud, it moves, stop it over the block on the ground. Click the blocks a puzzle you have to solve. Solve where the question mark is..You get t…
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Game Designers - Designs game play, and rules of a game. They decide what happens in the game, as well as why, how and when. They may also be responsible for writing the story of the game, including setting, characters, and plot. Other people on a Game development team include: Level designers - de…
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It depends on the version of Excel you have. Anything from Excel 2003 onwards does not have games, but earlier versions do. There is a game in "MS Excel 2000".The game call "Dev Hunter Game".Here the process to create the game in Excel 2000 - Requirment :- 1)Excel 2000 2)DirectX. To create the gam…
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Missing Spells? There is no such thing as two missing spells in FABLE. I suppose, there were two spells that were supposed to be put in, but ended up being scrapped that are included in Fable: The Lost Chapters.
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If you mean your account password, go to Blizzard's website, go into account management and select Change your password. The account management page can also be accessed by first opening the game and on the title scree where it asks you to log in go to the bottom left hand corner and click "Account …
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No. However, there are other sites that are disguised to look like the RuneScape website. They can try to infect you. Usually you get links, just make sure if it Says "Click Here" or something like that to do with runescape, make sure you look at the bottom right of the screen - it will show where …
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Free to Play - Poptropica, Agame, Addicting Games, Miniclip, Heavygames, Puffgames, Onlinegames, Fog, Shockwave, Big Fish, Our World?. Free or Pay to Play - Runescape Unknown - Battledawn Over the next few months, Star Wars: The Old Republic will become free-to-play game as well as subscription-ba…
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NDS Universe (link in related links) It has tons of free games! First you have to make a free account, then you can download DS things such as: 1. Cheats 2. Action replay 3. Games that never freeze! 4. Walk-through guides.
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you press circle  Its by pressing circle. But it not happens always. You have to be in a certain position to Irish whip your opponent. I have also heard people saying that they give it by pressing R2. (WHO KNOWS?)
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New weapons were created, along with new medicines, start of the League of Nations, and a few million people dead.
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Answer their is no exact answer it depends on either one of two things. How much you ask for,or What company you work for.
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Answer my opinion only but I would black monday Driv3r was a complete turkey in my book If you are looking to buy one i advise you to rent them out first and decide for yourself.
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There is no "most" POPULARgame and there are many games which are famous over the period of PS2: But here is a list of the popular PS2 games:God Of War I & IIShadow of ColossusFinal Fantasy XFinal Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy XIIHalf-Life PortsWWE Smackdown V/s Raw SeriesTekken 4Virtua Fighter 4Sile…
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There is absolutely no way to give you a complete answer to "What is the story behind Metal Gear" - the answer is just too big, having spawned an entire database of information across several games and its own Wiki online. However, I can summarize some of the primary game stories further down. Keep …
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Kingdom hearts 2 is official release on December 1, 2005  Actually it's either Dec. 1,2,3, or 17th. or supposedly it's Mar. 1st 2006.  i heard it comes out on December 15 10 days before xmas!-Brittany  i heard its out feb 2006  Electronics Boutique in Calgary Canada, has the …
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download bearshare on your computer to download badstreet usa that CD freakin rocks manyou can also go to youtube.com and search for the fabulous freebirds you can get the video that way also quality may not be too good though it is good enough to see and hear it
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While anything might influence the choices that we make, video games, as well as any other type of media, do not control our minds. They can, however, become addictive to the point of monomania, and there is anecdotal evidence that they can shape the user's behavioral concepts (especially in teens).…
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Answer Torrents themselves are not illegal. They are simply small files that help a BitTorrent client connect to a tracker and find peers to download files from. Nor is downloading stuff using torrents necessarily illegal. The BitTorrent protocol is a legitimate way to distribute large files with…
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If you have the SOURCE CODE for the game and the complete source code, you need to figure out which programming language it is in and run it through a compiler. Then the compiler makes the files for you. I dont think it will work becuas eyou wont have all the files it needs you will just create the …
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You will see math while making a game but, not really while playing it. By the way to the guy below me I do think it is better to do raw coding then buttons because you get more experience and it's more fun, to see how every code you type becomes something. Everywhere. Your score requires a formul…
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Answer It will not physically destroy the disc or cartridge, however what it will do is damage the memory of your console and possibly corrupt some saves.
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Answer #1 Step 1: Buy the game. Step 2: Install Steam. Step 3: Download game with your Steam account and enter the serial code when asked. Answer #2 If you already have Steam, you can purchase it from the Steam store. It will download straight to your computer!
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It's generally all in your opinion, but some of the superstars with the highest overalls in the game are Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, and Goldberg.
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You have to beat the Chicago mission on "Perfect" difficulty in under 1 minute 44 seconds. As listed here: http://cheats.ign.com/ob2/068/003/003906.html
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After installing the game:Go to My Computer - F:drive ( CD drive) and open it.Open the folder razor - Copy the content.Then go to the desktop icon of cricket 2004.Right click - Properties - Find target.Paste it.
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Answer Yes Gun is a really great game!! id prefer gun
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There are many slot machine games which are free and no register. I believe facebook as a free game like this.
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Answer Yes it is. On Star Wars Battlefront there is no campaign. It is called Rise of the Empire. But it is the last level.
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to your hard drive
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Answer The benefits for video game programming is merely personal benefits. Video game programmers are over worked and generally underpaid (in comparison to those working in the corporate field). Some people who program video games mainly for the fact that they are video game fans themselves and w…
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Answer Go to the author(company) of where u got the game say sony for instance and tell the u lost the key they are very helpful in helping u retrieve the key code.
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No, the Pixel Shader version describes the capability of your hardware. If you're getting that error from a game you will probably need to upgrade your video card. There is a way though to use software emulation but its best if you have the actual hardware that uses pixel shader.
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An ISO is an image of a filesystem that almost all CD-ROM burning software. i use magiciso software to write these files to cd. this video will probably help you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHAWf3Bl2CA
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Some girls may find this to be nerdy; however several girls do not find it nerdy as well. It all truly just depends on the girl.
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The release date for Japan is 12/22/05. Before you jump the gun though, unless you have a modded or Japenese PS2 you won't be able to play it and it will also only be in Japenese.The American release date is not officially anounced yet but sources point toward late Feburary, early March. Remeber Squ…
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With an emulator, fair warning emulators arent always legal.  Answer 2Or buy the game for PC its made for both PC and PS2, it'll be much faster since emulators suck
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Go to gamefaqs.com and type in Dragonballz.Then click cheat codes and secrets.Google some walkthroughs
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A vertex shader operates on vertices, thus it will form part of the rotation, and translation steps in rendering, which can include texturing as well. A pixel shader will calculate the colour for a particular pixel, and thus is situated further down the rendering pipeline.
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Some guys are pretty good at playing with girl's feelings too. Sometimes girls flirt and love the "chase." They want the guy to chase them all over the place, but yet, many women love a man that could be a loner, appearing strange, but mysterious. Sort of the untamed "bad boy" syndrome. Don't you ch…
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Answer I just downloaded this about 50 mins ago and it's working perfectly for me, it's the album version to, all you need to do is copy the link below and it should work grand for you, it is free also :) http://beemp3.com/download.php?file=3861479&song=Them+Bones
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It could be due to a bad graphic card or drivers. You need the right type of video card (graphics card). It can also happen if you have too little physical RAM or too little virtual RAM.
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Yes they can code writers some times do this to get back at the "boss man." Just like secret hack codes or options. The game runs one one time and then you get bonzo buddy--a hassle to remove. Always run virus scan before installing. ____ Yes, it's possible. It's highly unlikely -- that would be v…
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In the box, usually stuck to the inside of the CD case. Etheor: Nowadays it's more likely to be on the back of the manual.
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God of War Cheatsx square x o triangle xinvincible
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In my opinion, the most user-friendly and feature-filled RPG editor out there is RPG Maker VX. You literally can make complete sprite-based RPGs without any scripting knowledge whatsoever. The downside here, is that, unfortunately, you will have to pay for it. It costs the same as a new game, 50 buc…
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You can't download the game GunZ anymore on GunZonline because that was the international GunZ, also known as IGUNZ. Try using www.ijji.com to download GunZ. And because the people that make it cant be bothered to put the download button on their website! The international GunZ was stopped and rum…
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List of Free mmorpg - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_free_MMOGs also try gaiaonline and runescape and my favorite is maidmarian and i lead a clan on that game . Xiah Online Travian Urban Dead RuneScape The Overall Would Be Like, CABAL Online Or World Of Warcraft... But Some People Can Play One …
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The best no download games are *habbo *habbz *neopets *mushimonsters *postopia *dizzywood *foopets *addictinggames.com *pogo.com======you forgot:* epic battle fantasy 1 and 2* miniclip.com*club penguin*runescape*AQ*AQW*DF*MQ*Gaia Online*Kingory*Evony*7 Dragons (it might be dl for dis one, i…
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Depending on the demo, generally there are options in the interface to purchase the full version from the publisher. Sometimes you will have to go to the publisher's website to do this. Otherwise, you can usually purchase the full version from a store.
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There are a lot of different answers about who is the most powerful Jedi, like Yoda, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker. The real answer is Luke Skywalker. Why? He turned Darth Vader to the light side, made Vader kill the Emperor, resisted the dark side, and created the New Republic. Even …
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Well first off your question is too vague.I am a online poker player, I make between 1,000 and 2,000 dollars a week. You say he plays too much, but if he is winning many times you have to put in hours to make profit. Which is no different than working at a job, overtime to make extra money. Peopl…
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Answer click on "my computer" and open the ipod drive from there. Then drag and drop the pictures into it.
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A pixel shader is a set of program codes which is usually built into a video graphics chipset and drivers. Its purpose is to enable more lifelike lighting effects on 3d models, usually for gaming. Pixel shader technology has been instrumental in recent advancements in 3d graphics technology. Many ne…
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Answer Well the inspiration is pretty much like how they want to do it like there style and how they are going to make the game work. It's their game they get to choose how the levels look, they get to choose everything and they are inspired that they can let their imagination come to life. A p…
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Sadly it does not. It has no pixel shader at all. I am plagued by the same graphics card and cannot play team fortress 2 because of it. It is an outdated card and you should probably upgrade. However you can emulate pixel shaders if you have enough CPU but not enough cash to buy a new graphics card.…
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