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Literature includes written works of an imaginative, journalistic or scholarly nature. Language is a system of spoken and written symbols by means of which people can communicate with each other. We invite you to ask and answer questions about languages and literature; including pronunciation, grammar, definitions, examples, acronyms, abbreviations, etc.
totoo yang tanong mo kahit ang mga tula rin ni rizal dinadaan nya lang sa tula na na may kahalong patalinhaga tinutukoy nya ang mga lugar na may kaugnayan sa pagdating ni kristo. alam mo mismong panahon na ang nakakatuklas ng mga misteryong yan napanood ko sa DISCOVERY CHANNEL.iklik mo sa YOUTUBE...
If you mean "to make glorious", then glorify.
Substitute could be an adjective or a noun.For example,"The substitute teacher" uses subtitute to describe what kind of teacher."The substitute passed out the homework" uses substitute as a noun by itself
The movie, Twilight takes place in the small town of Forks, Washington.
The first Diary of a Wimpy Kid was published in 2007.
== Answer ==   Systematic management is a process used for a business.     See also systemics: Systemic Management is a holistic approach to management that allows leaders to operate in complex environments, navigate through strategic uncertainty and effectively manage change in...
No. Monday is a noun. When it answers the question "when" after a verb, it is a short form of the prepositional phrase "on Monday."
No. Stands is a form of the verb to stand, or a plural noun (e.g. drum stands).
Student's essay:   the difference is everything.First of all, mussels are creatures you can eat! Seaweed is a plant that you can eat.
of the finch; the finch's
The singular possessive is person's; the plural possessive is persons'.
In the new series there are 18:Gorgeous Georgians,Measly Middle Ages,Rotten Romans,Savage Stone Age,Slimy Stuarts,Terrible Tudors,Vicious Vikings,Smashing Saxons,Terrifying Tudors,Villainous Victorians,Awesome Egyptians,Frightful First World War,Woeful Second World War,Groovy Greeks,Awful Egyptians...
MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing. Some times called Network Marketing.   A way of organizing people for the objective of selling goods and services to members and to the public. When operated correctly the business structure is similar to most corporate sales organizations which have sales...
This is an individual decision. It is helpful to have extra money  and it helps to learn the culture by working at a job versus just  going to university. It can be challenging to master the culture  and a language and could take away from study time.
Easy question to answer!!! (no affense) If you watch an episode with him in it you will totally see that he says "Katsu!" to detonate his clay. I think his explosions are quite artistic and awesome at the same time. "Katsu!"
Mr. McGregor is a symbol for a rapist so the meaning of the story is don't get raped
  == Answer ==   Soccer in the U.S. is the same kind of soccer as celebrated around the globe. The only difference is in the penalty shots. They have the abnormal "shoot outs", in which players have a cartain amount of seconds to transport the ball as close as possible to the goal and beat...
Oedipus had four children; two daughters and two sons. His daughters were Antigone and Ismene, and his sons were Polyneices and Eteocles.
The film's story was written by Bill Peet (as William Peed), Erdman Penner, Ten Sears, Winston Hibler, Homer Brightman, Harry Reeves, Ken Anderson (as Kenneth Anderson), and Joe Rinaldi. Charles Perrault was credited for the original fairy tale.
personally new moon b/c it had more action emotional drama scenes and more to do the first nothing happened
To leave the tomb because people are coming and to become a nun
Naruto was about to break the seal and release the ninth tail but  was controlled by his father Minato Namekase Yondaime Hokage. It  happens when Pains used the Chibaku Tensei to create a giant  miniature moon in an attempt to capture the Nine-Tails. Minato  repaired the seal and sent Naruto...
1. A continuous record of past events or trends   2. The study of past events   3. The past events connected with someone or something   Source: THE OXFORD DICTIONARY
Most sources state that in the US, less than 10% of the legally blind people can read braille.
Chris is a bird watcher, he is disabled, I think he is a very good person behind his disabilities, I think that he will be very successful when he gets older than he already is.
The magician's illusion was so crafty and convincing that the audience did not have a clue as to how he made his assistant vanish.
o's stand for hugs and x's stand for kisses, so oxo.... means hugs and kisses
Página treinta y dos
he could not put his Palm on keyboard. My Palms were red and  bleeding.
Ponyboy wants to fit in with the rest of the crowd. he wants to go  to school and get an education.
As the Loch Ness Monster has never been found, there is no dna to do genetic research from. If we did have Loch Ness Monster dna, we would have proof of the existence of the creature.
The women felt dyspeptic after eating cheese.
He doesn't want to be judged for sitting with African Americans and acting drunk gives him an excuse to.
Sectional pressure groups represent the common interests of a particular section of society whilst causal pressure groups are more focused on a specific set of usually political or economic ideals
You may be thinking of relative pronouns, which are pronouns that  relate, or refer to nouns.    Relative pronouns are pronouns that introduce a relative  clause. A relative pronoun "relates" to the word that it modifies,  providing additional information about the antecedent without ...
Rukmani sees a garland of mango leaves dried up and rattling in the breeze.
The Person who Played Ponyboy Curtis Is Thomas C. Howell. He played Ponyboy in The Outsiders and In this movie the same person plays Ponyboy.
  For me the best prayer I have had is when I dont ask for anything and just thank Him for what I have. Simple. Have a nice day.   == answer ==   Your question reminds me of Peter O'Toole's character in "The Ruling Class". When asked why he believes he is God, he replies, ...
The sign reads, "Don't even think about parking here."
At the beginning of chapter 10, Scout & Jem feel embarrassed  for their father. When the mad dog comes, Atticus shoots it  precisely and quickly. This awes Scout and Jem. They realise that  Atticus is just very modest, and does not like to boast.
The way you danced last night was absolutely remarkable
The antonym of Christ is the Anti-Christ. 2 John 1:7, "I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist."
She walks away from Cecil because Atticus tells her to fight with her head and walk away and when she fights Francis she is remembering what happened at there family get together so this is before the fight with Cecil.
Trifling has the root word of trifle. This word comes from the Old  French word trufe and truffler, which mean to mock or deceive.
Sam was and is all of the gods of Cassiopeia
Last summer, a splinter in my brother's leg became infected, which led to blood poisoning. He could
No he's native American
Smart is a particular kind of hurt. The original word from Old English 'smeart' means sharp, severe or stinging.
A polygon is a closed, 2-dimensional figure, bounded by straight lines.
It was first publicly performed Jan. 22 1953.
A language is a result of its setting. Intonation, implication, sarcasm, and spoken language devices are important to the comprehension of the language. Also, when a language is spoken you're exposed to pronunciation and idioms.
The phrase 100 S in the U S S means "100 senators in the U.S. Senate".
william blake, samuel Taylor Coleridge
Recollections of Childhood appeared in The Tatler no 181 on june 6 1710.in this essay Richard Steele writes about his childhood recollection of sorrow. Essay opens up with the fact that different types of people adopt differnt methods of sorrow .
Candy must look after his dog, just as George must take care of Lennie.
Answer  "Sport Rally 5 Speed", or SR5, is a designation formerly used by Toyota to denote a sports model, that always had a 5spd option. (EX: 1978 Corolla SR5, 1986 Corolla SR5) I believe it was in 1997 when they stopped using it this way and began using it in their truck/SUV's
Typically in your wireless router there is an administration page (look in your manual) this usually will give you the option of encrypting your network traffice using a security key. there are several options out there including (WPA, WEP), etc. You will need to set a key on the router and also on...
ciao bella. com'e' andata la tua giornata? what you put above had to have come from an online translator which are completely wrong 98% of the time.
Figures of Speech   .......Following are examples of figures of speech in the poem: Alone and palely loitering (line 2): alliteration. lily on thy brow (line 9): metaphor comparing the knight's paleness to the hue of a lily. And on thy cheeks a fading rose (line 11): metaphor comparing the color...
it's mi amore. anyway, it means love or my love
The name Celeste is from the Latin caelestis (heavens), and comes to English use from the French (Céleste).
Your Research Problem statement is the foundation and focus of your research report. It is a clear,   stand‐alone statement that makes explicit what it is you are aiming to discover or establish. Get this   right and you are setting yourself up for success.   If your Research Problem is...
It is defined as machinery, apparatus, components and any other articles intended for use in the works.Please see Related Links below.
there are 29 states in india. They speak hindi wnglish gujarati  punjabi bengali tamil.
Let's go home - Tatou o i le fale.
  Some Alcohol made from grain is less in Sugar content than Alcohol made from mollases because mollases itself is a product that comes from sugarcane and its the left over of the suarcane after sugar is made. There fore it has to be high in sugar content. More over it is proven so and your...
Basically the two terms refer to the same thing. Both are registration batches. The only difference is the market the are registered in.
they made the quran than the arbic
Difference Between CARTESIAN PRODUCT & NATURAL JOINT Cartesian product is like the cross product ie every element of one row of one table/entity is multiplied to every column of another table for solving linked queries of two tables ... Where as natural Join is simply joining two or more...