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Liquid refreshment is a part of meals and gatherings. Whether it is the proper wine or how to mix a specific cocktail, the questions and answers have a home here.
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Maccaroon. I know it doesn't sound like it rymes, but there are different kinds of ways that two words can ryme.
Sure! Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" Church) can technically drink whatever they want! Most members choose to follow the "Word of Wisdom", a health code they believe was revealed by God to the Prophet Joseph Smith. The Word of Wisdom...
  From the rum. It's got an incredibly high sugar content.
No its rather the other way round. too muck coke causes hiicups.
  New York Cocktail   2Oz Canadian Whisky   3/4Oz Fresh Lime Juice   1/2 Oz Sugar Syrup (Gomme)   1tsp Grenadine Syrup   Enjoy
The pH of coke, diet coke and coke zero is approximately 3. Published research in peer reviewed publications puts coke as the most acidic of the three. The acidity of these beverages is due in large part to the presence of phosphoric acid as an added ingredient. Phosphoric acid is a weak acid....
Caring for your wine glasses . The way in which you wash and care for wine glasses has a direct effect on the taste of wine. . Crystal glasses are more porous than normal glassware. The tastes and odors from storage boxes and soap are easily absorbed by crystal. Store glassware upright on a well...
Yes. But they have to want to. When you trade, it says "items or pets you want" and "items and pets you will give them in exchange" or something similar to that. You just don't give any items or pets in exchange. Most likely they will say no, but they might say yes!
apparently etching on the base of a beer glass, ie the carling glass which is laser engraved on the base improves the taste! might be a myth! Also there is a CE stamp engraved to state the imperial measurement in the UK which is a legal mark to state the glass holds a pint. http://en.wikipedia.org...
There are small amounts of air on your finger, and this makes the air escaping from the soda escape more easily.
It was built in Oakland by Electrical Products. Herb Dempsey at age of 32 built all the sheet metal for the six story, three dimensional sign. He also made many of the old neon signs in the bay area.
childrens tears Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar,...
Vodka is not more fattening than red wine. Alcohol contains calories, but drinking alcohol doesn't lead to weight gain, according to extensive medical research, and some studies report a small reduction in weight among women who drink alcohol.The reason that alcohol doesn't necessarily increase...
  There are two questions here:   1) is it safe to drink water that has been softened by a water softener?   2) is it safe to drink water that has been heated (presumably by a hot water heater) and then passed through household plumbing?   Like many things there is some controversy of...
yes it has antioxidants which helps fight cancer
In one cup of apple juice, there are 0.000471 grams of iron.
Our data shows that the fastest way to cool a soda is when you place it into an ice in water bath. This shows that our hypothesis was correct, which states that the fastest way to cool a soda was the ice in water bath.
Sport drinks are Gatorade and Powerade
Olivie juice is "Jus d'olive" and olive oil is "Huile d'olive."
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1. Coke2. Pepsi3. Dr. P4. Mt Dew5. Diet Coke
use 8 to 9 tablespoons for 12 cup pot of dunkin donuts coffee
There are wedding ceremonies available on the internet for free, as people very much enjoy posting their ceremonies.    The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook for the 'Planning-Impaired' is a great book.   Amazon.com has this book and a wide variety of others.    The ULC Seminary...
  500 ml = 1.05668821 US pints
  I believe you are referring to "porter." This is a style of beer made popular in the 1800s in England. The name "porter" is a reference to the dock and transit workers with whom it was most popular.   It is a dark brew in color, although more medium-bodied on the palate. Expect to taste...
Your age, that's it. They have no memory cards nor are they wired to any network, so your identity is safe through them.
Europe was introduced to coffee in 1615, and it soon became very popular.
Jack Daniels was made in Wales, Lampeter
  The local ABC store can order it for you. I do get my from the local ABC store in Culpeper.
Carbon isn't root beer, it's actually an element on the periodic table with the atomic number of 6.
  It's "Hey now now" for "The Cloud Room"   It's "Hey now now" for "The Cloud Room"
Most soft drinks come in standard sizes: liter bottles, 12 ounce cans, etc.
I have heard and seen that it equals four tablespoons, that's how many... enjoy. (:
no. 18 or more daily and you're pushing it though.
You need a reasonable Dry White Wine An Alsatian Gewurztraminer white wine (I prefer a dry one) or a Neuchatel blanc, are two wines which I have found work very well with a Swiss cheese fondue.
based off of the grammar, you already are drunk - so however much you drank. otherwise, it depends on your body mass / how your body metabolizes alcohol. everyone is different.
Powerade affects human heart rate because of the amount of sugars and calories. it can also make you less tired and u will want 2 be more playful, so your heart rate will speed up!!!!!!!
ooo no it doesnt but it turns yo teeth a delicious shade of orangeee :)
Answer . Males have a strong smell, females have a lesser of smell.
It would depend on the wine and how it is kept also dont put red wine in refrigerator
what is an upper 10 bottle from the 70s and 80s worth
Make certain that ALL juices that you're giving to kids have a low sugar count! This is key when talking "juice" for kids. The Organic juices will be best, as they are usually low in sugar. If there's a lot of sugar (15 grams +) It's bad for children. By the way, sugary drinks are the #1 supplement...
All sorts of things, Candy, soda etc. ------ Tooth decay is caused by a build up of bacteria on your teeth. This can be easily prevented by regular dental hygiene. You need to brush 3 times a day, floss 2 times a day and use a water pick to regularly remove the bacteria that is gathered on your...
  I've seen bottles of 1950 Macallan go from anything from 200 to 800 pounds. If you're interested in selling e-mail me     dickonl@aol.com
What is the difference between a fl oz and an oz?
Yes beer is a homonym with beer, bear, and bare
Keurig is Dutch for excellence.
The alcohol in Jack Daniels can freeze at -113 degrees Celsius. but the mixture with water (43%) will freeze at a higher temperature. I had 40% Absolut Vodka start to show crystals of freezing at -28 C.
Diet Coke has no calories, so it would be zero.
· Hires Root Beer · highball · hot chocolate · Hawaiian Punch · herbal tea
it depends on wat temp u first start off with water, orange and apple jusice because if they are at different temps they will freeze at diff times...
many kids liked it,and they ran out
There is 1/2 cup in a 6.5 oz can of Snow's chopped clams.
An off the menu favorite of mine is the Toffee Nut Latte. Look in the Related Links section for deetfn's list of Secret drinks!well,, my favorite is a Blended StrawBerry Lemonade , kids will love this drink!! but also adults ,, (: a definte classic
  128 liquid ounces per gallon of any liquid
There are several ways that they can be different. Some brands have a slightly different taste and other brands have more carbonation.
I would say yes. I take ativan every night, and sometimes during day. I also drink coffee a few times a week. Sometimes if I've accidentally had too much coffee and i feel a little too wired i pop the ativan a bit early. it kind of evens me back out.. thought obviously , that is not it's intended...
Apple Juice, Apple Cider, Arizona Ice Tea
There is no sugar in vodka, nor is there any carbs, fat, cholesterol, or sodium in it either.
    It's called     More - by The Black Eyed Peas  
Yes, because it is mixed with diffrent things.
The painting by C.Carson of a barn with the Pepsi-Cola sign on the  barn and deer on the wintry ground if called Pepsi Barn. The  oil-on-canvas painting is 19.5 by 15-inches.
There are about 60 calories in one pouch of Capri Sun.
yes it 50% help you to run faster.but your effort is needed 50%.both combine 100% give you the best results
Not the way a car is    Not the way Chemists and Medical profesionals think of a suspension    But the way Cheffs think of Suspension YES!
Because Patron is not made in Mexico. It is an American, Nevada-based brand which is produced locally and is not exported into Mexico. It is as "good" to Mexicans as Californian wine is to French people.
  The only thing stopping you would be the consumer's "likelihood of confusion" with anything Pepsi might also be selling.
YES, definitely. Apple juice (usually) has sugar in it naturally, or it is artificially added. Sugar is one example of carbohydrates. There also might be fiber in some apple juices which is also an example of carbohydrates.
Some of the most popular cars in Germany are the volkswagen polo, golf and passat, the opel corsa, astra and vectra and the Mercedes C and E class.
There are three good ways to watch the crystal light commercial.  However, the one recommended is to go to the crystal light website  and try to watch it directly from there.
Spain is country code +34 , with no area codes and 9-digit subscriber numbers. Landline numbers begin with either +34 8 or +34 9, and most numbers in La Rioja begin with +34 941. Mobile numbers throughout Spain begin with +34 6 or +34 7. (The plus sign means "insert your international access...
It depends because some people may think it's the best but, some might have different feelings about the power punch.
well what i think is if you have a busy st. or if you dont go to one of your relatives (with a busy st.)oh and if you have a lemonade stand do in a driveway
  In a stone cistern. Kind of a problem, no? Plastic jugs are good for awhile, but eventually leak. Metal canisters are also good for awhile, but slowly rust or leach metals into the water. Good luck!
1 cup = .25 quarts therefore 9 quarts = 36 cups36 cups. In US measure: 1 quart = 4 cups And 1 cup = 0.25 quart. There are 32 US fluid ounces (2 pints, or 4 cups) in 1 US quart (946.4 ml). There are 40 Imperial fluid ounces (2 pints) in 1 Imperial quart (1,136 ml). Note that there is no 'cup' in...
the plant will eventually rot then die because it does not have enough pH