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A board game is a game that involves the movement of counters or pieces on a pre-marked surface or "board," based on a set of rules. These games usually have a goal which a player strives to achieve.
Khakis, Knitted shirts/sweaters
  Tippi Hedren. She was in Hitchcock films such as The Birds and Marnie. She was Melanie Griffiths mother. Not sure of any other details such as date of birth etc but I'm sure you can find out on the net if you want to. Hope this helps!
Bards were musicians who sang about the deeds of people.
Durabrand Digital Digital XL
Apricot juice is a beverage. A&W Root Beer is a beverage.
There are no eight-letter words using LZNUEOT and another letter. Seven letter words made from 8 letters would be toluene or outline. There are 15 English words that contain all the letters LZNUEOTconceptualize conceptualized conceptualizes conceptualizing equalization institutionalize ...
Johnny darter is a fish species found in Canada.
A one letter word starting with I is I.
There are many protein sources that begin with the letter N. Some  examples include Nori, Napa cabbage, and Nopales.
no you cannot use foreign words or proper nouns in scrabble unless at the beginning everyone agrees that you can use foreign words and names. But the names can only be of someone widely known.
blacked   blackfeet   blacking   blacks   blair   blamed   blase   blats   blatting
Is it Spring forward or Spring back? I had indigestion.
It depends on what you consider to be Korea and what Hangeul  Letters you consider to be the equivalent of "p".    Historically, the letters: (ㅂ), (ㅍ), and (ㅃ) have all been  considered to be the sound "p". The first one, though, is often  considered more analogous to a "b" (even...
The probability of NOT drawing a spade from a standard deck of cards is 75 is an example of a mistated question - a standard deck of cards is 52, not 75.
Some words that describe a dog starting with the letters U, V, or Z are: uglyunrivaledunrulyunusualupbeatvaliantverbally quietviciousvictoriousvirilevoraciouszanyzealouszippy
eggnutfigcod (fish)pigcowant
People bake, bat, bathe, beg, behave, bet, bite and blush. They also boast, borrow, bounce, box, breathe, broadcast, brush, budget and buy.
Calabash Deli, Calabash, NC sells Hadden House dirty martini juice (the best!) excellent deli on the east coast on the North/South Carolina line. $6.99 per bottle and totally worth it!
AAA changed my flat tire. I had an alarm clock problem.
Ford Galaxie, Chevrolet Geo, VW Golf and Pontiac Grand Am are car models. Additional models include Plymouth GTX, Pontiac GTO, American Motors Gremlin and Pontiac Grand Prix.
  == Answer ==     2 are vida blue and ichiro suzuki
That's likely to be "tribute." See if the "I" works in place of the second "T."
If you mean what adjective means 'dog-like' then 'canine' is the word.
Dhaulagiri - Located in Nepal, Asia it is the earth's 7th highest mountain at 8,167 meters above sea level.
5 nine letter words ending in FF:    Flagstaff  Foodstuff  Pikestaff  Plaintiff  Waitstaff  
ripe   pig   peg   rip   rig   grip   riper   prig   peg   prier   peri
candy   crafty   cry   carry
I guess that the women have poorer physical energy than men, whichcontributes to less time of concentration, If put them in onetournament, it won't be that fair.
Xavier High School is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
raincoatroberugby shirt
double choc chip! yummy! XD! :)
I'm not sure, can you give any more information? Have you tried  googling it? Hopefully that helps somehow.
QatarIraqEquatorial GuineaMozambique
  Jeckle (Heckle & Jeckle), Jerry ( Tom & Jerry)
It means spectacular or amazing to see
Knockin' Boots performed by Candyman
Kpop, which is Korean pop music.
abolitionistsAlexander Stephens (VP of the Confederate States of America)Alfred Terry (Union General)Alligator, U.S.S. (Union submarine)ambusharmyAntietam (Maryland), battle ofAppomattox Court House (Lee surrender to Grant)Aquia Creek (Virginia, battle ofartilleryAugust Kauz (Union General)
 Zimmerman House is a home that was  designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is located in Manchester, New  Hampshire.  
raincoatribbonriding bootsringrobeRolex watchroller skatesrollersrougerugby shirt
Violet Sea Snails   velvet belly lantern shark   viper dogfish   velvet dogfish   Vermiculate Rabbitfish  variegated catshark   vampire squid   viperfish   Voigtmann's Reef Lobster    Vagabond Butterflyfish  Vagabond Sponge  Volcano Sponge   Vanikoro Sweeper ...
Gumbo soup or goulash can be the main dish at a meal. When I try to lose weight, I like to eat a large Greek salad as the main dish at a meal.
updraftupwindudometer - a rain gauge
galegale warningglobal warminggreenhouse effectground foggrowing seasongust
One for every attack from an opposing monster, unless if the trap indicates its activation from another situation. Example: activate and destroy monster over ATK 1000 if summoned.
There are four aces. The ace of clubs (black), the ace of spades (black), the ace of diamonds (red), and the ace of hearts (red).
  Some dog TYPES would be:   * Maltese  * Manchester Terrier  * Mastiff  * Miniature Bull Terrier  * Miniature Pinscher  * Mudi
· Zincographer - designer who etched in relief a pattern on zinc plates used for printing · Zigzag Machine Operator · Zipper Machine Operator · Zoo Veterinarian · Zookeeper · Zoologist
There is no single word, or phrase, that use all of these letters.   The longest single word you could spell is "apace" with two A's  left over.   Shorter words that could be spelled are :   ace   ape   cap   cape   pa   pace   pea
· Adriatic Sea · Aegean Sea · Arabian Sea · Argentine Sea
· unicycle basketball · ultimate frisbee
· Xalapa, Mexico · Xanthi, Greece · Xenia, Ohio · Xi'an, China · Xiamen, China