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Literature includes written works of an imaginative, journalistic or scholarly nature. Language is a system of spoken and written symbols by means of which people can communicate with each other. We invite you to ask and answer questions about languages and literature; including pronunciation, grammar, definitions, examples, acronyms, abbreviations, etc.
In short, no such thing exists.   The closest thing would be cf. which means compare, but that is  used mostly to site things.   Example sentence for usage: While cars are required by law to stop  at stop signs (Vehicle Code section 1234 ["Cars must stop at stop  signs"]), but unicorns are...
It means the average person can see clearly at 20 feet what you can see clearly at 15 feet.
In the book "Fahrenheit 451," Montag tells Faber to burn his  furniture and turn on the sprinklers so that a big, smoking fire  would be started.
it's so old that noone knows but I'm guessing that the first to say it was a rebel in the late 1500, reason cause the qoute itself means "2 people die on the same day and place" and around that time there was alot of killing and people have always said that qoute in the movie all the time even in...
Yes he did, he did wrote Mein Kampf
Yes, the word mustn't is a contraction, a shortened form for  must not.   The word 'must' is an auxiliary verb and the word 'not' is  an adverb used to modify the verb.    Example:   You  must not disturb grandma while she's napping.   You  mustn't disturb grandma while she's...
The fourth priest that comes out is actually younger and more vibrant than the other priests. He talks about how great it is that Ork, so rational a priest, is thinking outside the box. He thinks Ork's revelation about the Destroyer is true and revels in the thought of meeting him. Grendel intended...
Parvana's older sister's name is Nooria .
Assuming an age of 36 in 2009, you would have been born in either 1973 or 1972.
Fish aren't mammals. . But both fish and horses are vertebrates.
yes there is a title page in the manga that has a picture of all of them
It depends what type of girl they are and what type of movie they enjoy.
fragrant. I was doing my homework to and i figured it out.
"Naturally" robberies, murders, riots, mess, genocides, imposition of norms, rules and customs, slavery, injustices, imprisonments etc.. - all these of course more by the invaders... (the natives and the slaves normally could not do the same, not even having proper means!).
The series of events that take place
There are four "states" of matter; plasma, gas, liquid, and solid. The "solid" state has a definite shape.
Purveyors of entertaiment to Her Majest the Queen.
There are four scene fives in Romeo and Juliet (one in each of acts 1, 2, 3, and 4). Which scene 5 are you talking about?
This is a silly waffle. It means Totally more-or-less in accordance. On par is a new expression, reduced from "on a par with" meaning more or less in agreement or accordance with.
The word "comedians" is a plural noun -- it appears an apostrophe  was omitted. The spellings that are used with other nouns are  possessive nouns, not adjectives, although they perform a  similar function.   The spelling comedian's is the singular possessive noun (of  or about one comedian)....
you can say: ~thanks -mersi -mamnoon -motshaker ~thank you -mersi -mamnoonam (az shoma) -motshakeram (az shoma)
Formal diction- thee, thy    Rhyme Scheme- aabb ccdd eeff gghh iibb jjbb    Alliteration- flocks from field to fold    Irony- when compared to the first poem, "The Passionate Shepherd to  His Love".
Who said, "A man is only as good as his word?"
He fell out of his bed and injured himself severely at age 70. He never fully recovered
Soldiers fight -- this expression means "fight on," or "keep working as hard as you can."
I just read the book, so I know. Brian's mother and father have recently gotten divorced. Brian is on a bush plane, the Cessna, to go see his father who moved, and lives in the wilderness now.
Yes, 'bounced' is a verb.
Must depend on where you have seen the family tree. For example in Wikipedia: Family tree of the Greek gods she is listed as daughter of Uranus.
Film coat is only coating that prevents the bitter taste while taking the medicinea nd protects the tablet from microbial growth. and color change. Enteric coat means (Enteric=Small intestine) this enteric coated tablet dissolved in only in small intestine. That means this type of coating prevents...
The same as English: Kim
Noir et bleu is a French equivalent of the English phrase "black and blue." Specifically, the masculine adjective noir means "black." The conjunction et means "and." The masculine adjective bleu means "blue." The pronunciation is "nwah-reh bluh."
Memasak sesuatu yang sudah matang
The faithful contributed to the pastor's fund. The faithful dog stayed by his master's side until he died. He was faithful to the law and his obligations.
You pronounce it like: pap-ee-on
Nope, no brothers, but he actually has 2 twin sisters, Rachel and Rebecca Black. They are both a few years older than him.Rebecca Black got married when she was 18 to a surfer from Hawaii and moved there. She never came to visit after she got married.Rachel Black left home to studi in Washington....
It refers to cheap, sensationalist news hounds.
the 6 characteristics of life are growth and development, made of cells, use energy, make waste, reproduce, and i forgot the last one sorry
William Wordsworth was born on April 7, 1770.
The water at the pool was very shallow.
Sure it is very Simple
chaque respiration que tu prends
beaucoup d'amour de la part de ...
I think, he thinks, they think (Present Simple). I am thinking, he is thinking, they are thinking (Present Continuous).
Mermaids do not exist therefore are not related to any real creature.
Well, there are thousands, too many to put here. But some examplesmight be: come, comma, comet... and free, flight, flimsy.
While John lays next to the pool, his brother is at work machining shafts on a lathe.
There was once a boy known as James,Who liked to play strange games,He played tag in the loo, And football with poo,And hide-and-seek in the drains!Addendum:A great spoof on limericks, written by W.S. Gilbert (of Gilbert and Sullivan fame) is:There once was a man of St. BeesWho was stung on the arm...
Nuvvu Kukka (Nu-Vu Ku-khaa)
1 The difference between best and secondary evidence is best evidence is the legal doctrine that an original piece of evidence, particularly a document and secondary evidence is Secondary evidence is evidence that has been reproduced from an original document or substituted for an original item. For...
In section five, you find out that Curley's wife is not unlike Lennie in the sense that they both have dreams of their own, except Curley's wife's dreams had the chance to come true, but they didn't.You also learn that she is very lonely as she is left all alone on the ranch all day everyday and...
just rip it apart. its not worth fixing. just go buy another one.
'Obliviously' is the correct spelling.
The simple past tense is did . The simple future tense is will do .
there is no difference they are the same
Delikadeza in Filipino is word use to inform somebody that is fragile. Don't mess around with it, for somebody will get mad.
Kim Jonghyun was born on April 8, 1990.
Kim Jonghyun was born on April 8, 1990.
ang DnK ay ang subtle na blog ng mga dugong Maharlika, Nightclub manager at ng mga PSG! ================================================ at last..! bukas na ito mga bakla sa parlor... halina't maghasik ng lagim sa walang kamalay Malay na page ng answers.com.. isiwalat na ang mga dapat isiwalat.....
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"Planet of the Apes" (1968)"The Day After Tomorrow" (2004)
Cassius tricks Brutus into thinking that the people don't want Caesar as their leader and that the people want Brutus so he is doing it for the good of Rome and so that Caesar doesn't go down a road of political tyranny. It's for the good of Rome.
Eres el/la rompecorazones
  Intrusion detection is a complementary security technology that attempts to analyze and identify any malicious traffic directed against your network.   A firewall helps to screen out many kinds of malicious Internet traffic before it reaches your computer.but not detect all types of...
Ministry of Truth, love, plenty and Peace
Tongs is already the plural of tong.
Macbeth hallucinates about a floating dagger before kills Duncan
The Dutch were successful in trading by sea and were at the forefront of European commerce. They eventually captured Malacca from the Portuguese and opened trade with China.
Ti si specialen.To say the c in specialen just say it like the x sound but without the k sound from the the x and say it in a accented voice
Tagalog Translation of LEG: hita
It can be, as in lighted walkways or lighted exteriors  (illuminated).   Lighted is one variant past tense and past participle of the verb  to light, which can mean to illuminate or to set aflame. The  other variant, lit, can also be used as an adjective (e.g. lit  candles).
Snow is the bestNever disappoint youOnly when it is winterWinter is going to be goneFulfiling your dreamsLoving your winter dayAll ways by your side when it snowingKeeps you companyEvery day it fall at winterSlowly coming down
Here's three examples: Present tense, I drive my son to school; Past tense, I drove my son to school; and Future tense, I will drive my son to school.
Mermaids are not real so they don't live anywhere only in stories and myth.
it has to be an affix,suffix,or prefix............sorry thats all i can say
Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible girl. or The big rock dude and the blind black lady
Aleksander means defender of men, or warrior.
In unpolarized light , vibrations takes place randomly oriented directions perpendicular to the travel of wave .Whereas , in polarized light vibration takes place parallel to the travel of wave.
Dispatch is a word for send.  Additional synonyms include communicate, deliver, express, forward,  issue, mail, ship, transfer and transmit.